How to Overcome Passive Candidate Objections | Webcast


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Click through this webinar with industry thought leader Lou Adler to learn how to overcome passive talent challenges.

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  • Thanks for the feedback Robert! Lou Adler certainly knows his stuff.
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  • This is one of the best common sense not to mention easy to follow strategies I have ever read for an interviewer/recruiter to use to attain the best chance of success.
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How to Overcome Passive Candidate Objections | Webcast

  1. 1. Performance-based HiringsmTalent Rules!How to Overcome PassiveCandidate ObjectionsBased on Lou Adler’sThe Essential Guide for Hiring& Getting HiredRev
  2. 2. Thinking BackwardsHAVE GET BECOMEDOThe Wrong Way for Hiring!The Right Way for Hiring!
  3. 3. Job-hunting Status Fully-employedExtraordinaryCareer MoveGreatCareerMoveVery GoodCareer MoveGood CareerMoveLateralTransferLinkedIn Adler Group Survey 2011 – 4,500 Members20% PostingsVisible & Compelling20% Targeted EmailTargeted/Mail Merge60% NetworkingVTC – PERP
  4. 4. From Skills to PerformanceBasic Performance Objectives• Collaborate with sales rep todevelop customer solutions atC-level in F500 companies• Lead intense detailed productspec presentations tosophisticated buying groups• Provide technical liaison toengineering design groups• Work with contracts ondeveloping cost/price/marginanalysis for $5mm+ programs• Handle 3-6 major programsconcurrently• Assess impact of specchanges on design, project &cost projections
  5. 5. • Becoming - Doing• Personalized EVP• Captures intrinsicmotivator• Email & Call
  6. 6. The Basic Network Call• Don’t sell the job, sell thenext step – a shortdiscussion!• Bridge the Gap• Don’t negotiate the offerin the first 5 minutes• Get the prospect to talkfirst!• Create the Career Gap“Let me ask youcandidly, would yoube open to explorea new careeropportunity if it wasclearly superior towhat you’re doingtoday?”
  7. 7. Recruiting Rule #1Sell thenext step,not thejob!No – Maybe –
  8. 8. Bridging the GapCriteria to EngageTitle – CompanyCompensationLocation – JobCriteria to AcceptCareer OpportunityJob & ImpactHiring Manager – TeamComp – Work/LifeCompany/Culture/MissionDay 1 vs. Year 1& Beyond!
  9. 9. Lightning RoundTypical Objections• What’s the money?• Can’t talk• Already have a great job• Not interested• Too late• Where’s the location?• What’s the title?• ____________________• ____________________Countermeasures• Think Backwards!• Sell 5 minutes – not job!• Anticipate the “NO”• Buy time w/AGM• Can’t Get NoSatisfaction• Seek 1st to Understand• Strategy vs. Tactics• ROI or buy decision• Engage – Network
  10. 10. Performance-based HiringSummary Think Backwards Convert job into a career Bridge the Gap Don’t sell the job, sell the
  11. 11. Performance-based HiringHAPPENINGS Sneak Peek on May 21st Recruiter Boot Camp LIVEJune 13th in Atlanta Hiring Manager two-part onlinecourse June
  12. 12. ORGANIZATION NAMELinkedIn Talent Solutions through the eyes of ourcustomers©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 12Learn more at in the ‘customers’ section“We now post any hard-to-fill positions on LinkedIn’sJobs Network because ofthe success we’ve hadfinding candidates. It’sreally simple.”“This recruitingtool was ourgame changer.”“Hiring managersnow perceivehuman resourcesand recruiters aspartners, and asthe recruitmentexperts.”
  13. 13. ORGANIZATION NAMEAdditional resources from LinkedIn Talent Access our library of free recordedwebcasts on employer branding, passivecandidate recruiting & Get our 5 step plan for creating, launching& measuring your company’s talent Learn more about LinkedIn Recruiter, JobSlots, Career Pages & Work with Us Ads
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