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How to Ace Leadership Hiring on LinkedIn


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Read how Publicis.Sapient, the digital transformation hub of Publicis Groupe, transformed their leadership hiring approach to meet the fast-growing business needs in India.

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How to Ace Leadership Hiring on LinkedIn

  1. 1. CASE STUDY How to ace leadership hiring on LinkedIn Publicis.Sapient, the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Groupe, helps clients drive growth and efficiency and evolve the ways they work, in a world where consumer behavior and technology are catalyzing social and commercial change at an unprecedented pace. With 19,000 people and over 100 offices around the globe, their expertise spanning technology, data sciences, consulting and creative combined with their culture of innovation enables them to deliver on complex transformation initiatives that accelerate clients’ businesses.
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE Pubicis.Sapient, as a growing company was on the lookout for leaders who possessed considerable experience (14+ years) and the right skill sets. As the company sought out its leaders, the team was only reaching active talent on various jobsites. They needed to go beyond active jobs seekers and find individuals who not just fit for the role, but also shared the company’s zeal for development.
  3. 3. Building a robust talent pipeline is the first step to successful leadership hiring. The hiring team at P.S combined the power of their network and LinkedIn’s Recruiter tool to go beyond basic keyword search and expand their talent pool. They looked for a combination of requisite skill sets and desired years of experience, instead of just job titles 1 1 Find the right people: organize your search 3 2 The team also made use of “Find more people like” feature to create a search based on ideal candidates for the role The recruiters focused on mining the hiring manager’s network, thus expanding their search beyond personal connections THE APPROACH
  4. 4. When your job depends on finding and impressing quality candidates, you need a personal brand that stands out. Pramod Nair, the leadership hiring recruiter at P.S, built a strong LinkedIn profile that impressed senior prospects. Regular engagement on his profile and a host of senior connections boosted his credibility, making candidates want to connect with him. 2 Invest in your LinkedIn profile: put your best foot forward “LinkedIn helped me become a smarter professional with its content-rich approach discoverable through hashtags. I strengthened my connections on the professional networking website and simultaneously architected my approach towards candidates in a way that is driven by data.” Pramod P Nair Associate - Leadership Hiring Publicis.Sapient Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile: A 6-step guide for recruiters
  5. 5. Professional pictureDescriptive headline Great Summary Regular activity on the platform - authored, shared and reacted to relevant articles, connected with relevant professionals
  6. 6. Pramod realised that in-order to get the attention of quality candidates who are inundated with recruiter calls and emails, he needed to go beyond the standard “I have an exciting opportunity for you” and make an impact. LinkedIn gave him the advantage of “personalizing” his communication, whether through an InMail or a phone call. Here are 3 tips from Pramod on how to build a connection with prospective candidates: Engage with a personalised approach: break through the clutter Engage talent with a customized approach - Review all the professional information he/she has shared on LinkedIn and then focus on finding common connections to your business1 3 2 Connect over common interests or connections - Spend time researching his/her latest LinkedIn activity and use it to your advantage Leverage relevant industry information to initiate a conversation - Keep yourself updated about the industry and skills you hire for by following the right groups, people and hash tags 8 tips to hook candidates with your message 3
  7. 7. With opportunities everywhere – and more of them than before – you don’t pick talent. Talent picks you. Your company’s digital footprint thus becomes integral to positioning your “talent brand”. P.S’s LinkedIn Career Page was populated with content that resonated with the potential candidates. This made it easy for them to understand company’s culture, growth opportunities and benefits. 4 Create a memorable Career Page: attract amazing talent Get Inspired Lookbook: 3 Brilliant LinkedIn Career Pages
  8. 8. To build INTRIGUE, they placed content that communicated the company’s philosophy and ethos To create EXCITEMENT, they highlighted the company culture and candidates were given a glimpse of “life at P.S” To ENGAGE them, they created appealing content focused on the employees “Sapient’s LinkedIn page and my interactions with them made it easier to for me to imagine a future with them. I was particularly impressed with their culture, and most importantly, their values aligned well with my personal values. All this and the challenge articulated for the role gave me comfort that this is a place I want to associate with and could belong to.” Pawan Tayla CFO India Publicis.Sapient
  9. 9. hired in a span of 6 months + 2 other Vice Presidents 2 CXOs THE RESULT: A transformed leadership hiring process USD 1M Average InMail response rate for the leadership hiring team Total cost savings for leadership hiring team Pramod’s personalised hiring approach did not just help improve the candidate’s experience, but also shortened the time to hire, ensuring the leadership hiring team met the fast-growing business needs. 50% *All results are calculated for the time period Jan-Jun 2018
  10. 10. “The right leadership at the helm is essential to drive a growth mindset across any organisation, and hence extremely critical to any business. For us at Sapient, senior leadership hiring has traditionally been time and cost intensive. Using LinkedIn to find, attract and engage prospective talent did not just make this process quicker and cost-effective for us, but also resulted in an improved candidate experience. From being our primary source, it soon became our only source for leadership hiring.” Bhajneet Singh Dhingra Senior Manager – Hiring Publicis.Sapient
  11. 11. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. With over 580 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. offers a full range of solutions to help organizations in various stages of growth recruit relevant talent, build their brand, and grow their business. If you're curious about social recruiting, join us in discovering the possibilities. ` CONTACT US