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How Nonprofits Can Benefit from LinkedIn - Recruiting Edition [webcast]


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Have you thought about using LinkedIn for recruiting or raising awareness for your nonprofit? Do you wish someone would walk through it? (Or are you a great user, and know someone else on your team that could use an intro?)

We've been growing our offerings for nonprofits. In this presentation, you'll get a full overview of our free and discounted products and learn what works best for you.
- How to establish your nonprofit's presence & brand
- Fresh ideas on how to attract candidates to your nonprofit
- Recruiting volunteers, employees, and donors

To learn more about our offerings, visit us here:

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How Nonprofits Can Benefit from LinkedIn - Recruiting Edition [webcast]

  1. 1. LinkedIn for Nonprofits - Recruiting Edition
  2. 2. What is this presentation about? LinkedIn for Nonprofits ✓ Quick reminder of basics ✓ Focus on: branding and recruiting on LinkedIn ✓ Best practices, tools and resources
  3. 3. Agenda Network Basics for Success Elevating Awareness of Your Nonprofit Recruiting on LinkedIn 101 201 301
  4. 4. Welcome 101
  5. 5. * 2016 member number as of Aug. 4, 2016 Most people you want to connect with are on LinkedIn 500M 400M 300M 200M 100M 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 75M 450M* 2015
  6. 6. The nonprofit network on LinkedIn is strong and growing 5 Million Nonprofit Professionals 217,000+ Nonprofit Organizations 30 Million Following nonprofits
  7. 7. Staff Your nonprofit’s network includes many groups Board Members Alumni Donors Fans Your organization Employees’ Network Constituents Volunteers Boards’ Network Alumnus Network Fans’ Network Constituents’ Network Donors’ Network Volunteers’ Network
  8. 8. Your network helps drive mission Raising Awareness for Our Cause Employee Referrals Promoting our Programs Recruiting Board Members Engaging New Perspectives Finding New Donors Institutional Fundraising Sharing Best Practices Hiring New Talent
  9. 9. Ideas to grow your personal network  Start off with your core group: present and past colleagues, clients, friends, and family  Reach out to fellow alumni  Find new contacts in relevant LinkedIn groups  Make connecting a part of your routine
  10. 10. Build and drive awareness 201 ✓ Free steps you can use to grow awareness ✓ How to grow brand loyalty ✓ When to use sponsored content
  11. 11. Start with: “Why?” Questions to ask (and answer) before going into any branding, marketing, or awareness projects: 201 1 2 3 What is our goal? What are we trying to accomplish? Who is our audience? What are they interested in? How will we measure success?
  12. 12. Does your organization have a Company Page? Quick Poll #1 Yes – it’s great! No I don’t knowYes – but it could use a little work 201
  13. 13. Create or claim a Company Page for your organization - free 201
  14. 14. Use the Company Page as a showcase of your work - free Home ✓ Add an image, logo, and short description ✓ Encourage board members & supporters to follow you ✓ Post updates to communicate with your supporters ✓ Link to your existing website, blog, and other social platforms 201
  15. 15. Ideas to grow your organization’s network  Encourage employees to follow your organization's Company Page  Ask volunteers and board members to follow  Set up as an auto-response and in thank you notes to volunteers & donors  Add a “follow” button to your existing website  Check in on progress- use the Company Page analytics
  16. 16. Consider this: Engage & grow your follower base by regularly sharing company updates 84% average increase in engagement by including a link Keep followers engaged - free 201 147% avg increase in engagement by sharing a photo
  17. 17. Who’s doing this well? 201
  18. 18. Who’s doing this well? 201
  19. 19. Establish yourself / your executive team as thought leaders - free
  20. 20. Write about topics you work with day to day 201
  21. 21. Growing awareness for your nonprofit - free steps  Establish what your goals are, and how you’ll measure success  Get more people involved. Leverage what you’re already doing. Add multiple owners to your Company Page  Make your Company Page pop - tips and examples  Post updates from your organization on LinkedIn - engage your followers  Publish a thought leadership piece - examples and inspiration 201
  22. 22. Get your content in front of people beyond your network - paid 201
  23. 23. Sponsor and invest in paid ads to solve for these scenarios:  You have important updates you want to guarantee your audience sees  You want to grow your follower base beyond your network  You want to get a message in front of a specific group with targeting criteria like seniority, function, geography, and industry  Support special initiatives or events $ 201
  24. 24. William & Mary success story Challenge • Increase diversity in niche MBA programs • Build awareness of business programs in regional area Results • Gathered hundreds of highly qualified leads • Average engagement rate is more than 51% above benchmarks • Company Page followers increased by more than 100% Image: Solution • Sponsored content with precise targeting by location, career type, and company • Made the most of budget by using results to optimize throughout campaign 201
  25. 25. ✓ Candidate journey ✓ Talent branding ✓ Volunteer, board member & employee recruitment Recruiting for your organization 301
  26. 26. What is your organization looking to get out of LinkedIn? Quick Poll #2 Board members Full time employeesVolunteers Fundraising relationships 301
  27. 27. People are at the center of all your objectives. 301
  28. 28. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? #1The #1 way talent discovers a job opportunity is from someone they know2 66%Of job switchers knew about their company before they heard about the opportunity3 Their paths are influenced by people and organizations they trust ? ? ? 2 LinkedIn, Job Switcher Survey, 2016 3 LinkedIn, Talent Trends, 2016 301
  29. 29. HIRED, DONATE, VOLUNTEER Engage them at every step. Your organization These relationships shape each candidate’s unique journey. Your organization Your organization Your organization 301
  30. 30. Keep the candidate journey in mind as you focus on your goals. Board Members Volunteer Full time employees Fundraising 301
  31. 31. 301 There are a lot of people who want to work with you *Source: 2016 Talent Trends data **LinkedIn member profile data of LinkedIn members are interested in working at a nonprofit* 76% members have added causes & nonprofits they support to their profile** are actively interested in volunteering or serving on a board** 8.8 MILLION 30 MILLION
  32. 32. First step: talent branding 301
  33. 33. Show off what it’s like to work at your organization 301
  34. 34. Discover World Vision 301
  35. 35. Recruit Board Members, Employees, and Volunteers 301 Find candidates and reach out! Post to let candidates find your opportunity.
  36. 36. Software Engineer The Nature Conservancy You have 8 connectionsworking here This company hired 4 people from College of San Francisco. See who This company hired 17 people from Novella & Co. last year. See who Connections working at The Nature Conservancy Business Analyst at... Software Engineer at... MarketingManager at... 36 ENGAGE BETTER TALENT Give candidates a view beyond the job description 301
  37. 37. Occasional recruiting needs 1. Post your jobs directly 2. Leverage your personal network using advanced search 301
  38. 38. Occasional: post opportunities directly 301 Job posts 50% off nonprofit discount
  39. 39. Find candidates in your network - free 301
  40. 40. Consistent recruiting needs Get solutions that do the recruiting for you – email 301
  41. 41. Quick, easy way to find the best candidates for you 301 Nonprofit discount
  42. 42. Nonprofit discount 301 Find candidates with the right skills and interest in you
  43. 43. When in doubt, reach out How interested are you in in hearing about a new job opportunity? 64% 26% 10% Extremely and very interested Somewhat interested Not very or not at all interested 90% of candidates want to hear from you Source: LinkedIn 2016 Talent Trends Report 301
  44. 44. 2015 Talent Trends 44 Finding volunteers, board members, and institutional donors 301  Allow them to discover you  Attract with content and posts  Search and reach out to specific people
  45. 45. Note: special set up for posting volunteer or board opportunities Go to: 301
  46. 46. Customer only benefit: Partner with your relationship manager  If you have a new strategic initiative, and you’re looking to brainstorm on how to solve for it  If you’re looking to use LinkedIn to provide value beyond recruiting, like fundraising or marketing  To understand how you can use data improve your recruiting performance 301 Nonprofit discount
  47. 47. Start with the basics and advance your skills 201 301  Add multiple owners to your Company Page  Make your Company Page pop  Post updates from your organization on LinkedIn  Publish thought leadership pieces  Set goals around the candidate journey  Focus attention where you need it  Talent brand  Recruiting: post and search for volunteers, board members, employees  Get live consultation at
  48. 48. For more information: