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How Genentech developed its employee advocacy program | Talent Connect 2016


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Lisa Rose, Genentech
Traci Scovel, Genentech

Employee Advocacy at Genentech engages and equips our community to create and cultivate connections by sharing compelling content about our company and culture.

In 2016, members of Genentech’s corporate staffing organization launched The ­Genentech Employee Ambassador Program (gEEP), an initiative designed to leverage influencing employees to help identify and attract new talent for a variety of roles across the company. This highly exciting program serves to empower and equip Ambassadors with tools and resources they need for enhanced networking opportunities.

gEEP demonstrates innovation on many levels:

1. By leveraging the networks of our employees and their interactions in various communities (e.g. their alma mater, memberships, associations), we can scale our staffing team without adding headcount.

2. gEEP offers the opportunity to implement new technology that helps share our mission and culture through social media to our employees and their networks. By adopting an employee advocacy platform for social media, we can take our social recruitment campaigns deep into the networks of our employees and beyond.

3. Recruitment in the US is evolving as candidates and employees alike take to sites like to learn from each other and not necessarily from the company they’re pursuing directly. By enabling our employees to be ambassadors, we amplify an authentic voice about Genentech to prospective candidates that resonates with their tastes and approach to seeking out a top employer, as well as helping to create a positive candidate experience.

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How Genentech developed its employee advocacy program | Talent Connect 2016

  1. 1. How Genentech developed its employee advocacy program ​ Traci Scovel ​ Principal Program Manager, Genentech ​ Lisa Rose ​ Principal Program Manager, Genentech
  2. 2. 3 3 •  Founded in 1976 and celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2016 •  Became a member of the Roche Group in March 2009 •  Headquartered in South San Francisco, California •  Approximately 14,500 employees in the U.S. •  Headquarters for all Roche pharmaceutical operations in the U.S. -  ~40 medicines approved for people with various serious or life-threatening diseases -  Genentech’s Research and Early Development group (gRED) has ~25 potential new medicines in preclinical and clinical development Genentech Fast Facts
  3. 3. Today’s agenda •  Employee Advocacy at Genentech •  Excite Your Employee Community •  Activate a Social Savvy Workforce •  How Are We Doing? •  Takeaways & Questions
  4. 4. Leverage influencing employees to help us identify, attract and hire amazing people Excite, entice & empower employees to take ownership in amplifying our collective voice, mission & culture Members of GNE’s corporate staffing team organized & activated an initiative designed to: Recruiting isn’t just for recruiters •  A need to find and hire the people who will continue to push the boundaries of science to shape the future of medicine.
  5. 5. Create Connections ​ Lots of Reasons to enlist employees! •  Share sense of pride and great work happening •  Showcase company culture ​ EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY ISN’T NEW… Attract Recruit Retain
  6. 6. gEEP Defined ​ The Genentech Employee Ambassador Program (gEEP) is designed to leverage influencing employees to identify new talent for positions across the company. The program will: Empower Engage Equip
  7. 7. Role of the Ambassador IDENTIFY REFERRALS & FOSTER RELATIONSHIPS Create a pipeline of referrals for critical target groups Augment Amazing Discoveries (complement to our ERP program) INCREASE (TALENT) NETWORK Amplify the Genentech talent brand and employee experience INSPIRE OTHERS Demonstrate pride of Genentech as a Great Place to Work FOSTER INFORMATION SHARING Gain competitive intelligence on market changes and community Build awareness via Social Media by becoming Social Influencers Provide genuine employee perspective Share authentically about our mission and culture
  9. 9. Dare to Innovate Agitate Innovate Contemplate Illustrate
  10. 10. Internal Promotion: make it mean something & make it fun!
  11. 11. gEEP Summit An event to build awareness and excitement gEEPgEEP Overview Enhance your LinkedIn profile Amazing Discoveries (ERP) Conferences/ Events Social Media
  13. 13. Bringing the Social Savvy to gEEP ​ Get the right content to the right employees at the right time and enable safe, easy sharing Help Position Employees as Thought Leaders Amplify Genentech Initiatives and Culture Ensure Consistency and Compliance
  14. 14. Pilot •  Who: small controlled Pilot group of 15-20 employees from Corporate Staffing •  Strategy: simple content strategy, focus on adoption and learning how to use the platform •  Training: hands-on training for pilot participants and program managers Phase 2A •  Who: Invite Corporate Staffing •  Strategy: Simple content strategy, focus on adoption and learning how to use platform •  Training: In-person training Phase 2B •  Who: Invite all socially-active gEEPers •  Strategy: Begin simple content targeting by sites and functions •  Training: Small group webinars for all participants Phase 3 •  Who: Employee Community •  Strategy: Targeted content for all participants to create a highly relevant experience •  Training: gBar (Summits, Lunch & Learns, Team Meetings, hosted training materials within the hub) Start small, show value, gain approval, optimize, & expand effectively Social Sharing Game Plan: Iterate & Evolve
  15. 15. HOW ARE WE DOING?
  16. 16. gEEP Overview AMBASSADORS146 four HIRES 27 EVENTS 73R E F E R R A L S 2016 Jan-Aug OVERVIEW
  17. 17. The gEEPer experience JOAN SKINNER … great find! Think we should have her meet Sr. Leaders (officers) at Roche/GNE .....She could have great impact in PT. CLAIRE PAIRAUD ......I definitely recommend her as a great candidate for leadership opportunities in PT. JOAN SKINNER A great impact on PT … thanks for your excellent work on the PT Women ambassadors program.JAMI PALUMBO ......this is very exciting and keep the momentum!
  18. 18. Identify the problem statement & define a clear objective Start small, show value, gain approval, optimize, & expand effectively Excite and engage your employees Create an easy avenue and process Key Takeaways:
  19. 19. THANK YOU!