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Employer Branding Journey: Pandora's Story [webcast]


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Employee experience — how your employees experience your company and define your employment brand — isn’t always a priority for talent leaders. But, by cultivating a personalized and diverse culture, Pandora has enhanced its employee experience thereby strengthening its employer brand in a competitive industry.
Join Marta Riggins, Pandora’s Director of Employee Experience & Marketing, for a 45-minutes webcast, where she’ll take you through her journey of:
- Creating leadership buy-in, developing employer branding programs, and measuring their ROI
- Defining employee experience and crafting Pandora’s B2E (Business to Employee) marketing strategy
- Engaging candidates and retaining employees by building a culture of inclusiveness

Learn more about developing a powerful employer brand:

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Employer Branding Journey: Pandora's Story [webcast]

  1. 1. Pandora Confidential Enhancing Your Employee Experience & Strengthening Your Employer Brand MARTA RIGGINS 9/7/16
  2. 2. Pandora Confidential Hi, I’m Marta! @mrsriggins music, family, eating, travel, volunteering, cats
  3. 3. Pandora ConfidentialPandora Confidential WE BUILT THIS CITY ON ROCK AND ROLL
  4. 4. Pandora ConfidentialPandora Confidential Elevating Employer Brand Strategy Helpthecompanyrecognizethatouremployerbrandisjustasimportantasour consumerbrand Elevate Employer Brand Strategy: - Tell the story of Pandora, the company - Infuse music and personalization into all aspects recruiting and employee experience - Lead with experience first – from social media, to job posting, to events (Show them, don’t just tell them) - Invest in employee experience - Diversity is not an “and” - Experiment, fail, succeed, repeat
  5. 5. Pandora Confidential Employee Experience = Employment Brand
  6. 6. Pandora Confidential Life at Pandora –LinkedIn
  7. 7. Pandora Confidential Life at Pandora – Job Posting (LinkedIn)
  8. 8. Pandora Confidential8 Life at Pandora – Experiential
  9. 9. Pandora Confidential9 Life at Pandora –
  10. 10. Pandora Confidential LET’S STAY TOGETHER 1
  11. 11. Pandora Confidential The Writing is on the Wall
  12. 12. Pandora Confidential Building a Culture of Inclusiveness
  13. 13. Pandora ConfidentialPandora Confidential EVERYBODY HANDS GO UP
  14. 14. Pandora ConfidentialPandora Confidential SourceInformation - CreateAnEmploymentBrandStrategy - DefineYourCompaniesEmployeeExperience&Culture - Get GoodatStorytelling - Ifat FirstYouDon’tSuccess,PickYourselfUpandTryAgain - MeasureROI Takeaways
  15. 15. Pandora ConfidentialPandora Confidential SourceInformation ROIiskeytosecuringconfidence,buy-inandsecuringadditionalbudget - Get themostbangforyoubuck,buy likea marketer - WorkwithCommsteamtoamplifycompanystorytelling andhelpwith candidateperception - LIEngagementData - EmployeeSurveyData - FindROIinuntraditionalplaces(events,socialmedia,pressarticles,awardsetc.) - DemonstrateROIbeyondyourdepartment–positiveemployerbranduplifts consumerandclientbrandsentiment ABM… Always Be Measuring
  16. 16. Pandora Confidential QUESTIONS?