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Why Data Empowers Recruiters to Hire Better, Faster - Infographic


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Data can become every recruiter’s secret weapon for faster recruiting and better relationships with hiring managers. It can be the game changer you need to be more efficient and successful at your job.

Using LinkedIn data, you can speedily identify and prioritize the largest talent pools to source from, saving yourself time down the road. When you can summarize the talent market for your hiring manager and recommend job criteria to include or exclude based on data, hiring managers will view you as their trusted advisor.

To become a data master yourself, download your copy of the Data Driven Recruiting e-book:

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Why Data Empowers Recruiters to Hire Better, Faster - Infographic

  1. 1. Why Data Empowers Recruiters To “Hire Better, Faster Recruiters, pressed for time, can become . reactive & inefficient order takers 56% 75% of recruiting teams are l of recruiters don't reactive, tactical order use data’ takers‘ Successful recruiters don't shy away from data - they use it to save time driver of recruiting performance is consultative relationships with hiring managers3 nun-A driver of recruiting performance Q is the understanding of candidate ‘% % talent pools’ l r l ; ‘iigiv r When talent acquisition teams use to‘ Hire, they are I _' II’! f ‘ ' “ H J 3 ‘l ‘ l/ _ _ T‘1 more likely to improve ,3‘ __ __ more llkely t0,f§ClUCe their recruiting efforts‘ J, " 1 ‘ _ costs and gain efficiency‘ Recruiters armed with talent pool data can become strategic advisors of recruiters recently of recruiters are more dealt with a hiring efficient and effective manager with unrealistic when they understand expectations: the talent pool2 Fend off those purple squirrel hiring manager requests. Lead with data. Every job Remove Remove or alter Remove or alter Remove or alter requirement one I a second a third a fourth 3 71 32 126 If Size of talent pool - O 0 O O O RECRUIT QUALITY TALENT passive and active, external and internal — from the world's largest professional network. Find the right person for the job faster with Linked| n's social recruiting solutions.