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Ask the Experts about LinkedIn Recruiter [webcast]


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Learn new product tips and tricks from LinkedIn experts. Have all your questions answered. Get your job done efficiently.
In this session, you'll learn the best ways to use key features and get the answers you need to become a more effective and efficient user.
Feature we'll cover:
- Next Generation of Recruiter: A deeper look at all the new Spotlight filters
- New search filters: Find candidates based on languages spoke, if they're a U.S. Veteran, and filter out profiles you've already viewed
- Industry talent pools: See who else is searching for similar talent
Learn more about our product updates here:

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Ask the Experts about LinkedIn Recruiter [webcast]

  1. 1. Ask the Experts (aka: Deep-dive on LinkedIn products you love) August 2016
  2. 2. Today’s agenda Next Gen LinkedIn Recruiter Some insights you should care about Key takeaways 4 enhancements: Less Searching; More hiring New Search Filters: Target just the ones you’re looking for What else are we working on Search Insights: Transform yourself into a talent consultant
  3. 3. Spoken Languages (Filter by proficiency levels) Recruiter Search just keeps getting better - 2 new filters Hide Profiles already viewed
  4. 4. In Beta: Connectifier ▪ Connectifier is a tool that complements your sourcing strategy, giving a way to directly email and contact hard-to-reach talent ▪ Key features include: – Auto Search – Connectifier Search – Social Profile Links – Email links
  5. 5. Connectifier: How does it work?
  6. 6. What candidates want to know most about your company Perks and benefits 54%66% #1: Culture and values 50% Mission and vision 2016 Global Talent Trends: Based on data from 33,000 professionals across 39 countries
  7. 7. Biggest roadblocks candidates face when changing jobs Not knowing what it's really like to work at the company Not understanding what's expected of the role Not hearing back after applying to a company Difficulty negotiating salary, title, role, etc. Unclear communication during the recruiting process 1 2 3 4 5 Fit People Culture 2016 Global Talent Trends: Based on data from 33,000 professionals across 39 countries
  8. 8. Software Engineer Next Gen Jobs Bringing Jobs to life with people and their talent brand • Leveraging relationships to find talent that’s likely to be a fit • Putting your talent brand front and center
  9. 9. Next Gen Jobs Improved job seeking experience for active & passive candidates
  10. 10. Next Gen Jobs Jobs are delivering more qualified candidates to customers More Job Views More Applications Increase in response rate when a prospect views a job 86% 90% >2x Millions of hires made with LinkedIn jobs
  11. 11. Questions likely on your mind… How can I get access to Connectifier? Any tips on improving response rates? Has there been an impact on hiring via Next Gen Recruiter? How do I use and search insights within Projects? Can I run Boolean within Spotlights? Any enhancements coming to InMails?
  12. 12. View all product enhancements Two things you can take away Download our latest Talent Report: Global Talent Trends 2016 Bookmark: Download now: 2016 Global Talent Trends
  13. 13. Talent Connect 2016: Oct 5-7 2016 in Las Vegas LNKD.IN/TC2016 Share ideas  Network  Expand your vision
  14. 14. More questions, comments or ideas?  Drop a note via our Help center  Take our Training Module for a spin  All the content is searchable  Check out weekly Talent blogs  LNKD.IN/talentblog