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15 Reasons Why Members Love LinkedIn Sales Navigator


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Last month I asked members why they love LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I was thrilled with the outpouring of responses from across the world. The stories we received showcase that LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for professionals across seniority levels and functions, including inside sales representatives, vice presidents of business development, senior account directors, and partners. Respondents hailed from a variety of industries and sectors as well, from financial services to hospitality.

Although we received an overwhelming number of fantastic responses, some of the stories really stood out for capturing how LinkedIn Sales Navigator has helped our members find the right people, stay in touch, and be more efficient.

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15 Reasons Why Members Love LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  1. 1. 15 REASONS WHY MEMBERS LOVE LINKEDIN SALES NAVIGATOR “Great access to decision makers…” Alexander Beiner Business Development Manager, Jack Morton Worldwide “It's great because it has up to date information on companies.” Robyn Batterby Area Sales Manager, Mantra Group “Generates cost saving and top line growth through better prospect qualification.” David Cherrill Business Development Director, BT “The ability to create lead lists, manage my lead pipeline, and have re-occurring reports sent to me based on keywords or positions.” Tim Plunkett Business Relations, Box.com “My entire team is using Navigator and their success rate has improved dramatically.” John Joyce Business Development Leader, Vistaprint “Helps me find new clients in existing accounts…” Jill Gress Vice President, Nielsen “I love seeing who's been looking at my profile…” Richard Dunn Relationship Manager “Connecting to the right people in the right organisation is a godsend.“ Roland Irwin General Manager, Marin Software “Links straight to the right people…” Derek Stott Partner, NEM Australasia Should your sales team be falling in love with Sales Navigator? Find out more at sales.linkedin.com “In a few minutes a person can be located…” William Stimpson Commercial Director, NDA Analytics “Quickly identify who the new players are at accounts that have been cold.” Anthony Kikkert District Manager, ADP “Sell better, sell smarter, sell faster, and sell with conviction. It's the Cliffs Notes of Sales 101 AND it's easy to use.” David Palacios Enterprise Software Sales, Workday “I am getting better results than ever before and my manager thinks I am a star...” Markus Green Business Development Director, Virtual Subsidiary Ltd. “Helped us uncover a contact for an account that had been dormant for over 3 years…” Garrett Graston Inside Sales Representative, Brocade “Posting news specific to my industry has generated talking points with C-level decision makers.” Scott Olson Director Business Development, Demand Chain Systems