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Social Selling - Driving Changes in Marketing


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In this presentation you will learn strategies for business to business marketers.

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Social Selling - Driving Changes in Marketing

  1. Social Selling – Driving Changes in MarketingBrian ChurchCountry Manager for Canada &Head of Sales LinkedIn Sales Solutions North AmericaLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
  2. Our Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful
  4. People buy from People, who understand their business, understand them, and they trust to solve their problems. LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 4
  5. Evolution of Customer Relationship Management Customer Management Relationship Visibility Efficiency Creation 1990’s 2000’s Today360 View of Process SocialCustomer Automation Enterprise•Name, Email, etc. •Lead-to-Oppty •Social Profile•Oppty’s & Sales •Oppty-to-Sale •Connections•Tickets & Activities •Tix-to-Resolution •Online Media LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 5
  6. Buyers are tech-savvy, andsocially empowered. LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 6
  7. Buyers have changed the game. 2 Emergence of B2B 75% Buyer 2 Your Customers are 57% More Informed 1Source1: IBM Buyer’s Preference Study, 2011 Source2: Corporate Executive Board, 2011 2Source3:, 2011 LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 7
  8. Buying process hasfundamentally changedEmergence of the Social B2B BuyerCustomers seek partnershipsCustomers are more informed & less responsive
  9. Marketing and Selling Buying process has fundamentally changed Reprioritization of Marketing Budgets, Engage in Social Selling Transforming from Marketer to Information Concierge Discover new ways to define, nurture quality leads
  10. Along comes Social Selling! A way of life… – Mindset: a philosophy & strategy of individuals and firms – Infrastructure: technology, business rules, and processes …centered around people… – Engage the customer in a collaborative conversation – Create a trusted & transparent business environment. …creating a win-win! – Provide mutually beneficial value to buyers and sellers – Respond to the customers control of the conversation LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 10
  11. The Evolution to Social Selling Then Now Customer Customer CustomerCustomer Company Customer PartnerCustomer Customer Competitor LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
  12. The Evolution to Social Selling Then Now Find Buy Lists Leverage Professional Networks Limited to Private Rolodexes Expand to Company Social Network Spray & Pray to Find Decision-makers Target Decision-makersRelate Speed through Contacts Records Focus on Real People Limited to CRM Record Gather Intelligence from Internet Pile On More Data Discover More InsightEngage Pound through Cold Calling Leverage Warm Introductions Push the Sales Pitch Have a Meaningful Conversations Drive Cookie-cutter Sales Process Collaborate in Buying Process LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
  13. How strong is your Social Selling foundation?Low High“Laggards” “Tip-Toers” “Leaders” Find Low High Buy Lists Leverage Professional Networks Limited to Private Rolodexes Expand to Company Social Network Spray & Pray to Find Decision-makers Target Decision-makers Relate Low High Speed through Contacts Records Focus on Real People Limited to CRM Record Gather Intelligence with Internet Profile Pile On More Data Discover More Insight Engage Low High Pound through Cold Calling Leverage Warm Introductions Push the Sales Pitch Have a Meaningful Conversations Drive Cookie-cutter Sales Process Collaborate in Buying Process LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 13
  14. Leaders are Applying Social Selling Leaders Average 90% 82% 82% Laggards 69% 70% 49% 50% 39% 38% 34% 30% 25% 26% 10% Social selling helps Social selling helps Have seen strong value eliminate organizational eliminate stages of the from enhanced social barriers (i.e. reaching sales cycle; shortens profiles of employees. the decision maker) sales cycleSource: Aberdeen Research, Social Selling Impact Study, Summer 2012. n_294 LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
  15. Leaders are Outperforming the Competition Leaders Average 15% 14.7% Laggards 11.6% 11.9% 12% Year-over- Year 9% Change 6% 4.0% 3% 2.0% 1.4% 1.4% .7% 0.0% Team Attainment Average Deal Size or Reps Achieving Quota of Quota Contract ValueSource: Aberdeen Research, Social Selling Impact Study, Summer 2012. n_294 LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
  16. So what?Marketing needs to adapt.LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
  17. What can you expect by implementing social selling? Marketing Sales Find & Qualify Engage & Convert Leads Opportunities • Find and target • Research & prospect • Create targeted lists • Engage to close • Enrich & qualify leads • Optimize process/performance Find Relate EngageOrganize & Research Generate, Contribute, & Personalize Connections Prospects Leverage Insights & Conversations Inbound lead pipeline Outbound lead generation Lead conversion Lead-to-close speed Lead scoring accuracy Call response rates Cost per lead Opportunity win rates LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 17
  18. “ Tear down the wall.Marketing Research Find Leads MarketsSales Engage Close LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 18
  19. “ Embrace smarketing.Marketing Research Qualify & Nurture Find Leads Leads Markets Enrich LeadsSales Research Prospect Engage Close LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
  20. Social Smarketing:Changing the world of Marketing & Sales  Powerful and user-friendly searching Find  Create target groups & individuals  Refined list of targets to test campaigns  Rich information to create more relevant messages Relate  Expanded lead scoring & qualifying  Intelligent lead assignment  Leverage professional connections & introductions Engage  Run micro-campaigns  Use compelling sales eventsLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS
  21. Ask not what your social network can do for you, but what you can do for your social network.LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
  22. Become a Company of Social Selling Pros Build a PROFILE Develop a NETWORK Gather INSIGHTS Contribute INSIGHTS Use SOLUTIONS LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 22
  23. 1. Build a Strong Professional ProfileAdd a photo, experience and skills that showcase the brand of YOU LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 23
  24. 2. Proactively Develop A NetworkBuild trusted relationships who can support your professional objectives LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 24
  25. 3. Gather IntelligenceBe prepared for every interaction by researching contacts and companies LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 25
  26. 4. Contribute InsightsShare ideas through status updates, and participate in groups LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 26
  27. 5. Use Social Selling Solutions Sales Navigator: LinkedIn Premium for sales professionalsBuild prospect lists with Reveal 3rd degree profiles Leverage connections Lead Builder Advanced Search Team Link LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS 27
  28. Social Selling – Driving Changes in MarketingBrian ChurchCountry Manager for Canada &Head of Sales LinkedIn Sales Solutions North AmericaLinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved LINKEDIN SALES SOLUTIONS