LinkedIn Sales Connect 2013


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LinkedIn Sales Connect 2013

  1. 1. LinkedIn Sales Connect 2013
  2. 2. Social Selling Facts“70% of the buyers’ journey is completedbefore they talk to a sales person.”SiriusDecisions #LISalesConnect
  3. 3. Social Selling Facts“A warm referral increases the oddsof a sales success 2x-4x”CustomerThink #LISalesConnect
  4. 4. “The best reps are not just present in socialmedia they position themselves as credible andinfluential sources in the customer networks”Sales Executive Council #LISalesConnect 4
  5. 5. #LISalesConnect©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. 5
  6. 6. “More than 90 percent of our sales staff is usingLinkedIn to drive deeper customerrelationships, expand our sales pipeline, andclose deals every day.” #LISalesConnect
  7. 7. Social Selling Facts“Sales reps on average have to generate70% of their own sales leads if they want toachieve their goals.” #LISalesConnect
  8. 8. “Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator has enabled our salesorganization to gain access to our ideal customer profilesfaster and more precisely. The net result is more quality leadsin the pipeline, which helps us capture a greater share of themarket.”
  9. 9. Social Selling Facts“53% of sales professionals havereceived introductions to newopportunities from their coworkers”LinkedIn Customer Survey #LISalesConnect
  10. 10. Social Selling Facts“73% of sales people using socialmedia as part of their sales processoutperformed their sales peers.”Barbara Giamanco & Jim Keenan Survey #LISalesConnect
  11. 11. “LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the besttool that our sales team has for our socialand target account selling initiative.” #LISalesConnect
  12. 12. Eloqua: The Grande Guide to Social Selling #LISalesConnect
  13. 13. Thanks for attending!Keep the conversation going: @LinkedInSelling #LISalesConnect LinkedIn Sales Solutions Group
  14. 14. Jill Konrath Koka SextonCEO Sr. Social Marketing ManagerJill Konrath ShaverFounderSales Social Selling Trends andMiles Austin Best PracticesThe Web Tools GuyFill the Funnel #LISalesConnect
  15. 15. Steve Sanders Brian ChurchSr. Account Executive Head of Sales SolutionsLinkedIn KatoAccount Messier LinkedIn on LinkedInAccount #LISalesConnect
  16. 16. Jake Hofwegen Koka SextonVP of Global Sales Operations Sr. Social Marketing ManagerNetsuite LinkedInSteve PateSr. Manager, Digital Acquisition MarketingCharles Schwab Fueling Social Selling with LinkedIn #LISalesConnect