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The New Sales Cycle: From Social Gatherings to Social Selling


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The salesforce has evolved immensely. Historically, sales deals were made on the golf course and prospecting took place at networking mixers or conferences. With today’s technology, those traditional sales tactics are becoming extinct. Customers and prospects are now equipped with connectivity through social media, making them more informed than ever before.

Join Jamie Shanks of Sales for Life, Barbara Giamanco of Social Centered Selling LLC, Darren Marble of OSI Consulting and Carlos Gil of LinkedIn Sales Solutions to discover how to navigate the new sales cycle by:

* Understanding how the sales landscape has evolved and what that means for your business
* Implementing social media strategies that resonate with modern buyers
* Leveraging relevant thought leadership and insights
* Providing value with a strong online presence
* Cultivating strong, trust-based relationships with prospects and clients

The social selling era starts with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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The New Sales Cycle: From Social Gatherings to Social Selling

  1. 1. SALES SOLUTIONS The New Sales Cycle: Navigating the Social Sales Landscape #inSalesChat
  2. 2. SALES SOLUTIONS Today’s Speakers: 2 Carlos Gil Global Sr. Social Marketing Manager LinkedIn Sales Solutions Jamie Shanks CEO Sales for Life Barbara Giamanco President & Social Selling Advisor Social Centered Selling LLC Darren Marble RVP Sales OSI Consulting #inSalesChat
  3. 3. SALES SOLUTIONS 3 • Speaker Introductions • Understanding how the sales landscape has evolved and what that means for your business • Strategies for introductions with modern buyers • Providing value with a strong online presence • InMail tips from a Sales Navigator user • Q&A #inSalesChat Today’s Agenda:
  4. 4. SALES SOLUTIONS LinkedIn Social Selling Leveraging your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships.
  5. 5. SALES SOLUTIONS 5 #inSalesChat Historically, business deals were done on the golf course. Today, LinkedIn is the bridge between sales professionals and buyers.
  6. 6. SALES SOLUTIONS are now involved in the average B2B buying decision people Boss Peer Direct report Business leader Cross-functional partner Corporate Executive Board 2013 – Winning The Consensus Purchase Your target buyer 5.4 Decisions involve more people than ever before #inSalesChat
  7. 7. SALES SOLUTIONS 75% of B2B buyers now use social media to be more informed on vendors International Data Corporation 2014 – Social Buying Meets Social Selling Decision makers rely on social media to choose between potential vendors Network referrals White papers Company websites Blog posts Company pages Your target buyers Social relationships #inSalesChat
  8. 8. SALES SOLUTIONS Your competitor Harvard Business Review 2012 – Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. Decision makers are C-level 90% of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach Decision makers now ignore cold outreach You Your competitor X X X Your target buyers #inSalesChat
  9. 9. SALES SOLUTIONS Focus on the right people and companies Stay informed on key updates at your target accounts Build trust with your prospects and customers Building relationships with prospects and customers is different in this new normal. You need to: #inSalesChat
  10. 10. SALES SOLUTIONS Billions of professional relationships 347M+ members 2B+ member updates per week LinkedIn has a wealth of information on the people & companies with whom you want to build relationships #inSalesChat
  11. 11. SALES SOLUTIONS Today: your personal network All that LinkedIn has to offer YOU Just what you need for sales To tap into the power of LinkedIn, you need to tailor your experience for sales New #inSalesChat
  12. 12. SALES SOLUTIONS Relevant news LinkedIn’s network data Your accounts, leads & preferences LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it simple to establish and grow relationships with your prospects and customers Sales Navigator #inSalesChat
  13. 13. SALES SOLUTIONS Jamie Shanks CEO Sales for Life
  14. 14. SALES SOLUTIONS 4.2 greater chance of opportunity, based on a personal relationship 14 #inSalesChat
  15. 15. SALES SOLUTIONS Leverage “Find Alumni” 15 #inSalesChat
  16. 16. SALES SOLUTIONS Option A: What companies can you be introduced to? 16 #inSalesChat
  17. 17. SALES SOLUTIONS Option B: Who are you a 2nd degree connection to? 17 #inSalesChat
  18. 18. SALES SOLUTIONS You have 2 allies in your Intro 18  TRUST  LIFE EXPERIENCE #inSalesChat
  19. 19. SALES SOLUTIONS Ask for an “Introduction” 19 #inSalesChat
  20. 20. SALES SOLUTIONS Barbara Giamanco President & Social Selling Advisor Social Centered Selling LLC
  21. 21. SALES SOLUTIONS “Rising customer expectations is the number one challenge that 65% of sales organizations face.” 21 –Harvard Business Review: Winning at Sales in a Buyer Empowered World 2014 #inSalesChat
  22. 22. SALES SOLUTIONS “The greatest inhibitor to sales effectiveness is the inability to communicate a value message.” - SiriusDecisions, 2013 Don’t be this guy! Buyers aren’t looking to be sold. What you say and how you present yourself matters. 22 #inSalesChat
  23. 23. SALES SOLUTIONS 23 Demonstrate thought leadership. #inSalesChat
  24. 24. SALES SOLUTIONS LinkedIn:  Advanced search  Company pages  Groups  Contacts and tagging  Who’s viewed your profile  Follow and share posts  InMail Twitter:  Follow prospects  Engage, share content  Observe competitors  Build influence 24 #inSalesChat
  25. 25. SALES SOLUTIONS When crafting sales messaging, keep these tips in mind: Know your audience. Skip the jargon. Make it relevant. Include metrics. Get another perspective. 25 #inSalesChat
  26. 26. SALES SOLUTIONS Darren Marble Solution Director OSI Consulting
  27. 27. SALES SOLUTIONS Sales Philosophy As they used to say… The purpose of a cold call is to set an appointment. 27 #inSalesChat
  28. 28. SALES SOLUTIONS Why Sales Navigator?  Make your sales process faster, easier and more efficient  Leverage actionable insights to open dialogues  Unlock the power of referral marketing 28 #inSalesChat
  29. 29. SALES SOLUTIONS InMail Best Practices  Personalize the subject line  Open by asking for an appointment  Leverage actionable insights  Send it again 29 #inSalesChat
  30. 30. SALES SOLUTIONS InMail Format Hi _____, I’m writing to ask if we can schedule a 15-minute call. I saw/read that (actionable insight). OSI Consulting (value prop). We’ve worked closely with (references). I’d love to learn more about your goals and objectives in 2015 to see if further discussion is warranted. Thanks in advance for your consideration in replying with your availability for a quick call. Thanks, Name Title/Company Email Phone 30 OPEN CONTEXT CREDIBILITY CLOSE CONTACT #inSalesChat
  31. 31. SALES SOLUTIONS Cycling Expect 4-6 pings over 1-2 weeks before you’re able to set up a call with your prospects Cycling is critical: InMail Voicemail Email Twitter @reply 31 #inSalesChat
  32. 32. SALES SOLUTIONS Referral Marketing  Use Sales Navigator to reverse engineer warm introductions  Identify target accounts based on common relationships  Minimal effort, huge upside, high likelihood of success 32 #inSalesChat
  33. 33. SALES SOLUTIONS Step 1: “See All Connections” 33 #inSalesChat
  34. 34. SALES SOLUTIONS Step 2: Filter & Narrow 34 #inSalesChat
  35. 35. SALES SOLUTIONS Step 3: Ask for Warm Introductions 35 #inSalesChat
  36. 36. SALES SOLUTIONS Thank you!  Carlos Gil Jamie Shanks Barbara Giamanco Darren Marble
  37. 37. SALES SOLUTIONS Questions? Twitter: @LinkedInSelling / #inSalesChat Email: Web: