DocuSign LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator Case Study


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DocuSign LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator Case Study

  1. 1. Sales Navigator DocuSign Case Study Expanding Leads, Shrinking Time Investment COMPANY PROFILE DocuSign, The Global Standard for eSignature®, provides eSignature transaction management solutions to more than 47 million businesses and consumers. It enables businesses to be fully digital, helping them to conduct transparent, rapid-cycle business transactions – anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected device. As a rapidly growing global company with exponential viral growth, DocuSign was positioned to take full advantage of the powerful social selling functionality of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. OBJECTIVES: • Streamline the process of finding the right sales contacts with purchase-decision authority “For outbound prospecting, there’s no more valuable tool than LinkedIn. Hands down.” Erik Hurd, Market Development Representative, DocuSign WHY USE LINKEDIN? • Target your searches across the world’s largest professional network • Spend less time hunting for leads to import to Salesforce • Deliver high-quality lead lists to DocuSign’s Enterprise • Gain up-to-date insights on the most relevant prospects. • Focus on warm introductions by leveraging your SOLUTION: RESULTS Account Executives • Implement LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Lead Builder function to build out lead lists filtered by seniority and function common connections. • As a result of integrating built lists into his processes,  Hurd has seen a significant uptick in scheduled meetings. • Utilize InMail to reach key senior level decision makers and • Hit 167% of his quota and is on track for 200% • Contact targeted leads and increase top of the sales funnel • Added new Fortune 500 account from his first contacts whose email addresses are often difficult to find and pipeline with new meetings in the coming quarter. filtered lead list.
  2. 2. LIFE BEFORE LINKEDIN SALES NAVIGATOR NEW ACCOUNTS FROM THE FIRST FILTERED LEAD  Erik Hurd works on sales prospecting side for DocuSign. Before he implemented LinkedIn Sales Navigator, he was going through a multi-step process every day just to find the right people to talk to. While he had a sense of who those people were, and that he needed to draw on LinkedIn’s database, it was still difficult to begin when engaging with a new company. Hurd spent a great deal of time importing names from old lists containing outdated information, spending up to three hours a day manually looking up LinkedIn profiles, verifying and updating contact information, and narrowing down the list to the truly relevant leads. As part of this sorting process, Hurd also had to spend time speaking to people who weren’t directly related to the buying team, forcing him to focus only on the top twenty accounts for each of his executive, rather than the top 100. The very first lead Hurd pulled in from a built list resulted in a meeting with the Salesforce administrator of a Fortune 500 company. As it turned out, their sales teams were “tablet-heavy” and used Salesforce extensively. That was music to Hurd’s ears, as DocuSign is so tightly integrated with Salesforce as mutual customers and partners. The conversation progressed at a fast pace, and the account moved forward quickly towards a completed contract with DocuSign. BUILDING LEAD LISTS FOR TARGETED SEARCHES Hurd began experimenting with the Lead Builder feature of Sales Navigator, realizing that he could add named accounts that his account executives are targeting. Now he saves a list for each of the five account executives he supports, filtering the leads by function, location, and seniority. These leads are not only sorted by company, but also by his social proximity to them based on his LinkedIn network. This nets Hurd a list of about twenty top people who he wouldn’t have come across otherwise, and who are highly likely to engage with him because they’ve been automatically sorted on the basis of mutual network connections. The biggest value: he now has leads on his radar delivered directly by using the Lead Builder feature. “LinkedIn has helped me achieve my sales goals by providing a more efficient and effective way to identify and target leads.” – Erik Hurd The most significant aspect of finding this new account? The company was never even in Hurd’s top twenty for the particular account executive for whom he built the list. Therefore, Hurd would not have found that opportunity had he not created an extended target list in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, refined his search, and added filters to establish ideal “qualifying parameters.” From that point forward, Lead Builder has been Hurd’s number one tool for prospecting leads. LinkedIn Premium Copyright © 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.