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Slideshare rendering bug


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A document to demonstrate a rendering bug. In Slideshare, you see a square; in all other pdf readers, you see a ball.

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  • I got the following reply from the support:
    'Thanks for reporting this issue. This is an edge that was not being handled by our conversion stack correctly. We are continuously working to improve our conversion engine. The new engine being built does not have this problem. When ever we roll out the update to our conversion engine, we would be able to convert your document properly. I would inform you once we have rolled out the new engine so that you can reconvert your document properly. Thanks once again for reporting this issue to us and helping us improve our conversion engine.'

    So the bug is corrected in the next version of the rendering engine.
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Slideshare rendering bug

  1. 1. There is a bug in Slideshare Flash viewerThe problem: when I draw a ball with LaTeX and pgf/tikz, and look it withany pdf reader on my work computer (Adobe Reader, Apple Preview etc.),it looks like a ball:But when I upload this document to Slideshare, it looks like a square (as youcan see). In Scribd (both Flash and HTML5-based viewer),1 and in Google DocsViewer, the ball is shown properly. The bug is related to making presentation slides with L TEXand Beamer. AThe Beamer package uses similar ball to render bullets and shadow corners,and therefore slides made with Beamer show incorrecly in Slideshare, as youcan see on slide 2 on this document: I first thought that the bug is in the Beamer package, but because Scribdand Google Docs online viewers render this correctly, the bug is probably inSlideshare viewer. The L TEX source code for the ball is: Abegin{pgfpicture}{0bp}{30bp}{0bp}{0bp}pgfdeclareradialshading[black,blue]{shadowball}{pgfpointorigin} {color(0bp)=(black!50!blue); color(40bp)=(blue)}newboxboxshadowballsetboxboxshadowball=hbox{pgfuseshading{shadowball}}pgftransformshift{pgfpoint{4bp}{-3bp}}pgftext{copyboxshadowball}end{pgfpicture} 1 If I remember correctly, Scribd Flash viewer had the same bug about one year ago.Now it works. 1