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September 2008


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September 2008

  1. 1. HTTP://WWW.LIN-IRELAND.COM Issue 1 – September 2008 Learning Innovation Network NewsletterWHAT IS LIN? LIN CONFERENCE “Fostering a Student Centred Learning Environment”The Learning Innovation Network (LIN) project is a threeyear collaborative project between the 13 Irish IoTs and The first annual LIN conference will take place on 10th October inDIT. Funded by the Strategic Innovation Fund (cycle 1) LIN the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, Co. one of five stands within the project “The Institutes ofTechnology Sector Learning Network – Delivering Systemic This conference will provide a unique opportunity for learning andChange”. teaching experts, researchers, educational practitioners andThe goals of the LIN project are; developers and other stakeholders to come together, share o To scope the parameters of an agreed Academic experiences, reflect on informed practice and explore sectoral Development Programme innovations, all within the context of learning and teaching. o To provide a centrally coordinated repository service and portal We encourage participation across the HE sector and we hope o To develop a model for a National Excellence in that you will find our programme (http://www.lin- Learning and Teaching Awards system inspiring. It is our intention that the annual LIN conference will become a permanentIn subsequent issues, we will keep you updated on the feature of the learning and teaching calendar.ongoing progress in each of these three project goals.LIN is led by joint strand leaders, Marion Coy and Frank Registration is now open. Whilst there is no attendance charge, itMcMahon. is vital to register your place. Marion Coy To do so, please e-mail President of GMIT Inside this issue …………………………………... What is LIN? Page 1 LIN Conference Page 1 Keynote Speakers Page 2 Conference Themes Page 2 Dr. Frank Mc Mahon For your diary Page 3 Director of Academic Affairs, LIN Picks Page 3 DIT LIN Blogspot Page 3 Quotable Quotes Page 3 LIN has been established to Contact us Page 3 enhance the delivery of core educational activities through collaboration and reform and to support innovation and qualityimprovements in learning and teaching. Go to for more information. Page 1
  2. 2. HTTP://WWW.LIN-IRELAND.COM Issue 1 – September 2008KEY NOTE SPEAKERS LIN CONFERENCE THEMES Theme 1 Professor Ray Land Professor Land is Professor of Higher Innovations in Teaching and Education and Director of the Centre Learning for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK. His research interests include educational development, threshold concepts, Theme 2 research-teaching linkages, and theoretical aspects of digital learning. Working within a Modular Environment Theme 3 Assessment within a Modular Dr. Richard Thorn Environment Dr. Thorn is currently Director of Flexible Learning and Research at the Institute of Technology, Ireland. He was chairperson of the Council of Theme 1 presentations Directors of Institutes of technology, o Unfolding Stories: Shifting from Teacher Centered Delivery to Student Centered Learning Ireland (2007). He is currently a o Advanced Learning and Adaptive Problem Solving council member of the national Techniques: Practical Lessons from Cognitive Science executive of IBEC (the Irish Business o Guidelines for Teaching Chinese Students in Irish and Employers Confederation). Classrooms: Perspectives from Chinese Teachers on o Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Theme 2 presentations o Learning to Walk in a Modularised World – A Review of Modularised Programme Development in GMIT o Exploring Teaching in Institutes of Technology o Mentoring Initiatives, Modules and Tools for Developing NFQ Competences in Modular Environments Prof. Sarah Moore o Positive Impact of Personal Development Planning (PDP)for Prof. Moore is Dean of Teaching and student learners in a modular environment Learning at the University of Limerick. Her recent publications include an Theme 3 presentations undergraduate textbook on o A Study of Lecturers’ and Learners’ Perceptions and Experiences of Group Project Assessment organisational behavior, a study skills o Generating more Effective Learning using Assessment for handbook for higher educational Learning Principles students and a range of papers o Experiences of Project Based Learning – An Assessment focusing on the impact of classroom Strategy for a Discipline Based Module o Assessing Student Placement - A Study of the Assessment innovations in university settings. of Placements Amongst Undergraduate Dietetic Students in Ireland To view the abstracts please go to : http://www.lin- Page 2
  3. 3. HTTP://WWW.LIN-IRELAND.COM Issue 1 – September 2008FOR YOUR DIARY Critical Thinking and Pedagogy This site provides a description of what critical thinking is, andLIN some excellent examples of activities which typically call for the use of critical thinking skills. It splits the process into discipline10th October specific critical thinking and general purpose critical thinking,LIN (Fostering a Student Centred Learning Experience), enabling the reader to distinguish and recognise their ownHodson Bay hotel, critical thinking abilities and opportunities.Athlone,Westmeath LIN BLOGSPOT This month’s hot topic concerns the re-introduction of collegeOTHER fees. Is it a good or a bad thing? For comments and views and a chance to cast your vote, please go to26th September Inter-University Retention Colloquium“New Perspectives on Retention in Further and HigherEducation”, QUOTABLE QUOTESAbsolute Hotel, Limerick City PICKS Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence – AbigailLIN picks for this month’s issue include; Adams, 1780 (wife of John Adams, 2nd President of the USA)Teacher TubeTeacher Tube provides an online community for sharinginstructional videos Whosoever neglects learning in hisOpen Courseware youth, loses the past and is dead for theFree open courseware from Massachusetts Institute of future – Euripides, Phrixus, Greek tragicTechnology dramatist (484 BC - 406 BC)Virtual Social Worlds and the Future of Learning If you are interested in receiving the LIN newsletter, pleaseIt describes the seven sensibilities that Differentiate Virtual email , with SUBSCRIBE within theSocial Worlds from other interactive media and makes the subject field.argument that these sensibilities provide us withunprecedented freedom to create true experential learning To unsubscribe to the LIN newsletter, please emailopportunities. These include Flow, Repetition,, with UNSUBSCRIBE within theExperimentation, Engagement, Doing, Observing, and subject field.Motivation. CONTACT US Attracta Brennan, LIN Project Coordinator, T: 091-742150, E: Noel Fitzpatrick, Learning Development Officer, T: 01-4027882, E: Mary Fox, LIN Administrator, T: 091-742154, E. Page 3