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September 2010


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September 2010

  1. 1. LIN Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1HEADLINES LIN APD modules running in 6 different institutes Still time to register for LIN/NAIRTL Conference Level 9 PG dip being developed for academic staff LIN APD Coordinator appointed Introduction Inside this The LIN newsletter is back and its regular production will be led by the new LIN APD issue: Coordinator Dr. Niamh Rushe. This edition contains: An overview of the LIN project to date A summary of LIN activities for 2010/2011 An overview of the LIN/NAIRTL Conference—it’s not too late to register!! Headlines 1 LIN Conference 2010 The Third LIN Conference is happening this year from October 6th – 7th in the Royal Introduction 1 College of Surgeons. This year, for the first time, the Learning Innovation Network (LIN) and the National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL) are hosting a joint annual conference. The theme of this conference is Flexi- ble Learning, which relates to providing learners with increased choice about where, LIN/NAIRTL 1 when and how they learn. Conference The aim of this conference is to encourage and support staff in Higher Education Insti- tutions to undertake innovative approaches to their curriculum design and course LIN Overview 2 implementation to meet the challenges of flexible learning. There are three strands covering the overall theme of the conference. They are Technology Enhanced Learn- ing, Integrative Learning and Innovation in Integrating RTL. These themed sessions will run in parallel and will see 60 oral presentations from 37 different institutes. ‘Eye on’ starts 3 There will also be 80 poster presentations on the same strands. again The Keynote speakers for this year’s event are Professor Richard Baraniuk, founder of Connexions, whose speech is entitled ‘The Open Education Revolution’ and Michael LIN APD Coor- 4 Hörig, Policy officer in the Higher Education Policy Unit at the European University dinator Association, who will present a talk entitled ‘Flexible Learning: The European Con- text’. To register for this year’s conference please go to
  2. 2. LIN OverviewLIN is gathering momentum! Since the establishment of LIN, seven 10 - credit CPD modules have been writtenand piloted in various institutes. These modules and the lead institute in each are summarised in Table 1. So farover 60 academic staff in 6 institutes have completed a 10 credit module. Furthermore, the module developed inAIT has been run successfully in IADT. This project has been hailed as a huge success (Davies 2010) and work isongoing to build on this success. Module Lead Institute Learning and Teaching in Higher Education AIT Mentoring WIT Engaging in Educational Research Practice ITS Formative Assessment and Feedback ITC Technology enhanced learning LIT Enquiry based learning ITB Assessment and Evaluation WIT Table 1Table 2 summarises the LIN modules that are being run in institutes in Semester one throughout the country.Three institutes are running modules that were first written and piloted in another institute. This process ofmodules written and piloted in one institute being validated and run in other institutes is a hugely significant ac-tivity for LIN and is something that will be further utilised as the project proceeds. Institute Module IADT Learning & Teaching in Higher Education IT Tallaght Learning & Teaching in Higher Education IT Carlow Formative Assessment & Feedback DIT Technology Enhanced Learning AIT (2 MODULES) Technology Enhanced Learning Learning & Teaching in Higher Education LIT (2 MODULES) Technology Enhanced Learning Practice and Reflection in T&L in HE Table 1The overall aim of the project is to ensure staff in all institutes will have the opportunity to complete the LINmodules and can, if they wish, complete a LIN PG Diploma or use some LIN credits for exemptions on any otherHE Education qualification. Each module is recognised as a level 9 special purpose award. The pathways aca-demic staff can take within LIN are demonstrated in Figure 1.Summary of current activities for the LIN APD Project New terms of reference for the LIN working group have been drafted Participation from each institute has been sought and encouraged LIN Conference October 2010 LIN Newsletter starts again Validation for modules in various institutes is being sought Validation for PG Dip is being processed Eighth 10 credit module on Practice & Reflection in Teaching & Learning in HE is being piloted in LIT Page 22
  3. 3. LIN APD modules are open to academic staff from all HE institutes, pending availability of places. Completing anumber of modules will ultimately lead to a postgraduate diploma in the area of teaching in higher education.The graphic below indicates how this major award could be achieved and how lecturers at different stages of theircareers and with varying areas of interest could plan their postgraduate qualification. The baseline qualification isa level 9 special purpose award which can be achieved with the completion of one module. Figure 1Eye on Series starts againIn each edition of Volume 1 of the LIN newsletter there was a feature article on one institute. These articleswere the ‘Eye on’ series and each of the 14 institutes featured at some point. The ‘Eye on’ feature will be runagain in this volume of the LIN Newsletter starting in the next edition. The first Institute to feature will be IT Sligo.The LIN APD coordinator will be in touch with all IoTs to assist with the preparation of the ‘Eye on’ article.LIN APD CoordinatorDr. Niamh Rushe has joined the LIN team. Niamh will be working as the APD Coordinator and has a number ofresponsibilities which include the production and circulation of the LIN newsletter. Niamh’s previous position wasthe Manager for the Centre for Educational Development in IT Tralee. Over the next number of months she willbe in n touch with all institutes on LIN-related matters. C OR REMOVE OR PERSONALISE A LITTLE? Volume 2 Issue 1 Page 33
  4. 4. LIN Institutes of Technology Ireland 1st Floor, Fumbally Square, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8 Phone: 01 708 2900 Fax: 01 4736068 E-mail: Supporting Academic Professional DevelopmentUpcoming eventsLIN conferenceLIN/NAIRTL October 6th-7th Royal College of Surgeons “Flexiblelearning ‘Teaching isSEDA conference the highestSEDA Spring Teaching, Learning and Assessment Conference 2011“Academics for the 21st Century’ Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh from 5th- form of un-6th May 2011 derstanding’ AristotleReporting events in your instituteEvery edition of the LIN Newsletter will have an upcoming events sec-tion. If there are any events in your institute that you would like in-cluded in this section please send details to andthey will be in the next newsletter.4