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December 2011


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December 2011

  1. 1. Headlines 4th Annual LIN Conference review LIN Announces Postgraduate Diploma NAIRTL Award for LIN Coordination Group Chair IT Tallaght to run Certificate in Learning and Teaching early 2012 Feature article on Teaching and Learning developments in GMIT In this issue:LIN Conference ReviewThe 4th annual LIN confer- education providers. The experiences among higher Headlines 1ence took place on Octo- event was very well at- education practitionersber 27th in the Ashling tended and feedback from was carried on throughoutHotel in Dublin. 24 oral attendees was exception- the day. LIN Conference 1presentations and a num- ally positive. For more information on Reviewber of poster presenta- The keynote address was the keynote speaker visittions were given on a given by Douglas Thomas, LIN PG Dip For- 1range of subjects across professor at the Annen-the themes of the first berg School for Communi- The papers presented at mally announcedyear experience, diversity cation and Journalism at the LIN conference areof the learner experience the University of Southern available on NAIRTL Award for 2and staff development. A California. The presenta- and further material from LIN Chairworkshop on each of the tion entitled Cultivating the conference will bethree themes was also the Imagination in a available there in the com- 2011/2012 LIN 2run and these led to fur- World of Constant ing weeks.ther discussion and de- Change: Learning Strate- modules LIN would like to thank allbate amongst attendees. gies for an Unknown Fu- who attended, presented Eye on GMIT 3The presenters came from ture invigorated the and sponsored this eventthe Institutes of Technol- crowd in the morning ses- and for making the confer-ogy, Irish universities and sion and this enthusiasmfrom the private higher for sharing knowledge and ence the success that it Events 7 turned out to be.LIN Announces Postgraduate Diploma in Learning Teaching & AssessmentThis year’s conference opened with the announcement of yet another milestone achievement for the LIN project.Nuala Harding from AIT summarised the work carried out by LIN to date and the positive impact this has had onstaff. She then announced that the LIN Postgraduate Diploma in Learning, Teaching and Assessment has been vali-dated and is ready to process its first graduates. This is a hugely significant achievement for the project and throughthis measure the IoT sector is implementing some of the major recommendations outlined in the Hunt report. Formore information on the postgraduate diploma programme, contact
  2. 2. NAIRTL Award for LIN Coordination Group ChairLIN is delighted that Dr MarionPalmer Chair of the CoordinationGroup was presented with a NAIRTLAward of Teaching Excellence for2011 on Monday 7 November bythe Minister of Education and SkillsMr Ruairi Quinn TD. The NationalAcademy for the Integration of Re-search, Teaching and Learningmade five awards at a ceremony inthe Clock Tower MarlboroughStreet, Dublin.Marion is chair of the Learning In-novation Network CoordinationGroup as well as Head ofDepartment of Learning Sciences at at Queen’s University Belfast on tional Developers in Ireland Net-IADT and chair of the Teaching and teaching in Institutes of Technol- work (EDIN) 2009-2011. Prior toLearning Committee. Marion is a ogy. working in IADT Marion was amember of the Council of the teacher at schools in Dublin andHigher Education and Training Marion was a founder member of London and worked on curriculumAwards Council (HETAC) and was WITS Women in Technology and development with the NCCA.awarded a doctorate in education Science and was chair of the Educa-LIN Accredited Professional Development 2011/2012For the fourth year running LIN accredited professional Module Number of Creditsdevelopment modules are running in a number of insti-tutes. The programmes currently running are: Learning & Teaching 15 Technology Enhanced Learning 10ITTD Assessment & Evaluation 10Certificate in Learning and Teaching **NEW** Formative Assessment & Feedback 10AIT Mentoring 10Certificate in Learning and Teaching Enquiry Based Learning 10Certificate in Assessment and Evaluation Engaging in Educational Research Practice 10Certificate in Technology Enhanced Learning Practice & Reflection in Teaching & Learning 10(commencing Dec 2011) in Higher EducationIADT PDP1 Personal Development Planning 5Certificate in Learning and Teaching PDP2 Reflection, Action & Evidence 5GMITCertificate in Technology Enhanced Learning All of these modules are validated at level 9 and theAs other modules become available they will be an- credits achieved can be used on various progressionnounced on the LIN website,, and through routes, including for the completion of the LIN Post-the institutes. graduate Diploma in Learning, Teaching and Assess- ment. Table 1 shows the full list of LIN modules. For further information contact Page 2 December 2011
  3. 3. ONOnline Learning in the Department of Life & Physical SciencesThe 1 year add-on Honours BSc in dates. Such a delivery mechanismApplied Biopharmaceutical & better suits the students of thisHealthcare Science has been of- course who are based at variousfered on a blended learning basis locations around Ireland and infor several years. This year, the of this degree has movedto a fully online delivery mecha-nism. Students log in for weekly A Level 6 Higher Certificate in Sci-lectures using the Adobe Connect ence, which will also be deliveredvirtual classroom facility. This facil- online, is due to start soon. At thatity allows for interaction between stage the online learning studentthe lecturer and students during cohort will represent approximately Claire McCrudden, taking the onlinethe lecture and is also archived and 10% of the students in the Depart- class as part of the Biopharmaceuticalthus accessible to students at later ment of Life & Physical Sciences. Degree from her home in Belgium.Scale of PAL Programme in GMIT/AITPeer Assisted Learning, PAL, is a joint programme between GMIT and AIT. Originallyfunded by SIF 2, it is designed to improve the 1st year experience through structured expo-sure and interaction with more senior students from the same discipline. It started in Janu-ary 2009 with 6 programmes, 15 leaders and 143 1st year students. It is now in its 4thphase with 48 programmes, 105 PAL leaders, available to 1,800+ 1st years and across 7disciplines. In GMIT alone, it is run on 31 programmes, with 65 PAL leaders, available to1078 1st years and run across all disciplines.2nd National PAL Leader ConferenceFour GMIT PAL leaders, Agnese Petersone - School of Science, Sinead Kelly, Catherine Rus-sell - both from the Castlebar campus and Jamie Mullen - Hotel School (Photo 2), attendedthe 2nd National PAL Leader Conference at the University of Brighton from 11th - 12thNovember. The conference enabled PAL leaders from Third Level institutions across theUK and Ireland to network with other PAL leaders, learn about the PAL schemes in otherinstitutions, learn new skills and give feedback into how the PAL scheme can be improvedin GMIT. To bring the conference to a fantastic end the GMIT PAL leaders won the poster competition explaining the PAL scheme in GMIT, beating 15 other Universities. Page 3 December 2011
  4. 4. New Civic Engagement moduleTwenty-six students from the GMITHotel, Business and EngineeringSchools completed a new Civic En-gagement module (worth five cred-its) this year and presented theirlearning experiences at a specialseminar in June.The module was developed as partof the Strategic Innovation Fund(SIFII) project (Carina Ginty) in part-nership with the Hotel School (AnnFlanagan Kelly) and the School ofBusiness (Evelyn Moylan). It en-gages academic programmes in re-sponsible and challenging actionswith a range of non-profit commu-nity organisations. Students ran Pictured are GMIT Computing & Electronic Engineering students whocookery classes for the Brothers of worked as volunteers for the Camara charity with their lecturer andCharity Services Holy Family School Camara project co-ordinator Natasha Rohan and Head of Dept Desin Renmore, provided marketing O’Reilly.and public relations support forCOPE and refurbished old com-puters for the Camara charity group LIN Technology Enhanced Learning(for third world schools).Race in Galway 16 staff members of GMIT regis- tered in LIT on the LIN moduleProf. Phil Race, well known author authored by Dr. Liam Boyle inof ‘Making Learning Happen’ (Sage, March 2011. They all found the2010) was back in GMIT this term to module extremely informativedeliver two workshops; Making and developed multimedia ma-Learning Happen and Learning terial for their teaching.Methodologies. His ‘passion isabout making learning happen in an The response to the moduleapproachable way, without re- was so successful that it is beingcourse to jargon, acronyms or elit- offered again, this time inism’ and GMIT staff can vouch for GMIT, commencing in Decem-that. ber. It will be delivered by Dr. Mark Glynn and our thanks to him for his encouragement and enabling this positive contribu- tion to upskilling our staff. GMIT plans to offer various LIN modules in the future to further staff development. Volume 2 Issue 2 Page 4
  5. 5. Teaching Excellence AwardThe 2011 GMIT President’s Awardfor Teaching Excellence was pre-sented to Barry McMillan at theSchool of Humanities graduationceremony.This award was inaugurated in 2007to recognise and honour teachingof the highest standard which en-gages students and enables them toreach their potential.Barry is a teacher who believes thatevery student can achieve very highstandards of work once appropri-ately challenged and supported. Hisbelief in a student’s innate ability isreflected in the personal testimoni-als of some of his students. I quote been a member of the teaching “he is so supportive of students,“He was never less than passionate, staff of GMIT since September 2008 believing in them even in times and currently teaches in the Schoolsinspiring, supportive and encourag- when they didn’t believe in them-ing” (Trish Thompson BA) of Humanities, Business and Hotel. selves” (Edel Mulvihill BA) He is a widely-published author, an “his open and honest approach acclaimed conference speaker, andbrought all subjects to life and Barry has been working, nationally an experienced broadcaster. Hisstimulated and fuelled broader in- and internationally, in the fields of academic specialities are Ethics,dependent learning and re- education and community develop- Religious Studies, English, Commu-search” (Aoife Ralph BA) ment since the early 1990s. He has nications and Research Supervision. LIN 2011 Conference Sponsors Page 5 December 2011
  6. 6. Innovative Online Vocational Training of Renewable EnergyTechnologies (INNOVRET)GMIT has recently been successfulin attracting €246,000 from theLeonardo Da Vinci program inEurope for the development ofnovel online training on renewableenergy systems using a state of theart energy laboratory that has beendeveloped in the college over thelast five years. Uniquely the stu-dents in this laboratory learn aboutthe installation, analysis and per-formance of integrated, real work-ing renewable energy systems usinga sophisticated web enabled inter-face which allows them to under-stand and analyse the construction,live operation and performance ofthese systems. nological and application-oriented the area of technology enhancedThe consortium consists of experts perspectives, including cognitive learning and online program devel-on renewable energy systems, in and social science aspects with a opment and delivery.the academic field (GMIT), the special focus is on contextualising Staff recruited on the project inworld of work (Daikin B.V. and and personalizing learning events in GMIT will be Dr. Attracta BrennanUnitherm Ltd), industrial organiza- the professional workplace and (formally of LIN) whose expertise istions as well as expertise in online other learning environments. on online program design and de-learning (Knowledge Management Tangible outcomes from the project velopment for engineering. Dr.Institute in the Technical University will comprise certified online train- Aurora Dimache is a mechanicalof Graz Austria). The Knowledge ing content on renewable energy engineer with experience in onlineManagement Institute undertakes systems deployed using state of the content development and deliveryinterdisciplinary research on know- art online infrastructure. In addi- for engineering over many years.ledge management and technology tion there will be transfer of know- The team will be lead by Dr. Tho-enhanced learning in a broad spec- ledge and expertise from the Tech- mas Roche from the Mechanicaltrum of domains, integrating tech- nical University of Graz to GMIT in Engineering department. LIN 2011 Conference Sponsors Volume 2 Issue 2 Page 6
  7. 7. EVENTSThe EAIE conference brings together more than 4000 higher education professionals eager to share knowledge andbest practices, and take part in topical discussions within the dynamic field of international higher education.The 24th Annual EAIE Conference, based on the theme Rethinking education, reshaping economies, will take placefrom 11 to 14 September 2012. For details visit will be an International Forum for those who wish to discuss the main aspects and the latest results inthe field of Education and Research.The general aim of the conference is to promote international collaboration in Education and Research in all educa-tional fields and disciplines. Attendance of more than 700 delegates from 70 different countries is expected. Fordetails visit 12 Conference IADT February 1st - 4th 2012. Visit formore details.Learning by Developing - New Ways to LearnConference on Creativity in Higher Education www.lin.ieMay 8th – 11th 2012 in FinlandTracksa) How to learn creativityb) How to teach creativityc) Creative management in a Higher Education Institutiond) Developing a creative region Page 7 December 2011