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Engaging staff to inspire change and innovation?


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Jen harvey DIT, Mary Anne O'Carroll IADT, Stephen Cassidy CIT, Rose Cooper ITTD,
Stephanie Donegan IT Sligo, Martin Fitzgerald LIT, Daniel McSweeney ITB

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Engaging staff to inspire change and innovation?

  1. 1. Engaging Staff to Inspire Change and Innovation? Creative ideas in Practice Mary Anne Carroll, IADT, Stephen Cassidy, CIT, Rosemary Cooper, ITTD, Stephanie Donegan, IT Sligo, Martin Fitzgerald, LIT, Jen Harvey, DIT, Daniel McSweeney, ITB
  2. 2. Session overview• Context and key issues• Strategies in IoT practice: introductions• Small group creative ideas exchange• Plenary sharing of the most creative/ innovative/ inspiring idea from each group?• Presenters’ key lessons learned• Handover to the conference
  3. 3. Context• All HE staff involved in teaching should be ‘both qualified and competent in teaching and learning and that institutions should support ongoing development and improvement of their skills’ (Hunt, 2011)• ‘Excellence in Teaching and Learning’ as a Key Performance Indicator in the HEA Strategic plan 2012-16• Institutional drive to build capacity around scholarship in teaching and learning including the use of new technologies
  4. 4. Strategies to inspire change and innovation?• Conference session aims to explore and reflect upon various strategies that aim to build capacity through increasing staff engagement?• Building upon our shared experiences, which strategies can we consider to be most effective and why? Are there key factors that can determine whether engaging staff is effective in initiating change?
  5. 5. Workshop overview• Strategies for practice – Incorporating the student voice – Stephanie – Training and academic development – Mary Anne – Practice exchange opportunities – Rose – Recognising /valuing innovation – Daniel – Educational research and dissemination – Jen• Creative ideas to engage – group activity• The one best idea – shared with plenary
  6. 6. Key factors influencing engagement• Timing• Staff buy-in and ownership• Targeted resourcing• Perceived relevance and usefulness• Involvement of senior management• Institutional drivers ??