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User Report - how to evaluate and optimize website performance


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User Report - how to evaluate and optimize website performance

  1. 1. An Introduction to How to evaluate and optimize your website performance
  2. 2. How do we understand and analyzean online business??? 2
  3. 3. Potential See Ad Follow link Order PlacedCustomer Cost per Cost per click Cost per order impressions Does not see ad Does not click Does not buy Customer Out of Process The Order Acquisition Process Source: Marketing Metrics, Ph.D. Neil T. Bendle, published by Wharton School Publishing
  4. 4. Hits Pageviews Visits Visitors Relationship of Hits to Pageviews to Visits to Visitors Source: Marketing Metrics, Ph.D. Neil T. Bendle, published by Wharton School Publishing
  5. 5. How to stand out from competition?“ Every year the marketing landscapechanges, every year the How collect the ideas from users?customers become more demanding, every year they’re wanting more How to get support from users base? things. You have to always be sprinting to stay ahead of the How to segment our competition. ” users properly? Gary Angel, President and CTO of Semphonic and creator of Why do users not the X-Change Conference for convert? web analysis Who are our most valuable users?
  6. 6. For the whole metrics picture of web-analytics Satis- faction Visit Time Demo- … … onsite graphic General In-depth information information Demo- … graphics Source Bounce of traffic rate Insight Insight Ideas Ideas Full information for Marketing and Business Strategy
  7. 7. = = A Web Analytics tool to1 2 3 Document the Access whether Get ideas and demographics users are satisfied feedback from of web-users with the website web-users 4 5 Transfer and Create your view data on own survey Google Analytics and more… 7
  8. 8. Aspects you can view Gender Age Guest Users Education and Medium Users Occupation Frequent UsersUser Demo- Income …graphicReceive fulldemographicdata (eg.Gender, Age,Education, …)of yourwebsite’susers Right targeting! 8
  9. 9. UserSatisfaction 360 degree evaluationMeasure UserSatisfactionon yourwebsite Structure Language Up-to- Design dateness Function 9
  10. 10. Feedback ForumGet websitefeedback andideas fromyour visitors, Online feedback forum:let users vote Collect new ideas from usersand discussideas Let users comment and vote for the ideas they support Tighten the connection between users and websites Give your users the feeling to be listened and appreciated 10
  11. 11. Online SurveyCreate onlinesurveys withyour ownquestions,colors andlogo of yourbrand Ask anything you want to ask Review questionnaire by looking at the drop out percentage of each question Rotate the questions randomly to give the equal chance of answering for the all questions 11
  12. 12. Google AnalyticsIntegrationGetdemographicinformation ongender, age,education, andmuch more inyour GoogleAnalyticsreports  Interesting to find out how differently each segment behaves on the website  Better targeting for advertisers  Identify the power users, potential users, … 12
  13. 13. Click MappingWho clickswhere on yourwebsite? Clicktracking andheat maps withdemographicinformation Get the user’s behavior is very important for improvement of user’s experience understanding 13
  14. 14. GeographicReportsKnow whereyour visitors Google Maps Fragmenting by Zoomcome from,within your The World map allows you Visually enhanced by Top countriescountry or all to zoom in and out to see the zoom function, you’llover the world how many visitors your have better idea about Top cites website gets from where are your visitor different countries, states, come from and cities 14
  15. 15. 1. Compare your website World wide Nation wide Category Compare Knowing where we are and Usability in which ways we should improveCompare yourwebsite’susability withother websites 2. Compare your websitein the same within periodsindustry orwithin country Keeping track on your website improvement or the effectiveness of a campaign 15
  16. 16. Newsletter Sign-upGet newsignups fornewsletterthrough onlinesurvey Activate the email collect function then you will have a mailing list for newsletter purpose 16
  17. 17. Vietnamese Company website Blog Support sites English … Report SharingShare yourreports withothers andassign usersroles Colleagues Share holders Advertisers 17
  18. 18. Reviews about UserReport on websites 18
  19. 19. Used by 4000+ websites world wide 19
  20. 20. UserReport – Ready to go?Only 3 steps to get it ready 25 languages available 1 Create free account French Dutch Norwegian Most features are 100% free English Hungarian Lithuanian Danish 2 Copy and paste script Estonian Vietnamese Russian Italian Easy to follow examples and guides Chinese Latvian German Polish 3 You’re ready to go Enjoy our awesome reports 20
  21. 21. If you need any help in UserReport installation, reach us at…HUYNH TU LINH (MS.) THUE QUIST THOMASEN (MR.)Senior Consultant DirectorEmail: Email: thue.quist.thomasen@userreport.comMobile: +84 122 3131 880 Mobile: +84 946 270 280Skype: huynhtulinh Skype: thuethomasen 21
  22. 22. INDONESIA