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Surviving the Holiday’s A Podcast Series


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A step by step, podcast series

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Surviving the Holiday’s A Podcast Series

  1. 1. Surviving the Holiday’s APodcast Series Linda Hanford
  2. 2. Podcast Format • This podcast will focus on the current Holiday going on. Specifically right now since Christmas is around the corner our current podcast will focus on that holiday. • The format will follow those of other Holiday podcasts and talk about the best places to shop during that time, the best deals and play festive music. • The podcast will differ because along with all of those features it is not centered around one holiday and will play consistently so individuals can make the most and best of each holiday.
  3. 3. 10 Series Podcast • Christmas Countdown • NYE Extravaganza • Cupid’s Arrow • Saint Patty Time to Party • The Bunny Hop • Mama’s Month • Summa’ Time • America’s Month • So Long Sweet Summer • Back to School
  4. 4. Christmas Countdown Episode 1 • This episode will play continuous Christmas music throughout the holiday • It will tell all listeners the best/current sales in the area and online • It will give fun tips on how to survive the holidays such as decorating, wrapping, and of course Christmas Dinner
  5. 5. Competition • This podcast will differ from the others because it is centered around multiple holidays • It will benefit all listeners because it is going to alleviate all areas of stress for the listeners. It will help them shop, cook, and be fully prepared for all things that can come there way. • It will also include How-To’s during current episodes such as how to look the part on NYE, or how to save the most money on Black Friday. • This podcast will be different because it is truly listener friendly and helping them in the best ways possible.