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SharePoint Lesson #58: Meeting Documents & Events


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Automatically create a "Document Set" with the same name as your Event in the Calendar. This comes in handy when you organise meetings and want to keep the documents and presentations in a single place and related to the event.

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SharePoint Lesson #58: Meeting Documents & Events

  1. 1. Meetings & Documents C C E - . __. - I I _, E Meetinggcument Archive Set (9 Peter He/ ffner
  2. 2. W 2 ii: I“ . .ii 4-: ,- Create a Meeting in a Calendar ShareP0int Automatically create a 2013 Document Set for the Meeting Set the Document Set to archive after x days @ Peter Hefflrwor
  3. 3. When a meeting is created in the Calendar, the user can chose to create a Document Set to hold the Meeting Documents. Calendar — New Item If a Document Set is needed, a Documents I21 Workflow creates a Document Set 3 “W with the same name as the Event. “ J W DS_manue" Bdays ago 1514 About an hour ago Ves Stage L Option: After a specific number of days the Document Set is automatically set to Archive. @ Peter Heffiw,
  4. 4. Enable Document Sets The Content Type "Document Set" needs to be enabled for the desired Document Library. Tutorial "How to enable Document Sets? " The Prezi; http: //tw. gs/3YufC1 The S| ideShare: hJ:1;p; AAt3AL. g§A1ZuQZM List Content Type Information Name: Document Set Desuiptionzcreate a document set when you want to manage multiple documents as a single work product, In addition we add from W the existing site columns the field [Archive] with the Z2;”. :Z§§f. :ii"; i“°" default setting "No". Z‘§Z; Z3i:1.‘Z§‘. i2Z, ... . a Document Se: 5EI'. lngS n t-iicmviatian manageri-er‘: policy settings This field will be set to "Yes" after a certain time Title Single line of text Hidden item pe Name File Required Folcer ' Des: ripticri Multiple lines of text Optional Document Set Archive Ves/ No optional © Peter‘ Heffner
  5. 5. Calendar field On the Calendar add another Field "Create a Document Set? " with the default setting of "No". Name and Type ", i:‘e a name ‘o’ t" : - cc urn This field will eventually trigger a workflow if set to "Yes". Additional Column Settings Spec fit‘ ceta er: ca‘. oi": ‘C’ tee ‘. '_»‘: >e o‘ r“c'T“. et or you se ected. @ Peter Heffiaer Column name: Create a Document Set? The type of information in this column is: ‘_‘ Single line of text W Multiple lines of text ‘Q Choice (menu to choose from) C Number (1, 1.0, 100) i! ‘ Yes/ No (check box) Description: Default value: No El Currency (8, ¥, €]
  6. 6. Calendar Workflow 2010! @ Use this page to View and manage settings for this workflow. Worldlow Information A Key information about this workflow. Name: Create a Document Set Description: .-_cIicl. to enter text: » Type: List Workflow Associated List: Calendar Platform Type: SharePoint 2010 Workflow It is important to create a SharePoint 2010 Workflow as SP2013 will NOT create Document Sets (only Folders) ! !!
  7. 7. Step 1 If Current Iten'i: Create a Document Set? eguals E Create item in Documents (Output to Variable: create) (9 Peter Heffirteoc I. " r — _ 4 < ’ . l Ct V. Create New List Item ’ L * List: Documents Field Value Add. .. Content Type ID Document Set Path and Name I‘) Current Item: TitIe File Name Conflicts Choose what should happen if the file name speofied conflicts with an exisung file in the Document Library: 0 Append a unicue identifier to the end of the file name overwrite the exisung file Cancel ox l
  8. 8. Value Assignment Create New List Item I Set this field: L t: Documents I '5 H l Content Type ID Field Value ’ . - I To this value: Content Type [D Document Set Document Set Path and Name ('1 Current Itemzfitle 7 Lookup for String File Name Confiicts <9 , Value nment Choose what should happr — — 7 . — —— — — — — T. — field Data t0 R9‘T'eV9 I enstlng file In the DDCUTTIG Set this fiend: Choose the data source to perform the | oolo. ii: i on, then the field to i 0 Append a unique ident path and Name I retrieve data from: Overwrite the existnng To ms VaIue, Data 5°l-"'91 C‘-“"5"” Item Current Item:1'itfe . .. . .-on Ce: 173% Return field as: -7 J I Clear Lookup (9 Peter Heffinerc
  9. 9. Auto-archive Document Set Now the Document Set is available and Content can be uploaded to it. After 30 days the status of the Document Set should be automatically set to [Archive]= Yes. This can help to keep things organised. Another workflow for the Document Library will do the trick: Start Options A Change the start options for this workflow. Allow this workflow to be manuall _ Stage: SE99 1 J Start workflow automatically when ; Stan workflow automatkany when ; If Current Item: Content Type equals Document Set Content Type: This List Pause for Q days, Q hours, Q minutes then Email Current Item: Created By then Set Archive to E Iransitionlostage Go to End of Workflow @ Peter Hefflner T
  10. 10. Only start the workflow if the Content Type = "Document Set". We don't want to set the Documents to archive here. Stage: Stage 1 Pause the workflow for 30 days Tr-~'~'~"*~= '-9= . . Goto End ct u‘. ‘ci| s(lc. or whatever IS required. Set [Archive]= Yes Finally send an email to the user to let him/ her know, the status of the Document Set is set to Archived= Yes (9 Peter Héfflflei’
  11. 11. Done! As soon as an event is created, a Document Set is created (if the check box has been ticked) and available for uploading the meeting documents. Meetings & Documents Calendar 0- 0 November 2015 (November 2015) MONDAV TUESDAY 26 17 25 29 WEDNESDAV VHURSDAV FRlDA so 20 27 31 21 23 SATURDAY SUNDAY 1 15 22 29 Documents [2] (D New 1 upload (3 « D 1307 1323 1332 1351 151-5 4 NSMM Dsgnanueii iniemaiicnai Sales Meeting . . About an hour ago . . About an hour ago . . About an hour ago . . as minutes ago Monday at 9.17 . . vesiemay at 1o 30 . . Sdays ago . . Monday at 10 ; s More Tutorials an be lound here Thanks lor watching’
  12. 12. More Tutorials can be found here Please find here an overview of all available Presentations: h‘ . rhffnrl r| .m El. ' ‘El '3 Also available as a {E j Smartphone-APP! V Thanks for watching! © Peter Heffner