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SharePoint Lesson #57: Promoted Links


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How to use Promoted Links in SharePoint 2013.

Published in: Education
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SharePoint Lesson #57: Promoted Links

  1. 1. ‘Feter =1-I-fzffner «I: n. up _. a@ IT: -3:77
  2. 2. ‘Feter =1-I-fzffner «I: n. up _. a@ IT: -3:77
  3. 3. Promoted Links "Promoted Links" are a special kind of links. It has lorger Icons ond it is showing more details when moving the "Mouse over". The following pages describe how to configure "Promoted Links".
  4. 4. Add the App / " I3 ' '3' . _ »/ Site contents Your Apps Office 365 settings Shared with. .. ' 1 app matches your Search _; ;—~ Add a page Add an app . Promoted Links Site contents . _ Change the look Site settings Getting started ”, ?»e. tM %i‘—effner
  5. 5. Open the App The App "Promoted Links" “t: j"‘¥; j:cs appears in "Site Content". " First the link list needs to be populated. Sandbox Peter / ' EDIT LINKS SPTul The list is einpty. Add tiles from All Promoted Lin-:5 ‘i -.
  6. 6. Add Links. .. "Promoted Links" has several columns: ' Title A short name. What is it about? ° BClCkgl‘OUl'1d Image Location The link to the background image. ° D€SCl’lptlOl'1 More details about the link. ° Llfik LOCOtlOl'l The target address (URL) ' Launch B9h0Vi0Ur Open in browser or a dialog box? ' Order The order the tiles appear in the App from left to right.
  7. 7. The Details Continue with the slides to see enlarged screenshots. .. ”, l>eter alteffner
  8. 8. ill’ teeter ’rtrff“‘5’
  9. 9. Background Image Location http: //sp. peterheffner. c|oudappsporta| .com/ Sit http: //sp. peterheffnencloudappsportalcom/ Sil http: //sp. peterheffner. c|oudappsportalcom/ Sit Link to background image.
  10. 10. ' Description More details about the link. Tutorials and more J Tutorials in static pages. J See all Tutorials in an interactive Presentation
  11. 11. Link Location The link address (URL) https: //www. pinterest. com/ lingualizer/ en-sha http: //de. slideshare. net/ Iingualizer http: //prezi. com/ recommend/ PeterHeffner/ l l l l
  12. 12. Launch Behavior Order + icks/ In page navigation 1 Dialog 2 New tab 3 H _ _ " From left In page navigation to right is the default setting . (recommended)
  13. 13. PE @l; elE @, Da%<I> >) able Picture Videoand Link U oad App Embed . . Audio . - le Pm Code Linls Parts emu About the part EC-‘*'e'““' ! U!l1"= *'"'"°"‘$ SPTuT ‘Certificates e, LinkList_MainPag¢ mstudents flliiontact fin Micro Feed ETasks m Distributors m Promoted Links mTest_List “Documents “Proposal proxy Iis fiwebsite Updates “Drop Off Library “Site Assets lfllmages ® Site Pages SharePoint Tutorials Upload a Web Part v on Add Pa" ‘O1 Rich Content '
  14. 14. Edit the App By default the App displays f——— the tiles. . < . ;-1i>«i1— . .~r, .: . To edit/ modify the tiles, click on [List] and select the view "All Promoted Lin< ”, ?»e. ter Aéeffmer .
  15. 15. Tu to ri ls Please find here an overview of all available Presentations: Also available as a (4 N If] ‘‘ Smartphone-APP! I L. ‘ ‘ , i ”, ?»e. ter 4-1L-Eff1/LE1’
  16. 16. ‘Feter =1-I-effner III DI up _. atDI ii. '.l: i.7