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SharePoint Lesson #53: Custom Lists in SP2013


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How to create a Custom List and add columns in SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint Lesson #53: Custom Lists in SP2013

  1. 1. Custom List
  2. 2. Custom List
  3. 3. A Custom List This tutorial for SharePoint 2013 shows = how to create a Custom List ~ how to add additional columns
  4. 4. Add a Custom List 1/2 ? I E Site Contents Office 355 5enl"95 l / Em 33': Lists, Libraries, and other Apps Websites settings , p Shared with. .. Edit page Add a page Add an app Site contents Change the look Sitesettings Site Contents » Your a o °= *“"<-Wed (‘Judd ofganizafion N Oteworthy Document Library ggquig Popular built-in app Popular built-ii a -, - App Details App De
  5. 5. Add a Custom List 2/2 Adding Custom List Pick a name You can add this app mmipie times to your site. Give it a unique name. Advanced Options sin-use Apprr. wedCo| ors2l71§ / ariiims 9 Site Contents 5‘*“"""“‘ musing. -iauiana-iinpmpiaaii-‘main’. Lists. Libraries, and other Apps 9 gm woiucmms Nlinofud vimm mm - - - é ‘film Moameazznousaoo ‘ um, “ Monmedzzhouugn Siehxm Zitans Moairgazzrours-go
  6. 6. Open the List Settings 555 Office 365 Websites @new item or edit this list "Im- ‘’ Title There are no items to show in this view of the 'Test_List r-ovunoui um tern iritheIstTMlotlovnq uaiunnuvvcuramyav-iuaienivus in: ca-um (dirt no no mo me Sngie line of mi Modified Date and Time Created Date and fime Created By Pevson or Group Vodified by Person «Group
  7. 7. Settings » Create Column o T"ii st»: can be scared to people : t.ts ca f"lS organ : atc" Lr: —:- ' Tc»: - I‘. :«i*e er: “, :e . col. .~i-i "awe -I Name the new column -I Select the field type - Sing e ne o”. e-2 -I Complete the settings L“: c-: - ‘l‘1'C‘l1.I to choose iron‘ “-9 *3“ for the field Currencv, IS ’z‘ 5.} ScT<; Tt: :11i: f:: wa: icii alreacf. C>"’, l1l5 Slfél . l ‘res ll: Icheck bs- l3e'5o" o"E'oui: I-; .perli"x or 3i: '.ure ‘ “ Icel: ulat on based on c-tcer co‘. it-‘:1 C. Ta. :Il‘I€— EF: E"‘ ‘ M: aged e dt Tater
  8. 8. Please find here an overview of all available Presentations: There are more details about Column and Column Types on this page: Sharegate
  9. 9. Custom List