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Radio advert research


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Radio advert research

  1. 1. This is an example website (The Radio Advertising, Hall of Fame) of how companies haveattempted to advertise their products through radio advertising. This is a list of the companieswho had the most successful adverts in 2005, it may be a while ago but listening to thesamples provided gave me a chance to see how I want to portray my newspaper through radioadvertisement.Examples • McDonalds Advert - Followed main conventions – Clear voice to hear, mentions main deal they are advertising, the name of company mentioned clearly, to give audience clear information on company. Although most radio adverts have a background noise to it, for example crowd noise, this advert is different it is clear and more realistic as if you are placing an order, this will appeal to the audience for it is creative and relates to the audience in a realistic sense. • Jaffa cakes Advert – This advert is quite similar to the McDonalds one for it is based on a phone call, and there is no real background noise. The creative part of this advert is that it brings in a reality TV show such as big brother, which can relate to the working class part of society for they watch most reality TV shows, and also bringing in the world cup will appeal to most of society and will overall better the appeal of Jaffa cakes, they still followed conventions though by mentioning clearly the company name and what deal they may be offering at that time.