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Media key concepts


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Media key concepts

  1. 1. My initial idea was to have the newspaper focused on one genre, i.e.: sports. I thentried to develop what I wanted the paper to represent, I wished the paper to containsome softhearted articles such as sports articles in the local area, but to also containthe more serious articles such as crimes committed in the local area.By doing this it shows both the positive and the negative of the youth in the localcommunity of Bromley and close by areas, for it would not be conventional to justshow one side of the area there are always two sides to be shown.I plan for my paper to come across as “Young and Youthful” and can relate to thelocal youth of the areas. The paper will be rather conventional by following a 5column layout, with mast head place top left of page etc.It will have a more Tabloid layout as it mainly sport orientated, but will alsoconsist of more serious articles. This will attract the public to pick up the paper forit will appear easy to read.The paper itself will be free so it will rely on advertisements for the funding of thepaper, from companies such as JJB and Urban Outfitters.