Show Your Best Moves Contest


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Enter our Show Your Best Moves Contest,
It's easy to enter and the prizes are GREAT...including one of Apple's products.

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Show Your Best Moves Contest

  1. 1. Gift Basket Content:Portable, Wearable and Clip-able.... iPod shuffleDelectable Heavenly Baked Goodies by... Sweet CheeksHand-Made Solid Wood Art Furnishings by... Dorsey OriginalsStiletto Shoe Necklace by... Traci Lynn Jewelry via Latonya ThorogoodSoothing , Booty Shaking, Funk, CD - “SkinTones in Pursuit” by... Randy SkinnerJuicy Mouth Watering Tantalizing Tuckaway from... Outback Steakhouse
  2. 2. iPod shuffle Hundreds of songs to go. ➢ up to 15 hours of battery life ➢ iPod shuffle gives you 2GB of storage capacity ➢ good for hundreds of songs.That’s plenty of room for the essential songs for your workout or commute. And formultiple playlists, Genius Mixes, podcasts, and audiobooks, too. Goes anywhere. And with anything.iPod shuffle isn’t just portable. It’s wearable, too. Clip it to your shirt, jacket, workout gear,backpack, or purse strap, and it stays put — whether you’re running an errand or runningaround the track.If youre 35 and older, sign up Today for your chance to Win...Our Beautiful Gift Basket!All you have to do is send in your best dance moves. “No competing against those cute little 5 year olds”.Upload your 2:00 minutes or less video to YouTube then send to toShow us your moves.Registration will close on August 15th, 2011 or once we reach the first 300 videos, (whichever comes first); keep in mind that people have traveled from as far away as Africa todisplay their talent, so this is a worldwide opportunity, and with millions of videos beinguploaded every single day, you dont want to miss your chance to WIN!Send your 2:00 minutes or less video to contest@LineDancingDiva.comand Show us your moves.So get to moving and break out your smart phone, flip camera, videorecorder to record your dance moves today.
  3. 3. What You Sees...Is What You Get Gift Basket Full Of GoodiesGift Basket Valued at $395.00Get ready to lick your lips because Sweet Cheeks delectables willrock your world!A little about who some are calling the next Paula DeanSweet Cheeks: listen to "Jackies Story" in this nationally broadcast interview from “The Story”with Dick Gordon.When it was time to prepare for the royal wedding, NBC-17s “My Carolina Today” called on SweetCheeks Jackie Green to create an authentic Chocolate Biscuit Grooms Cake. Click here to seeVolonda Calloway and Dave Kent enjoy every bite !Sweet Cheeks Products Added To Ben & Jerrys Menu »When Durhams “Ben & Jerrys” location near the Duke University campus was ready toadd baked goods to their menu, they made Sweet Cheeks Bakery products their preferredchoice.Sweet Cheeks Named Best of Holly Springs Bakery »It didnt take long for Sweet Cheeks Bakery to become the talk of the town! After only oneyear in business, Sweet Cheeks was named "Best of Holly Springs Bakery" by the HollySprings Sun.Search For Triangles Best Pies Leads To Sweet Cheeks »The Independent newspapers search for the best pies in the Triangle wound up at thedoorstep of the Sweet Cheeks Bakery and a "gem" known as a “buttermilk pie”.
  4. 4. Enjoy Sweet Cheeks Treats At Whole Foods »For Triangle residents (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill) with a sweet tooth that needssatisfying... relief is close at hand. Sweet Cheeks Bakerys preservative-free products arenow available at Whole Foods locations in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill.The 2010 Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show drew 25,000 attendees, includingSweet Cheeks Bakery -- the only bakery participant from North Carolina!!Yep and as the Winner you will receive an assortment ofPreservative-free, Freshly-Made Goodies from Sweet CheeksBakery... youll never, ever, forget your first experience, you will beblown AWAY!!!To get the full scoop on Jackies Desert Visit her Website Click Here ! Remember to upload your video By August 15th, 2011 Dont Miss Out!!
  5. 5. Dorsey Originals By Bill DorseyOnly the best for the best~Theres a saying that I think is fitting here, Nothing Can Stop an Idea Whos TimeHas Come!Prefect for Bill Dorsey of Dorsey Originals.This is a young man who is known for extraordinarily high quality and excellence. Bill is anunique, skillful, innovative, creative, craftsman. A good old Country boy from Philly... howdid that happen???Bill has beat the odds to create masterpieces and done things with wood that even theexperts say cant be done.All of the Dorsey Originals start with handpicked wood. Yep, the brother goes into thewoods and hand selects top-notch pieces of wood to start each of his creations.
  6. 6. In Bills words “Quality furniture only begins with quality lumber, not flake board, notcompressed cardboard or anything else” !(Im not a wood person I prefer contemporary but I would take one of these any day.The picture doesnt give it the justice it deserves. This jewelry box is breathtaking...youll have to SEE it to BelieveIT!!!)Operating from this significant fact Bill goes directly to the source. “Cherry, walnut andmaple are among my favorites” (and fortunately grow locally). We hand select logs fromthese species, then mill and process them into premium lumber”.“Milling allows us to achieve unparalleled control over quality, design and dimension”. Inother words, "a log can only be cut once and we do it right the first time”.“If misread, a log will be improperly cut (leaving you plenty of kindling for next winter).Only when "read" and cut properly is the true beauty of each tree released. Do you feelme? “After setting that beauty free, we select boards with grain pattern dimensions that fitthe shape and size of the piece to be created”. ******************************************Our winner will be receiving a signed and dated jewelery box from DorseyOriginals; where no two boxes are alike. You will receive a “certificate ofauthentication” and a special note from Bill to You. You will be the envy ofall of your friends... and this gift can be the start of your familyheirloom. Go here to view and learn more about Dorsey Originals
  7. 7. If youre 35 and older, sign up Today for your chance to Win...Next, you will receive your own RHINESTONE Stiletto Shoe... yep Isaid shoe!!! A beautiful Stiletto Shoe Necklace is from the fall collection of TraciLynn Fashion Jewelery.
  8. 8. You may have seen Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, which was featured, on the ABC televisionshow "Good Morning America” or in “Essence Magazine” because of her innovative businesssuccess. In addition, many pieces from the Exquisite jewelry line have been featured inHype Hair Magazine, Essence, EBONY and Black Hair just to name a few.NOW! Its your turn to be the center of Attraction. Show up at your next event and standout from the crowd wearing your Beautiful Stiletto Rhinestone Necklace. Many others will have on Department Store Jewelry and run a great risk on seeingthemselves in a mirror but YOU will stand out Far from the rest.Why Just Show up at your Next Event When You Can Show OUT!Join Cynthia Bailey of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", Vivica A. Fox .. aWell-Known Popular Diva Actress and Eva Marcelle winner of Americas NextTop Model - who ROCK the styles of Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry.Dont forget to check out the Online Jewelry Catalog foradditional accessories <== Click on this link!!
  9. 9. Ready to Get Down with Some Cool Original SoundsYou will simply lovvve your CD... “Skin-Tones in Pursuit”Who is Skin-Tones? Well before I tell you; Its just a matter of time before Their Names willbe on the Tongues of all music lovers. Theyve already caught the attention ofInternational Music Lovers ??Their sentiment: “We love You in Europe”!!!Randy T. Skinner is a former trumpeter with George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. Hisformal training in music took place at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina and theBerklee College of Music in Boston.RANDY SKINNERS FUNK JAZZ ROCK STYLE IS THE WAVE OF THE SMOOTH JAZZFUTURE. RANDY HAS PLAYED ALL OVER THE WORLD; RANDY SKINNER LIVECOMING AT YA THIS SUMMER. STAY TUNED.Be sure to visit his site to listen to a few samples, especially Sexy Chemistry!!!,andWiggle,and Jiggle,and Bounce featuring The Legendary Fred Wesley. Click Here to Sample Music ==>
  10. 10. If youre 35 and older, sign up Today for your chance to Win...What we Like MOST about OUTBACK Steakhouse is that they serve the freshest, highest-quality food possible. Every day they start out fresh, making their soups, salad dressingsand sauces from scratch. They don’t cut corners and they don’t settle when it comes toauthentic ingredients; like their USDA Choice steaks, imported Danish Blue Cheese, toastedhand-cut croutons or their homemade chocolate sauce. At Outback, its all about quality.Outbacks commitment to great tasting quality food is the reason they were voted #1 BestSteak in the 2009 and 2010 Zagat surveys of National Full Service Restaurant Chains.So get your Chops Ready for Fresh-Made, Soup, Salad and a Big - Ol - Juicy STEAK!COLLECT YOUR $35.00 Tuckaway “included”... IF YOURE THE WINNER!Sooooo...
  11. 11. If youre 35 and older, sign up Today for your chance to Win...Upload your 2:00 minutes or less video to YouTube then submit August 15th, 2011Dont Miss Out!!!Registration will close on August 15th, 2011 “or” once we reach the first 300 videos, (whichever one comes first) keep in mind that people have traveled from as far away as Africa todisplay their talent on TV; So this is a worldwide opportunity via home videos, and sincemillions of videos are uploaded every single day... you dont want to miss yourchance to WIN!The Great News is that you Wont have to compete against Cute Little 5 yearoldsSend your 2:00 minutes or less video to andShow us your moves.So get to moving and break out your smart phone, flip camera, orvideo recorder to record your dance moves today,Good Luck!!P.S.Get Started today Practicing your Dance Moves... You Dont Want to MissOUT!! *Please Read • The winners can expect to receive a gift basket (1) within 4 weeks after the final decision is made. Click here To read the contest guidelines and additional details. • If the winners address is outside of the United States, there will be a nominal surcharge that has to be collected before the gift basket can be shipped. (the number 1 reason: Sweet Cheeks tasty,tantalizing goodies, are freshly baked and dont want to run the risk of having the gift basket returned) Method of payment accepted is paypal only. • Judge’s decision is final and we ( reserve the right to make any changes to prizes, guidelines, or datelines. •