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Want to know how to do popular line dances.
Learn to line dance from the comfort of home in 3 minutes or less.
cha cha slide, wobble line dance, cupid shuffle

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  1. 1. Learn to Do The Wobble Line Dance In 3 Minutes or LessHoping to learn the Wobble Line Dance but are too shy to getup on the floor. Afraid of making a mistake because you feel asif all eyes are on you, and you just know youll end-up turningin the wrong direction? Want to learn how to do the popular wobbleline dance from the comfort of your home in 10 minutes even if youhave two left feet, read on?Dancing is gaining momentum, every since Americans Got Talents,Dancing with the Stars and all of the other TV dance program.Everyone is dancing from 8 to 88. Today, everyone are teachingline-dance steps from, health clubs, church clubs and senior citizensfacilities and those baby-boomers are WORKING IT!
  2. 2. Read below as we walk you though the Easy 4- count shake yourbooty woogle line dance, it will amaze you how quick you catchon and how good you look doing it... Watch.Step 1.Take a step forward and wobble in place for four beats.(to wobble; shake your shoulders, butt, or knees in acircular direction) Step 2. Take a step backward and do the same thing for four beats. (to wobble; shake your shoulders, butt, or knees in a circular direction) Step 3. Lend forward for 4 beats add a bounce or shake what your mother gave you is what we use to say back in the day~ Step 4. Lend backward for 4 beats add a bounce, shake it Step 5. Cha Cha starting with your right foot, then left cha cha for 4 beats each, here you can put a little spice in the dance, your preference. Step 6. Last step starting on your right foot tap (like the old rock) left, right, left for eight counts, while turning a quarter- turn. Once you get the wobble dance down and feel comfortable, then you can add your own style, anything goes as long as you end up on the right beat going in the right direction. And if not, just turn around Now just start the whole sequence all over again. Just make sure youre turning making a square. Start turning to your right first and after each sequence you make a quarter turn. No longer will you feel awkward at social event. Or be the only one that cant do the Wobble line dance. Now you can join in at your next family reunion, wedding invite, or take
  3. 3. the deck on your summer cruise. Learning the wobble linedance is fun, a great way to stay fit, show off your movesand attract the attention of the opposite sex.Article BoxLet the truth be told; learning how to do the wobble linedance may be easier than you think. Although we wentthrough the steps in the above article; and if a picture isworth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.Join in and learn from our step by step video. Theres nothing to buy and no opt-in box. Just click on the link and in 10 minutes youll be the next Wobble Line DancePro. All from the comfort of home or your office.. shhhh....!Dont Just Show Up To Your Next Event... Show Out!
  4. 4. The Cupid Shuffle Dance- Learn The Cupid Shuffle Effortlessly EvenWith Two Left-FeetDid the cupid shuffle dance get by you? Its amazingthat the creators of the cupid shuffle knew exactly howto get us hooked. And they did. Doing the Cupid shuffledance is liken to taking an open book test the answer are right in front of your face.The cupid shuffle is still very popular partially because itsinstructional, word for word, step for step, but the most obvious reason is that it is sooostupid simple, clean and fun enough that the whole familycan dance together and not be concern with the lyrics orinappropriate moves.The cupid shuffle dance is being performed at house parties,cruises,graduations, weddings receptions, you name it cupid will claim
  5. 5. it. So now is your chance to Join the FUN and get your CupidShuffle ON!So lets get started:Below are nice easy steps that will helpyou get your groove on at your next event. 1. Step to the right, starting with your right foot ( 8 beats) example: right, left, right, left 2. Step to the left 8 beats starting with your left foot, using the same movement in step one 3. Kick 4 times, starting with your right foot( right, left right left) (8 beats) not to high 4. Last step twist like you are doing the twist and turn to your right.Keep in mind to follow the music and the words will direct you as to which way to go. There are a few different arrangement ofthe cupid shuffle dance song. And as you know some DJs mixtheir own music so you can never know what to expect.Thats why we created a short the cupid shuffle dance video thatyou can view at your convenience and at the comfort of yourown home.In 5-minutes you will be ready to join the familyfun, center of attention or be the life of the party.Go here to watch our Free videoIts all here: Cupid Shuffle Dance
  6. 6. Learn The Cha Cha Slide in 10 Minutes or LessThe Cha Cha Slide Line Dance is a very popular line dance Why... because its easy and FUN!Basically if you have ears that “WORK”you can do It! Heres the best part about learning the Cha ChaSlide; you dont have to memorizes the steps D.J. Mr. C (Casper) call out the steps.Still worried that you wont catch on to the the moves? Dont fret well spelled it all out for you. Ourcha cha slide instructions are so easy that even a blind squirrel can pick up the moves.But I have to warn you in advance, that there are a lot of steps. However, you wont need a cheap sheetbecause the DJ will announce what to do next. His words are italicized..Below are the steps to the Cha Cha Slide 1. "Take it to the left!" or "Take it to the right!"(This is the “grapevine" step) 2. "Take it back now!" (step back three times with a tap.) 3. "One hop this time!" Hop like youre doing the bunny hop, using both feet. 4. "Left or Right foot lets stomp!" Stomp right or left foot the DJ will let you know. 5. "Now, Cha-Cha!" (This step is actually from the Latin dance form, the Mambo.) Cross the right foot over the left,
  7. 7. step back with the left foot, step to the right with the right foot, step forward with the left foot. 6. "Turn it out!" or "Lets Go to Work!" (Begin a "grapevine" step with a slight turn.) Make a slight turn to the left, step to the right with the right foot, step across right foot with the left foot, step to the side with the right foot, touch the left foot beside the right. 7. "Clap your hands!" Feel the groove, clap your hands to the beat. 8. "Criss Cross!" Jump up with both feet, cross right over left, or the visa verse. 9. "Slide to the left!" Slide either left or right, listen carefully or Not! 10."Reverse, Reverse!" Face the opposite way. 11."How low can you go?" This is the “drop it like its hot, but at a lot slower, speed, Bend your knees to the beat and go as Low as you can go! 12."Bring it to the top!" Return to a standing position. 13."Hands on your knees!" Place your hands on you knees in a crisscross position, add a bounce to the beat. 14."Charlie Brown!" Rock forward and backward resembling a childs rocking horse. 15."Freeze!" Freeze and strike a pose...with some attitude!After you freeze just listen to the DJ and he will tell you exactly whatto do next. Its always something different,. And before you go to worryingyou wont be the only one that wont know what to do... Nobody knows,because there are a lot of different versions of the Cha Cha Slide.But if you really want to Show Out and not just SHOW UP andattract the attention of a few of those cuties at your next function;feel free to view our step by step cha cha slide video, its,FREE and theres no Opt-ed needed.See you at the Party!