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S9 line protostar program


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2016/12/26 LINE Taiwan TechPulse

Published in: Technology
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S9 line protostar program

  1. 1. LINE Protostar Program • LINE works with startups to build applications using the LINE platform and to expand their business to more LINE users. • The definition of startup: Less than 5 years old Privately held Make less than 1 million USD in annual earnings Capital less than 2.5 millions USD
  2. 2. What Does LINE Provide Free LINE Messaging API business account for application development At least 1 year free LINE Messaging API business account for production services Free technical consultation from LINE engineers
  3. 3. After One Year If the service generates a lot of revenue, the startup pays a regular fee to use the LINE platform. If the service generates average revenue, LINE participates in revenue-sharing with the startup. If the service is growing but not generating much income, the startup can continue to use the LINE platform for free for one more year. If the service's performance does not meet expectations, the startup has to shut down the service or stop using the LINE platform.
  4. 4. Restricted Services Sales of alcohol or tobacco Gambling Dating Pornographic products Competing with LINE
  5. 5. More Detail About Protostar Program LINE Office Account: @protostar Official Web Site: