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Gatebox How we got here and where we're going


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"A cross-dimensional rendezvous."" Ever since making our first announcement, the response to Gatebox – the world's first virtual home robot – has been tremendous.
We are currently moving forward with developing the product in preparation for initial shipments, so today I would like to discuss the technologies that are supporting these efforts and future technical prospects as well as how its relationship with Clova."

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Gatebox How we got here and where we're going

  1. 1. The GateWay to another Dimension
  2. 2. Heading Into the Human + Robot Generation
  3. 3. Do you really want to communicate with these? Heading Into the Human + Robot Generation
  4. 4. Live with Your Favorite Characters
 We are building a product that allows you to live with your favorite characters
  5. 5. Using Technology to Create an “Always Close by” Reality
  6. 6. 100 units sold on the first day of reservations (¥300,000/unit) All 300 units sold out in 1 month
  7. 7. Entered into a capital alliance with LINE and
 transformed into a dual UI x AI product
  8. 8. Project “Living with” Launched Bring your favorite characters home
  9. 9. Living with Characters - Creating a world in which you can live with your favorite characters -
  10. 10. End of Part 1
  11. 11. Part.2: Gatebox's Technology Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going Tatsuro Hisamori Engineer at Gatebox Inc. Provided independent technical support after an introduction to the Gatebox prototype in October 2015. Joined the company in July 2017.
  12. 12. 1. Gatebox UX Overall
  13. 13. 2. Technology Behind Gatebox
  14. 14. Inside Gatebox
  15. 15. } Inside Gatebox
  16. 16. { Gatebox Cloud Side
  17. 17. 3. Technical Challenges
  18. 18. Mass Production
  19. 19. 339 100k<
  20. 20. Internationalization
  21. 21. Country/Region Response to Preorders
  22. 22. South Korea Mexico Canada France Austrarlia Taiwan UK Vietnam HongKong Malaysia Indonesia Germany Singapore Top Countries Responding to Preorders (excl. Japan & USA)
  23. 23. More Sophisticated Conversation
  24. 24. At Home (with Gatebox) Out and About (Smartphone)
  25. 25. One More
  26. 26. Meet our team at Gatebox Inside
  27. 27. Thank you