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Discover more LINE Beacon applications


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Fang-Chuan Wu (Benny)
LINE Taiwan / Platform Business Team
LINE Beacon is the amazing technology to connect online-to-offline experience. It is deployed to the different fields in Taiwan such as Taipei MRT stations and the event venues. The development experience and the applications will be shared in this session.

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Discover more LINE Beacon applications

  2. 2. Agenda • About me • Introduction to Taiwan Market • LINE Beacon Specification • Taipei MRT Applications of LINE Beacon
  3. 3. ABOUT ME Software Engineer Backend Engineer 10+ years Product Management Partnership Management Business Development 4+ years LINE TW Platform Business LINE TW Developer Relations Lead
  4. 4. TAIWAN MARKET LINE Taiwan users 21,000,000
  6. 6. Apple’s iBeacon LINE Beacon packets Bluetooth LE 4.0 A beacon device compliant with the LINE Beacon specification supports the following: LINE BEACON DEVICE
  7. 7. • Update secure messages every 15 seconds • Advertise LINE Beacon packets • Generate secure messages from data hashed by SHA-256 and XOR • Show HWID on the case of the device LINE BEACON DEVICE
  8. 8. LINE BEACON PACKETS the broadcaster role (BLUETOOTH SPECIFICATION Version 4.0 [Vol 3], Part C Section specified in the generic access profile AdvData Ad Structure Ad Structure Ad Structure Non-Significant Part Leng th Data Leng th Data Length Data   Ad Type Ad Data (flag)   Ad Type Ad Data (16bit UUID)   Ad Type Ad Data (Service Data)                   16bit UUID LINE Beacon Frame                     Fram e type HWID Measured TxPower Secure Message Message Authentication Code Masked Timestamp Battery Level 02 01 06 03 03 6F FE 11 16 6F FE 02 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 00 00 00 00 00   01: Flag       03: Comp lete list of 16bit Servi ce UUID 0xFE6F: 16bit UUID for LINEcorp 0x11=1 7 0x16: Servi ce Data - 16- bit UUID (16bit UUID)   for Distanc e Measure ment. (iBeaco n compati ble)
  9. 9. Replay attack prevention SHA-256 XOR 7-byte data LINE BEACON PACKET - SECURE MESSAGE
  10. 10. ALGORITHM OF SECURE MESSAGE 1.Generatemessageauthentication codeusing SHA-256+3-XOR 2.Generatemaskedtimestampby maskingthefirst 6bytesoftimestamp 3.Concatenateitems –Messageauthenticationcode –Maskedtimestamp –Batterylevel
  12. 12. SYSTEM FLOW Application server LINE serversLINE appLINE Beacon
  13. 13. USER FLOW
  15. 15. Increase Bluetooth “on” rate Encourage users to install apps that support beacons Develop attractive applications 3 FACTORS FOR SUCCESS IN BEACON SERVICES
  16. 16. TAIPEI MRT Taipei MRT • Total 117 stations around Taipei and New Taipei City • 2.2M+ passengers every day Goal • Potential O2O business opportunities • LINE Beacon awareness LINE Beacon Deployment • 35 stations (Blue line, Transportation stations) • Around 200 beacons on platforms and around exits
  17. 17. ON-BOARDING PROCESS In the station On the platform Receive beacon signal See beacon banner
  18. 18. LINE Beacon management - over 200 beacons for different purposes Event handling from LINE Beacons - trigger different scenarios for users HW trigger issues - the enter event may not occur with some phone models TECHNICAL CHALLENGES
  19. 19. LINE Beacon management - over 200 beacons for different purposes Event handling from LINE Beacons - trigger different scenarios for users ● Utilize multiple layers of users’ status with cache ● Check and respond to users as fast as possible HW trigger issues - the enter event may not occur with some phone models ● Take different approach other than the enter event of LINE Beacon ● Trigger by other method if there’s HW limitation SOLUTIONS ● Employ divide-and-conquer strategy ● Split beacons to small groups and assign task for each group
  20. 20. SERVICES • News digest of LINE TODAY • Emergency news from MRT • Weather information • Interaction game • Nearby coupons • Transportation (bus information) Providing services News/ Weather Coupon Interaction game
  21. 21. Chat Beacon LIFF SYSTEM DESIGN LINE TODAY service MRT Bus Info service LINE Bot LINE GiftShop Open data from TPE gov LINE TODAY Official Account MRT project-related services
  22. 22. PUZZLE GAME Starting the game Collecting the pieces Rewards
  23. 23. BUS INFORMATION Triggered by LINE Beacon View all routes/ change routes
  24. 24. LIFF ● LINE Front-end Framework. The main interaction page. Open data from Taipei Government ● Bus information including waiting time and routes. Flex message ● Build the message template with flexibility. Applied Technologies BUS INFORMATION Intuitive way of picking routes ● There are many bus routes in Taipei city. Use HTML pages. Challenges Data integrity ● Open data may contain incomplete information. Add error handling. Integration ● Use micro-service structure and integrate services with less effort.
  25. 25. BUS INFORMATION Open Data MangoDB Replica Set Redis Data Sync { "EssentialInfo":{ "Location":{ "name":"台北市", "CenterName":"台北市公車動態資 中心" }, "UpdateTime":"2018/03/13 22:39:30",/ "CoordinateSystem":"WGS84" }, "BusInfo":[ { "RouteID":10441, "StopID":36299, "EstimateTime":"2733", "GoBack":"0" }, { "RouteID":10441, "StopID":36298, "EstimateTime":"2540", "GoBack":"0" }, …
  26. 26. ONE MORE THING …
  27. 27. LINE NOW
  28. 28. THANK YOU