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  1. 1. CHINESE DRAGONS The dragon represents a popular Chinese design motif. Dragons are mythical reptile-type monsters. Dragons often feature the head of a monster, the body of a snake, the claws of an eagle, and the scales of a fish. Follow along and see how the dragon appears on many different art forms.
  2. 2. Dragon Sculptures
  3. 3. Metals and jewelry design
  4. 4. Observe the different details seen in the dragons
  5. 6. This painting shows dragons swirling through the clouds.
  6. 9. Can you find the shapes?
  7. 11. Can you find texture in the dragon?
  8. 14. The more detailed and imaginative the dragons are, the better the drawing.
  9. 17. Dragon rug
  10. 18. Can you find the dragons?
  11. 19. Today Chinese dragons can be seen in many books, like the dragon created by Eric Carle seen here. They are fun to create, you can make use of all the elements of art: lines, shapes, pattern, space, value and texture in the creation of a dragon.
  12. 20. Dragons can be seen in Chinese parades and celebrations. Chinese New Years being one of their most important, it represents good luck in the coming year.
  13. 22. According to Chinese legend, dragons live in the clouds where they move about in a spiral, swirling motion. rain is created when two dragons fight. The dragon is a symbol of good fortune, authority, or eternity. It also represents the spring season and rain.
  14. 23. Symbolic Chinese motifs offer a challenging Opportunity to create intricate and delicate ink drawings. No two dragons Ever look alike.
  15. 24. Come and bring your imagination to create a Chinese Dragon