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The Girl Geek Imperative


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Slides from my keynote at Defrag Nov 2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Girl Geek Imperative

  1. 1. The Girl Geek Imperative or “I thought there were going to be girls here” Lorinda Brandon @lindybrandon @WomenInLine Intel/Mashery
  2. 2. Women’s software in the 80’s Intel/Mashery
  3. 3. The flip side… our best time 42% 11/8/2013 Intel/Mashery Confiden 3
  4. 4. Rory Sutherland, TED Talks Athens Intel/Mashery “ “ Perception is Everything
  5. 5. The importance of STEM Department of Commerce 11/8/2013 Intel/Mashery
  6. 6. “Safe and supportive” Women’s-Only Classes MIT 2009 11/8/2013 Intel/Mashery
  7. 7. Women Networking with Women EclipseCon Boston 2013 – Ladies table 11/8/2013 Intel/Mashery
  8. 8. The M Word Data point about % of non-STEM in STEM jobs 11/8/2013 Intel/Mashery
  9. 9. Unintended messages Without STEM, this door is closed But we know it’s hard and guys are harsh so we’ll give you a place to ask your silly girl questions Care to join us? And remember to stay in a group for your own safety Because this place is full of misogynists 11/8/2013 Intel/Mashery
  10. 10. Adding to the message of “be careful out there” with… “Wanna change the world with us?” 11/8/2013 Intel/Mashery