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Social Media For Local Business


Authored by: Lindy Asimus
Social Media Consulting
For Local Business Getting Online
Professionals | Retail | Hospitality | Cultural | Specialty
How Do We Measure It?
When businesses are proactive and have a strategy for nurturing clients and prospecting for new bu...
To understand the spoken and unspoken needs of clients
To be ‘visible’ and easily reachable when clients need help
What platforms will you use?
Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook |Linkedin |YouTube
These are just a few of the online p...
Need help with content or a video to showcase what you do?
Social media is just another part of your business now. Ask abo...
Coaching is available in a range of packages to suit all budgets.  

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Social media marketng for local business 2013


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Local businesses have NEVER had it so good with the potential to promote their business to the world for sales beyond the front door. This guide to social media outlines the way small business owners using social media as well as their website and telling their stories via blogging. Getting the right help with your online strategy means that you know why you do what you do and the implications of anything you do or don't do online.

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Social media marketng for local business 2013

  1. 1. Social Media For Local Business DESIGN BUSINESS ENGINEERING 2013 Authored by: Lindy Asimus
  2. 2. Social Media Consulting For Local Business Getting Online Professionals | Retail | Hospitality | Cultural | Specialty While much has been written on social media and how businesses are moving into the social media environment, some traditional managers can find it all a bit of a mystery. For those without experience in using social media it can seem a very strange place, where there are no rules and no clear way to gauge effectiveness or to control what happens. For those who are using the tools of social media well, they have trouble understanding the reluctance of others to get involved. Some are experiencing good results using social media, while some go into social media and make a lot of mistakes and missteps and never get to see the benefits. Pros and Cons It could be tempting to think of social media as either a waste of time, or the single best thing that has ever happened for small operators to compete with big companies in the marketplace. The reality is somewhere in between and will depend on the approach that is taken in creating a sound strategy for using social media as a part of business relationship management. For Professional Services There are some issues which some managers within professional services may find challenging. Why Risk It? The cat is really out of the bag now. Experience suggests that it is not realistic to ban adults from engaging in social media, in one form or other, and the likelihood of employees using it without any clear objective, or management oversight gets higher each week. Just as we need to learn about the products we sell, to become expert in our field, so too, we need to know the ‘fine-print’ on social media marketing. Implementing a reasonable policy lets the company take advantage of the opportunities, while limiting any unfortunate misuse. How Do We Control It? Social Media Consulting | There really is no controlling social media. But you can control the context in which it is used, and monitor adherence to the rules you set. When users are well-grounded in a sensible policy around what they can and cannot do, with clear guidelines then they become quite ‘safe’ to be using new media to promote their business. It becomes less of a risk for the business (and user), while opening up potential for promoting the good work that the employees who are active on social media, can do. And of course, the business can be supporting their users, through example and developing their own slice of the social media world, with lots of content that the users can easily pass on to their networks. 1
  3. 3. 2 How Do We Measure It? When businesses are proactive and have a strategy for nurturing clients and prospecting for new business, the activity will always generate more new business than is the case for the business with no prospecting, a client base that never gets serviced and where no effort made to engage with existing clients for years on end. Measurement is really something for business to be tracking, and your overall business should increase in line with increase in the activity of the business online in social networks following a scheduled program promoting their business on the ground. But remember. Before you milk that cow, you better buy a calf and fatten it up! What Do We Get Out Of Using Social Media? It seems clear that the business with the best trained, most savvy people using social media well will be the big winners. Enhanced reputation Known as keeping pace with change and relevant in today’s world Better positioning in the marketplace Respect from clients, and people of influence in the community New business leverage as networks grown. Remember To d o it r i gh t , th en it ’ s im p o r t an t t o u n d er sta n d : It will require some time each week. It will require some budget for training, setting it up and managing It will require some new skills to be learned and It will require some engagement and ownership by the advisor. It will require building good social skills and consistency Rewards It will allow business to develop a good strong local community Engage with customers and prospects in ways that they prefer Give insight into life events and interests of the target market Build credibility Build relationship and sense of connection Become known to extended networks of clients Open opportunities to meet more centres of influence Lindy Asimus 0403 365855 Business & Social Media Coaching
  4. 4. To understand the spoken and unspoken needs of clients To be ‘visible’ and easily reachable when clients need help Maintain ‘top-of-mind’ position with clients Be easily accessible for clients and business associates to refer friends for help To research into your target market Stake your claim and position yourself as the ‘go-to’ person in your field. Where To Start? Getting started means applying some practical steps. Start with a strategy. It’s pointless to rush in and set up profiles without knowing what end you want to achieve. Know what you want to achieve, work out what resources you need to get started, and what commitments you will need to make on an ongoing basis. You’ll also have to be clear on sticking to the guidelines set for your industry, and learn how to post good content and engaging with your developing network, but without posting information that could in any way be construed as giving advice. Starting and then doing nothing, isn’t going to work. Once you start, you need to keep going and slowly build your presence online. Incorporate: Online contacts in your defined demographic o Offline contacts in your personal sphere of influence o Clients and family Online and Offline methods Remember Your Website! Social Media Consulting | Social media is a natural partner to your website and yet many people treat it as though it has no connection to the business. Start with a complete review of your website. There are usually lots of tweaks and modifications that will make it work much better in search. Build your strategy to integrate your business + your website + social media to leverage your time and social capital and to be most effective in maximizing the opportunities to engage and drive traffic to your business. Don’t Forget – Free Resources You Can Link To While Yellow Pages account manager is calling you to buy some new listing or other, ask yourself… When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages to find a number? The chances are that you don’t use them (unless you have an ad you might!), and more than that, most people don’t use that for finding numbers any more. People Google it, or ask friends on social media for recommendations. So save your money. There are lots of free directories available that will get you additional ‘juice’ on Search when you complete your profiles. We’ll help you do that too. 3
  5. 5. 4 What platforms will you use? Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook |Linkedin |YouTube These are just a few of the online platforms available. Some may be more appropriate for you, and each has its own culture and protocol for what’s appropriate and what’s necessary to get the best outcome. In order to use social media effectively to build your online presence and gain trust, it is important that you understand how to engage effectively, and diplomatically to share information and build interest in your brand online. Get Started Managed Social Media means that sharing relevant and interesting information on a regular basis will gain local businesses a following online. The social nature of networking sites allows people to freely share information provided on Twitter or Facebook with their friends - resulting in more eyeballs on the business! When done correctly social media marketing will increase traffic to the firm’s website or blog to help with site rankings and organic SEO. Don’t miss out on the benefits of a Managed Social Media campaign. Get help to manage social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for your financial services firm so you can start out on the right foot to encourage engagement and focus on closing business and winning cases. As part of our Local Business SEO Marketing Package you’ll have a dedicated contact to work with you to develop a plan that fits your firm’s needs. Once you have a clearly defined game plan in place you can start building your network and watch website traffic increase, generate leads and get your message in front of more people to grow your case load. Social Media Starter Package Lets you get set-up and started in social media with all the handholding you need! Delivered over 8 scheduled sessions Package $2200 payable in advance. Includes: Background to social media Understanding your role in your social media program Program tailored to your objectives Social media program schedule for posts and updates Setup training for staff, of your Facebook Brand Page, Twitter or other social media platforms Insider tips on using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin Develop your social media plan Incorporate program Offline to drive traffic Topics for developing content in line with compliance requirements “Communicating Online” training. Help available online or by phone all hours. Learn how to use email marketing safely with your social media Lindy Asimus 0403 365855 Business & Social Media Coaching
  6. 6. Need help with content or a video to showcase what you do? Social media is just another part of your business now. Ask about our extended social media options and business coaching products. Lindy Asimus Design Business Engineering - Business Coaching | Telephone 61 + 403 365 855 |Email: Twitter: Websites: Facebook: Personal Coaching Tips - Business and Technical Tips - Business Coaching Business owners can get help with Business Review, Business & Personal Goals, Operational Policies and Procedures, Business management, Staff and Sales training; Social Media Coaching. Not sure what a coach is? You might think of them as a business advisor with special skills to help you see your business with fresh eyes, and techniques for finding solutions to long-standing issues that have been holding you or the business back. And a great set of tools and resources to enable you to do those things you want to do but don’t know how. When we work together, I ‘rent you a room in my brain’ and those things that bother you – become my worry too, so we can find a solution that works. Social media marketing is a new field and we can help you find your way through the maze to make the most of your business and personal experience using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms and integrate it into your overall business strategy. What They Said: Social Media Consulting | “What can I say about Lindy? She has turned my life upside down (in a good way) so that I am beginning to see the world in a different way. Her knowledge of social media and marketing keeps astounding me but she is patient enough for me to keep up with her. Lindy is genuinely interested in helping us to succeed, she is very personable and I am sure that she will be a long time colleague and friend.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity March 10, 2010 ~ Wayne Lennan “Lindy has a deep understanding of what it takes, to take a business from a dream to a complete & successful business, All the aspects that go to make up a fully functioning business, I'm sure that the more I go over the details, there are dozens of little details that I will have to implement, the way that she coaxes you along at your speed. It’s well worth the effort to have someone put the hard questions to you for you to answer Thanks Lindy :-))” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity October 5, 2009 ~ James Owens 5
  7. 7. COACHING PACKAGES  Coaching is available in a range of packages to suit all budgets.   BUSINESS & EXECUTIVE COACHING    Life & Executive Coaching   Get on track, plan your goals and develop your leadership  potential and communication and people skills.   Business Coaching   Review your business,  get control using better processes  and strategy to deliver the changes you want to make  your business more professional, more profitable and  have more fun while  you increase its value and your  profits!.   Single & Casual Session  Just buy one for an occasional use or as you need.  No  lock‐in, $295   10 Session Program  Get started with a block of sessions, and add more  sessions as you need them.  $1980 (Best Value)           NEW BUSINESS & START‐UPS    New Business Kickstarter     Just starting out? 3 Sessions to get you started and at a  price you can afford. $550  SOCIAL MEDIA    Starter Social Media  Using social media but have not strategy? Or just starting  out and not sure where to begin? This is for you. Get set  up, understand how your business can use social media  and online tools to promote your business the right way.  Learn what you need to develop a working strategy  tailored to your business.   8 Sessions $2200  Also available: From $300   Blogging For Business | Linkedin For Business | Twitter For Business | Pinterest For Business |  Copywriting | Social Media Marketing & Management | Workshops Also  Available For In‐House Trainings  Lindy Asimus        0403 365 855    
  8. 8. Business Checklist  I Have This Or Do This Now Yes I Do No I Don’t Don’t Know Policies and Procedures documented Managing Client Relationships system Employee manual and New Employee induction procedure Client Profiling & Management Strategy Marketing Strategy and Plan Customer Service Training &/or System Business Plan I work to Focus &/or Vision written down Business Review Strategic Direction Performance Management & Appraisal System Organization Hierarchy & Report-To Chart Business or Personal Coaching Executive Coaching For Myself Or Staff Systems for my business to Get Paid, Safety Procedure, OH&S Goal Setting - Designing Well-Formed Outcomes A Corporate or Business Profile Written My Business Story Written Marketing Letters Write Content For Brochures etc Website Content Working Out My Unique Selling Position Social Networking Strategy; Referral Strategy Customer Capture Program – Active Marketing Database Email Marketing Implementation Need help? Please have these details handy and contact Lindy by email or phone to discuss your business needs. Name:_______________________________________ Company Name:____________________________ Type of Business: ____________________________Mobile:____________________________ Date: ___________ Address:____________________________________________________________________________ Email:_____________________________@_______________________ Website: http:// www.___________________________________________________________________ Best time to call:___________________________________________________________________    Lindy Asimus ‐ 0403 365 855 ‐ Design Business Engineering