Local business internet use survey


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Survey for business owners on their use of the internet and social media. I would love to see your responses but you can also use this as a self check for your business to see where your use of the internet and online tools stands. May be time to upskill.

If you'd like to send me your response just scan your answers and email to me. Or message me if you would like me to do this with you personally over the phone or skype. That could be the most simple way for you.

I'm interested in the responses of current practices but also on the subjective reasons that are getting in the way of businesses making use of the powerful resources online that can boost productivity, give business more reach and increase sales and profits for these hardworking people.

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Local business internet use survey

  1. 1. Lindy Asimus Business Coaching 0403 365 855 PO Box 5017 Raymond Terrace East NSW 2324 1 www.lindyasimus.com e: lindyasimus@gmail.com Local Business Internet Use Survey Business Name _______________________________ Date___/___/___ Location _______________________________ Type of business/Products ___________________ Contact name ________________________ Mobile ______________________________ www._____________________________________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________@_______________________________ Turnover <$1M 1-5M 5-10M >10M Number of Employees _____________ Web presence Wordpress website Paid for website to be made and updated Website template on hosting pay per month Website update regularly Website not updated No website Have ability to update Website is mobile friendly for Smartphone and Tablets Yes No Don’t know I have a shopping cart and sell products online Yes No Customers can contact me online to make an order or get a quote Yes No Reason _________________________________________________________________________ Social Media Facebook business page monitored and updated daily Facebook business page not monitored or updated regularly Facebook personal page Twitter Pinterest Instagram Other _________________________________ Linkedin – Profile completed, updated and using regularly Linkedin but don’t really use it Don’t know how Don’t know why I need to Blog updated regularly Blog not updated No blog
  2. 2. Lindy Asimus Business Coaching 0403 365 855 PO Box 5017 Raymond Terrace East NSW 2324 2 www.lindyasimus.com e: lindyasimus@gmail.com Social media is integrated with website yes no I have a social media written strategy and schedule yes no I use these tools to save time and be effective online Tweetdeck Hootesuite Online picture editing tools RSS application Blog platform Wordpress Blogger Blog module on my website Other _________________ General Knowledge I actively manage my online reputation Yes No I keep up-to-date with changes in Google algorithms and best practice online Yes No I have had personal training in latest social media best practice Yes No I dedicate time to training my employees to manage the social media for the business Yes No I pay for online advertising Yes No If yes, per month $________________________ I know which competitor has the best online ranking on Google for what my business does Yes No I understand how organic search works and where my business ranks in Google for my main products Yes No Offline I promote my online social platforms in the business premises Yes No I use signs part of sales process promote when collecting email addresses from customers Other _____________________________________________________________________________ Content I can easily create attractive visual images to use online for my business Yes No Not sure I easily think of topics that are on target to educate on my industry Writing articles is easy for me to do regularly I understand how to write articles that are SEO optimized I know how to ensure that the meta data is optimized for SEO
  3. 3. Lindy Asimus Business Coaching 0403 365 855 PO Box 5017 Raymond Terrace East NSW 2324 3 www.lindyasimus.com e: lindyasimus@gmail.com All my online production is carried out by me employees external contractor a combination we don’t have any online production to promote our business I am happy with my current use of the internet for my business Yes No Not sure I would like to improve these elements ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ The main things that are a problem for me using social media, web and marketing online are Time Don’t really understand how the online environment works Don’t want to look silly or make a mistake online Marketing skills Knowing how to write for the web No skills in creating appealing visual content Knowing how to update my site with new information Knowing if it is worthwhile Not sure I need it Don’t know what to write about Don’t have good reading and writing skills Don’t know how to find out what to do Don’t want to spend any money I don’t really know how much it costs but I think it must be expensive Don’t want any more customers Other