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3 Things Every Business Needs For Social Media Now


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No matter how big or small your business you need to understand these fundamental issues to make the most of your opportunities to make more profit and extend the reach of your business using social media marketing and online tools.

Find out how you can develop your online persona and be seen as the first place to go for what you do. Your business needs it and as owner or manager, it's up to you to make it possible. Article by business coach Lindy Asimus

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3 Things Every Business Needs For Social Media Now

  1. 1. 3 THINGS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA NOW 1 Get help with your business and social media marketing – What do business owners and managers need to understand about the online environment? Plenty! Here are three vital items to really understand. 1. Where customers are spending time now 2. How to be visible where the customers are 3. How to manage the reputation of the business to create goodwill and inspire confidence Why does it matter? It matters because this is the key to the business success. By reinforcing the relationship with existing customers and the people who know them… as well as expanding the business’s reach to new customers. THE WORLD AS WE KNEW IT HAS CHANGED. Or to put it another way – it is the same but different. We don’t all sit around the TV and watch programs after dinner as a family, like we once did. Now we watch TV and surf the internet at the same time. Or watch TV online or via recording devices that let us miss the advertisements. We probably don’t sit together to do it as a family and we may not even be watching the same programs – or if we do, not at the same time. Those advertisements that are on the TV ( in ever increasing numbers it seems, as advertising revenue goes down) – nobody is watching. Where are they if they are not there? They are online. And they are using social platforms and apps – even when they are watching TV. THE NEW MARKETPLACE - THIS IS WHERE BUYERS HANG OUT. Here are just some of the places people are spending time now – and the list is growing. Facebook Websites Twitter Linkedin YouTube Pinterest Interest groups Instagram Industry specific groups Blogs Flickr Community networks
  2. 2. 3 THINGS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA NOW 2 Get help with your business and social media marketing – TOOLS WE USE NOW Social networking online groups widgets message boards Photo sharing blogs microblogs podcasts, video, RSS Hangouts, Skype SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE NEW BUSH TELEGRAPH The technology is different but the way information passes is the same as it was when neighbours would chat over the back fence. In the world today every business needs to be doing all it can to be actively striving to: Be visible Be identifiable Be relevant Be informed Be available Be interested Be top of mind Be learning Be teaching Become a thought leader
  3. 3. 3 THINGS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA NOW 3 Get help with your business and social media marketing – WHY WOULD A BUSINESS WANT TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA? Search and SEO help people who are already looking for something, to find it. Social media does something different. It gets your business in front of people who don’t know your business, or don’t know they want what you have. And it puts your business in front of the people with whom they are influential. Helps you drive traffic to your website Establishes you as the credible expert in your field Develops your circle of influence Puts you right where the customers are spending their time and focus. This helps you make money and build influence PEOPLE ASK “SHOULD I BE ON LINKEDIN IF I AM ON FACEBOOK?” This is one of the most misunderstood issues online for business. Facebook – is where people engage and hang out together.
  4. 4. 3 THINGS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA NOW 4 Get help with your business and social media marketing – Linkedin - Is your professional peer network made visible and your expertise on display and validated. These are two quite distinct purposes that each serve. Which networks are best fit will depend on the company and the objectives that are in the plan the company has for their vision Every business owner, professional and employee should be making the most of this platform to showcase your professional skills and be findable, as be as well-prepared as possible. Are you on Linkedin? Are you making the most of being on Linkedin? IS SOCIAL MEDIA RIGHT FOR MY BUSINESS? That depends. If you don’t care about your business reputation... you may not need social media. Here’s another trap business owners fall into, when they have not educated themselves about online marketing and business matters. Your business not being online – does not prevent other people from talking about it. If you want to be able to manage your online reputation, you need to be there where the action happens! You need to be aware if there is anything bad said – so you can address it professionally and according to a process you have considered and developed for when such things happen. The heat of the moment is no time to be just reacting. And you need to be aware if there is anything good said – so you can address it professionally and be engaged with your supporters. In 2015 we as consumers, EXPECT businesses to be online and to be able to reach them any time of day on whatever platform they use. In the olden days, the shop keeper would talk to everyone in the community. Now they do it again. Online.
  5. 5. 3 THINGS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA NOW 5 Get help with your business and social media marketing – IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERTISE YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA. What knowledge do you have that you can add to help customers make good purchasing decisions in your area THE FIRST OUTCOME YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO ACHIEVE How Well Do You Know Your Market? Whether your business trades just in the local area or you are operating nationally or internationally, understanding the competition for your “patch” is important. Right now ... Who is Number 1 online? Who owns your industry niche in your market? Now this is important so think carefully... Do you know how to even find out? Now remember this is about who comes up as the most visible online. They may not be the best company or even be located in your city! But if they have most prominence when it comes to search, then they are No 1. If your company is not in the top spot ... Two questions. 1. Why not? And 2. Do you want it to be? As owner or manager of a business, your job is to ensure that your business is relevant to the market it serves and that it is visible. In the connected world, it is less about who you know – and more about who knows you. What do you and the business stand for? By using effective social marketing you can be known as the someone who knows stuff worth knowing in your field. That’s really where your marketing can begin to develop into a real sales channel to bring in profit and expand your reach to new customers.
  6. 6. 3 THINGS EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA NOW 6 Get help with your business and social media marketing – Hi! I am an Australian business coach and I work with business owners to help them achieve better results, in operations, marketing, social marketing and leadership. Sessions may be in person or via Skype and phone. Call now! Or email your enquiry. Lindy Asimus 61+ 0403 365 855 e: b: w: