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Customer Questions, Databases

  1. 1. Microsoft Access Database Assignment Address Book & Home Inventory With Queries, Forms, Reports #1 Create a Table with 8 friends address, Make sure to add the following fields FirstName, LastName, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Age, Pizza, Chocolate, Milk, Fruit #2 Create a Table listing 8 items that you own. Include the following fields Item, Value, Date Purchased, Category, Store Purchased, Condition #3 Run the Following Queries A. List Friends that live in the city of Cary B. List Friends that have last names starting with L* or M* or T* or S* C. List Friends with age greater than 14 yrs old D. List Friends that like Pizza and Chocolate E. List Friends that have last names starting with S* or like Milk or Fruit F. List Friends that live in Cary or are > 15 yrs old G. Item that cost greater than $50 #3 Create 2 forms one for each Table created, add pictures and text to each form. #4 Create 3 reports, 2 covering the tables and 2 covering queries created. Include Pictures and Text on Reports