Arthurian literature


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Arthurian literature

  1. 1. Arthurian Literature Lindsey Shoemaker
  2. 2. Uther, Igraine, and the Arthur, Guinevere, Sir Gawain and The Merlinstory of Arthur’s birth and Lancelot Green Knight Perceval Nimue (Vivienne, Morgan Le Fey Mordred Lady of the Lake)
  3. 3. Avalon Camelot
  4. 4. Excalibur (The Sword in The Holy Grail the Stone)
  5. 5. Uther, Igraine, and Arthur• King Uther fell in love with Igraine, but she was already married.• Uther convinced his magician, Merlin, to make him look like Igraine’s husband, Gorlois.• While impersonating Gorlois, Uther convinced Igraine to come back to his castle with him.• They conceived a baby, Arthur, who was immediately given to Merlin because of the magic Merlin performed to help Uther.
  6. 6. Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot• King Uther died so Arthur took the throne and married Guinevere.• Meleagant kidnapped Guinevere and Arthur sent Lancelot and Gawain to save her.• A dwarf assists the two knights in saving Guinevere.• When Lancelot and Gawain split up, Lancelot reaches Guinevere first.• Guinevere and Lancelot’s affair begins…
  7. 7. “Sir Gawain and The Green Knight”• A peaceful Green Knight named Bercilak crashed one of King Arthur’s parties and asked King Arthur’s men to join him in a challenge.• Whoever accepted would hit Bercilak 3 times with an axe then would have to find him and be hit himself 3 times with the same axe. Gawain accepted the challenge.• When Gawain hit him, the Green Knight left the party and told him to begin searching for him on Hallow’s Eve.• After Gawain approached his castle, Bercilak allowed him in and they decided they would “exchange at night what they have won in the day”.• On the last night, Gawain lied to Bercilak and was punished for it.
  8. 8. Merlin• Merlin is King Arthur’s magician, prophet, and advisor.• Since his father is Satan, he has a crystal-clear view of the past. But because he was good and God appreciated his goodness, he was given the ability to see the future as well.• He stops his service for Arthur when he falls in love with Vivienne, who locks him up using the magic she taught him.
  9. 9. Perceval• Perceval is the Grail Knight, or the knight destined to win the Holy Grail.• He starts out very immature but becomes very intelligent and cunning.
  10. 10. Nimue (Vivienne, Lady of the Lake)• When Merlin fell in love with Vivienne, he taught her how to use magic.• Vivienne became too powerful and used Merlin’s own magic to lock him away.• Vivienne was the reason Arthur’s power over Camelot was weakened.• She gave Arthur Excalabur.
  11. 11. Morgan Le Fey• Merlin taught her the art of war.• Guiomar was her lover for a short period of time before Guinevere broke them up because Guiomar was Guinevere’s cousin. This caused Morgan to hate Guinevere and Arthur.• She plots agains Arthur and gives Excalibur to one of her lovers to use against him.
  12. 12. Mordred• Mordred is one of the most infamous villains in Arthurian Literature.• He marries Guinevere when Arthur is away and tries to steal the throne from Arthur.• He tries to steal the thrown again when
  13. 13. Avalon• Avalon is a magical island.• Excalibur was created here.• In modern literature, it symbolizes a place of ultimate healing.
  14. 14. Camelot• King Arthur ruled Camelot.• In modern literature, Camelot symbolizes perfection.
  15. 15. Excalibur (The Sword In The Stone)• Excalibur is King Arthur’s mystical sword given to him by Nimue.• Mention to the sword in today’s literature might mean aristocracy or worthiness.
  16. 16. The Holy Grail• The Holy Grail is the cup Jesus drank from in the last supper and is later used to catch his blood as he hung on the cross.• The quest for the grail signifies the pursuit of something great being obtained by someone noble.•