Search Marketing
Presented by Lindsey Fair
It’s about being
the popular one
starts with
a spider
Start with the
Being little doesn’t make you irrelevant
Keyword Selection
Friendly Sitemaps
Meta Data
Keyword Density
Link Building
Submission & ReSubmission
Search is more than text
Rich Snippets
Breadcrumb Navigation
File Names & Systems
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
Organic Search Marketing
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Organic Search Marketing


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For MCOM43 and MARK5000 Interactive Web Marketing at St. Lawrence College

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  • SERP = search engine results page
  • Page rank
  • 94% click on organic results (
  • SEO vs SEMSearch everywhere marketingSearch engine optimization Before next slide look up running shoes and click through to the one that looks most relevant to you. What one?Why?
  • next slide – do the eye tracker test with a buddy
  • Pandas, Penguins and the deal with algorithmsgive authority sites a bit more prominence in the search resultsGoogle+ activity launched Panda in February 2011, mainly as a change in its search results ranking algorithm. The main purpose of the update was just to keep those low quality and low content sites away from the top ranking results and give the actual quality sites their due.As an obvious result, many websites with huge amount of advertising, or those with low quality content, saw a huge decline in the rankings. Ever since Panda was launched, there have been many updates to it ranging to over 22 in total.PenguinAnother algorithm update from Google that gave SEO experts another blow was Penguin that was launched in April 2012. The idea underlying the update was simple enough- penalize and decrease the rankings of sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines set the by the search engine.This included lowering the search engine rankings of all those sites that practice black-hat SEO techniques like duplicate content, keyword stuffing and cloaking to name a few.
  • Attractions – a whole new way to searchStay on top of how your industry gets indexed in the SERP
  • Tactics win a few customersStrategies win market share
  • The right productThe right peopleThe right promotional – idea, collateralThe right place – channel choiceThe right price (organic vs paid or both)
  • Which search engines?Google = 69% 19.4 billionBing 2nd with 3.5 billionYahoo 3rd with 2.2 billion
  • Keyword optimization for this program what would some keywords be?
  • Black hatting
  • Can’t win market share with customers today.
  • Sitemaps peopleFor SEO
  • Meta data, tags (alt), labels & categories
  • Page titles – probably the #1 priority when starting SEOConsumers & SEO relevant
  • Keyword Density
  • Link BuildingBack Link - vs OutboundDirectories vs Content Embedded
  • ContentAnchor text, hyper links, headingsNo flash = html5No Image based content1 image = 1 link, no multi-hotspotsKeyword DensityUser Friendly tooACTIVITYDo a quick review / audit of this for SEO (homepage only)Look at page titles, homepage content, meta, alt, keyword density, anchor text, links, headings, etcMake recommendations based on what you find
  • Submission & resubmission
  • Google places, maps, images, videos, products (merchant centre)
  • Rich snippets
  • Urls & domain names (multi)Use words not numbers in urlsHave a multi-domain name strategy – brand / campaign & keyword specific
  • Coming soon, 404 errors
  • Navigation with breadcrumbs
  • File storage
  • Towards certification
  • Organic Search Marketing

    1. 1. ORGANIC Search Marketing Presented by Lindsey Fair
    2. 2. SERP’ s
    3. 3. It’s about being the popular one
    4. 4. Search starts with a spider
    5. 5. Strategy
    6. 6. Start with the
    7. 7. Being little doesn’t make you irrelevant
    8. 8. Keyword Selection
    9. 9. Tactics
    10. 10. Friendly Sitemaps
    11. 11. Meta Data
    12. 12. Titlesareimportant
    13. 13. Keyword Density
    14. 14. Link Building
    15. 15. Submission & ReSubmission
    16. 16. Search is more than text
    17. 17. Rich Snippets
    18. 18. What’sinaname?
    19. 19. DiverDown….
    20. 20. Breadcrumb Navigation
    21. 21. File Names & Systems