Mcom30 slidedeck- class 12 - broadcast


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  • One to many but still targeted
  • Psychology of Target: Entertainment or information Key Points about TV DM: Right time, right place is key The right placement (Show / station matter) The right time – of day, of week, even of month Reaches virtually everyone and every location Not as competitive in DM realm as in other channels Saturation #’s very, very high = wide potential reach Difficult to separate market segments Relatively high cost Relatively low response rate =paying for non-qualified leads Measurability difficult Costly to test with Difficult to adjust throughout campaign Difficult for viewers to reference later if they need clarification
  • DRTV – Direct Response Television 25% of all commercials are classified as DRTV And not all cheezy , sleezy slap chop like
  • Commercials
  • Pre-roll – play while you wait for real show – on youtube , at the theatre, in an elevator, doctor’s office, etc. target based on search terms, location, etc. Now mid-roll 16% tune out, but that’s 84% that don’t Madagascar 3 has 5 seconds before people click "skip" and in that short amount of time they: Addressed the audience Asked a question Showed 7 fast-paced cuts About 15 seconds later they address the audience again with some humor and a very clear call-to-action. And, although the video is 90 seconds long, the actual ad ends before 30 seconds, the point at which the advertiser would have to pay for a view. This lets them get in their entire message all before they have to fork over any cash to Google. Great pre-roll and smart ad execution.
  • Very rarely every a single channel in direct marcomm Psychology of Target: Entertainment or information Key Points about Radio DM: On air personalities can add credibility Pick the station by the segment not by the music you like Better at segmentation than TV, but still don't need a list More loyalty exists Relatively low cost compared to TV, Direct Mail Less prep time needed than for Mail or TV Can test alternates for fairly low cost and ease Repetition Difficult for viewers to reference later if they need clarification Lacks visual impact and demo opportunity No response device Need to repeat contact info but have limited time
  • Vote, vote, vote
  • Mcom30 slidedeck- class 12 - broadcast

    1. 1. directbroadcastpresented by Lindsey Fair
    2. 2. t.v. Typical response rate = 2.1% High response rate = 8.14% Low response rate = 0.2% *this is for DRTV, ½ for commercialPROS• Wide potential reach• Dedicated attention••CONS• High Cost• Weak measurability•
    3. 3. DRTV
    4. 4. commercials
    5. 5. pre-roll
    6. 6. social DRTV
    7. 7. could this one be more direct?
    8. 8. radio Typical response rate = 0.31% High response rate = 0.6% Low response rate = 0.12%PROS• Good Segmentation Ability• Lower Cost for wide audience• Repetition••CONS• Limited virality• Difficult to craft good direct message w/o the cheezy factor•