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Marketing your major


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Marketing your major, minor or certificate at Queen's University

Published in: Education
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Marketing your major

  1. 1. Marketing Your Major (or minor, or certificate, or medial, or dual degree)
  2. 2. Challenges 1. Competition 2. Misunderstood or not understood at all 3. Media brainwashing 4. Not for the faint at heart 5. The Dark Ages
  3. 3. USPUnique Selling Proposition Easy Cheap Job Friends Prof they like
  4. 4. Recipe 1. Get the pre-req – try it out 2. Make your first year courses rockstars 3. Offer a spring or summer online course for those that miss it 4. Promote that course above all 5. Sell your major to those that take those courses
  5. 5. Creative Memorable Tease and Bait Party Invite USP People not Posters Meet them Overcome obstacles