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Global product and service decisions


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International Market

Published in: Business, Design
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Global product and service decisions

  1. 1. 1. How should the global marketer adjust the firm’s offer in the marketplace?2. How should the global marketer balance the advantages of product standardization those of adaptation? In other words... HOW SHOULD YOU GLOCALIZE?
  2. 2. Four Alternatives:Selling the product as is in theinternational marketplaceModifying products for differentcountries and/or regionsDesigning new products forforeign marketsIncorporating all the differencesinto one product design andintroducing a global product products
  3. 3. Factors forStandardization1. Economies of scale in production2. Economies in marketing3. Shrinking of the world marketplace4. Global competition products
  4. 4. Factors forAdaptation1. Different use conditions2. Government and regulation influences3. Different consumer behaviors4. Local competition products
  5. 5. Country of OriginEffects:Country-of-origin of a producthas a considerable influence onthe quality perceptions of aproduct. products
  6. 6. products vs. services
  7. 7. Services are distinguished from productsmainly because they are generally producedat the same time as they are consumed, andcannot be stored away or taken. services
  8. 8. Marketing characteristics of services •intangibility •inseparability •heterogeneity •perishability •ownership services
  9. 9. Mental stimulus processing vspeople-processing vs Information-based services
  10. 10. Four Modes ofInt’l ServiceDelivery1. Cross-Border – Service crosses2. Consumption Abroad – Consumer crosses3. Commercial Presence – est office / entity4. Movement of persons – workers cross services