GeoTarget Marketing Strategies


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Slidedeck for MCOM43 and MARK5000 Interactive Web Marketing courses at St. Lawrence College

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  • Activity:
    Brainstorm 10 words related to Gosling's Rum
    Draw a very quick wireframe for a Gosling's Rum Web Strategy (2min)
  • stats released, nearly daily, about the explosion of location-specific searches.
    a more customized user experience is always better than a more generic one
    70% of smartphone owners say they would be at least somewhat influenced to make an unplanned purchase at a nearby store after receiving such an alert.
    ampaigns that used location targeting were twice as effective as those that didn’t
  • What is GeoTargeting? - best one - good overview
    country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code, organization, IP address, ISP or other criteria
    customized ad copy and landing pages
    Geo Targeting is active response to Geo-Location: Having identified the visitor’s location according to the IP, and/or WiFi / GPS data (=”geolocation”), content specific to that location is served (=”geotargeting”). This location can be a country, state, city and more.
  • GeoFencing - good geo-fencing
  • Geo-conquesting
    takes into account a user’s current location and proximity to a competitor when targeting ad messages.
    can also be used to target messages to consumers who have visited a competitor in the past.
  • GeoRelevance
    Arcade Fire music video
  • Augmented Reality
    As the majority of augmented reality campaigns require a smartphone, which as a prerequisite contains a GPS device, marketers have the opportunity to geo-target. Geo-Targeting is a great tool, which allows you to use the mobiles inbuilt GPS to directly target the consumer within their current surrounds.
    Mention my idea of movie show tutorials.
    Geo versions are coupons.
  • In and , the delivery of different content based on the geographical and other personal information is automated. A good example is the Ace Hardware website at The company utilizes geolocation software to power the “My Local Ace” section of its website. Based on a site visitor’s location, the website's can show the visitor how many stores are in their area, as well as a city-level locator map to help the customer find the store closest to their address.
    Match the page language to the visitor’s country of origin (You should allow a language switch of course)
    Domain Name
    Local Celebs
    Local Contact (Dominoes)
    Currency (Etsy)
    Local Offers
    Don't Cloaking: IP delivery for (SEO) is the method of delivering different content to search engine spiders (also known as robots and crawlers) than to human visitors. The delivery of different content to search engine spiders than to human visitors is called and is against most search engines' webmaster guidelines.
  • Paid Search GeoTargeting
    Offer Extensions
    To further support the online and offline worlds merging, Google now provides Offer Extensions to help drive in-store traffic. Offer Extensions allow you to place an offer below ad text but are treated the same as a headline click with respect to CPC – no additional costs are incurred. When the user clicks on the offer, they will see your offer details, business logo and nearby stores. In-store redemption is supported with a barcode or text code. Google will remind users about their unused offer via email to improve redemption rate should the offer be saved to their Google Offers Account
  • Geo-targeted Microsites
    Include the town, city or region in the URL (ex. Avoid using dashes and anything other than .com.
    Make sure the content is unique on each microsite. The people at each location can be responsible or the home office.
    Create a Google Places (Bing too) account for each brick and mortar location and include the microsite URL. Here are some more tips for .
    Have each location create their own LinkedIn company page with employees choosing that page as their place of employment.
    Submit each location seperately to Search engines
    Have each location create their own social media profiles and send out their own press releases.
    Best approach is to deploy multiple geo-targeted microsites and Google Places accounts with unique content on them all. While it does require more resources and planning to execute, there are economies of scale that can be achieved by leveraging the work done on the primary national website.
  • - loreal case study
    McDonald's Case -
    Take your original strategy for Barett's Rum – would a geolocal strat help it? How would your wireframe change? Work in teams to develop a new geo-targeted wireframe.
  • GeoTarget Marketing Strategies

    1. 1. GeoTargeting on the Web Presented by Lindsey Fair
    2. 2. What's Gosling's Strategy?
    3. 3. What's GeoTargeting?
    4. 4. What's GeoFencing?
    5. 5. What's GeoConquesting?
    6. 6. What's GeoRelevance?
    7. 7. How does Augmented Reality fit in?
    8. 8. GeoTargeted Strategies: Automated GeoContent
    9. 9. GeoTargeted Strategies: GeoPPC
    10. 10. GeoTargeted Strategies: GeoSites / Microsites
    11. 11. GeoTargeted Strategies: GeoOffers & Coupons