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Digital scavenger hunt for #imcslc


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Digital scavenger hunt for #imcslc

  1. Start Hunting... Digitally 3rd Year IMC@SLC Digital Scavenger Hunt Follow @imcslc & #imcslc
  2. Its a point-based hunt. Follow the hunter tips to collect points. Some tips are worth moreRule 1 than others, so use your time wisely. New tips will be tweeted and posted on FB IMC SLC page along the way – this is all of them
  3. Cheaters never win. In the digital world its trackable and just soooo yesterday. Pretend youre competingRule 2 with your classmates for the same job (because in reality you are) – would you give them a leg up? Cmon theres prizes at stake!
  4. Rule 3 Yes – you will need to get digital and social – THATS THE POINT!
  5. Rule 4 Think 2 peas in pod. It cant be 3s or 4s and you cant break up in the first week.
  6. Deadline is Thursday, September 6 atRule 5 11:57pm. Make sure we know youre done (there must be a way to let us know - hum?)
  7. HunterTip 1 #imcslc along the way for points
  8. HunterTip 2Pin for Prizes. Thecoolest, mostcomplete scavengerhunt pinboard will berewarded. Pineverything to do withthe hunt and if itdoesnt already exist –add it.
  9. 1 point for each check-in with pinned proof. Current spot isnt listed? Add it. Hunter Tip 3
  10. HunterTip 41 point forfavouritingthe tweetthat got youhere
  11. 1 pt for every serious effort towards paying it forward.Prize for greatest overall pay it forward impact.IDEAS: Get Your Horns On, Your Life Counts, A Non-Profit You Believe In Hunter Tip 5