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cross media optimization


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Cross media optimization for marketing from a social media perspectivesoci

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cross media optimization

  1. 1. Cross-Media Optimization presented by Lindsey Fair
  2. 2. you need to stand out
  3. 3. situational interest
  4. 5. search is still #1
  5. 6. you don’t want to be #1, you want to be all 10
  6. 7. SEO = cool kid strategy
  7. 8. paid owned earned earned
  8. 9. how? trending topics
  9. 10. how? tags
  10. 11. how? customize everything
  11. 12. active vs passive
  12. 14. Lastly, consider what’s holding your campaign together? in other words, what’s your HUB ? All photos used in this presentation are licensed under Creative Commons, NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 and sourced through Google Images and flickr