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Agile Content - From inside the head of an 18 year old.


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Using the key forms of digital analytics (content analysis, benchmark analysis, sentiment analysis, influencer analysis, and socialgraphics) to develop a content strategy that resonates with an 18 year old. Content, good content that is, can’t be developed unless you understand who you are speaking to, so let’s start with some inexpensive ways to figure out more than just their demographics. You may get a little dirty in this session as we’ll actually run through from analysis to content creation.

Presented at #PSEWEB

Published in: Marketing
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Agile Content - From inside the head of an 18 year old.

  1. 1. From inside the head of an 18 year old. presented by Lindsey Fair @lindseyfair
  2. 2. listening isn’t about how the loud voices, or the popular voices. @lindseyfair
  3. 3. listeningleads to stories, relevant stories @lindseyfair
  4. 4. influencer analysis @lindseyfair
  5. 5. “I would much rather be in front of ten people who are the right people than ten thousand people who aren’t.” – Seth Godin @lindseyfair
  6. 6. Meet Elizabeth @lindseyfair
  7. 7. sentiment analysis @lindseyfair
  8. 8. content analysis @lindseyfair
  9. 9. @lindseyfair
  10. 10. Remember Elizabeth? @lindseyfair
  11. 11. @lindseyfair
  12. 12. benchmark analysis @lindseyfair
  13. 13. @lindseyfair
  14. 14. @lindseyfair let’s do it!