Quidditch club


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Quidditch club

  1. 1. Quidditch Club RULES & HOW TO PLAY
  2. 2. Basics Meetings will be held meet every other Friday in the Gym Lobby unless specified. Wear warm clothing we will be practicing outside. Bring athletic clothing and gym shoes. We will end at 3:30 Respect the equipment, it belongs to the gym department not us.
  4. 4. The Equipment The Quaffle: A volleyball will be used for the quaffle, all players can handle the quaffle except the seeker and the snitch. The quaffle is the ball used for scoring points through the goal posts. The Bludger: Two Basketballs will be used for the bludgers. The only players that can handle the bludgers are beaters. The bludger is used to defend their side of the field. The Golden Snitch: A tennis ball in a sock will be used as the snitch. A designated person will run around with the snitch hanging from their belt as the seekers try to catch the snitch. Seeker are the only players who are allowed to “catch” the snitch.
  5. 5. Players: Chasers There are 3 chasers per team. Chasers wear white. There job is to control the quaffle and attempt to get it through the goal hoops past the keeper for points. If a chaser is hit by a quaffle then they are to drop the bludger in the spot they were hit, and tag his/her teams goal post to return to the game. Quaffles are to be taken from the opposing team by snatching the ball or catching it. There will be NO TACKLING!
  6. 6. Players: Beaters There are 2 beaters per team. Beaters wear black. There job is to keep the bludgers away from their own team while trying to aim the bludgers at the other team. Bludgers will throw the ball (we will not be using bats). When beaters throw bludgers at the opposing team there throw will only count if it hits the torsos, legs or arms. If the ball is intentionally thrown anywhere else at the opposing team, then the team will be penalized or the player will be removed.
  7. 7. Players: Keepers There will be one keeper per team. Keepers wear green. There job is to guard their teams three goal posts and to stop the other teams chasers from scoring. Keepers are allowed to use any part of their body or broomstick to protect the goal. Keepers are not allowed to touch or tackle the chasers and the chasers cannot touch or tackle the keepers.
  8. 8. Players: Seekers There will be one seeker per team. Seekers are to wear yellow. There job is to snatch the snitch. The seeker is not to interact with any other game play and stay within the set perimeter.( You may want to find a Cross Country runner.)
  9. 9. Players: the Snitch There will be one snitch per game. The snitch is to wear gold (or yellow). The snitch’s job is to escape the seekers and prevent them from grabbing the tennis ball. The team who catches the snitch gets 30 points and is The snitch is not apart of either team. The snitch is to stay within the given boundaries: ¼ of a mile of the field.
  10. 10. Score When a chaser gets a goal by throwing a quaffle through the hoop their team receives 10 points. A goal isn’t scored until the ball travels completely through the goal. When the seeker snatches the snitch, the seekers team is awarded 30 points and the game is ended.
  11. 11. Team Set-up Each team must have 2 players of each gender. Each team can only have 7 players on the field at a time, and can sub in between breaks. Teams can only have 21 players. Each team can have only one team captin.
  12. 12. Referee Calls 1 whistle blow: a chaser has been hit by a quaffle. 2 whistle blows: the game has been paused. 3 whistle blows: a point has been scored. 4 whistle blows: the snitch has been snatched and the game is complete.