Ipt Practicum Project


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Ipt Practicum Project

  1. 1. Language Arts  › Standard 5 Fluency  Read grade level text in three- to four-word phrases using intonation, expression, and punctuation cues.
  2. 2. •To help increase reading fluency and expression, my mentor teacher had me help the students work on a readers theater. •After practicing with small groups for several days on using more expression while reading their parts, I became frustrated because the students were not improving. •After reading Ashley’s blog, I used her idea of having the students record themselves and listen to how they sound.
  3. 3. Because the students were doing a readers theater of fairy tales, I though photo Story would provide a perfect way for students to narrate the story and be able to evaluate how their voices sounded. I created a story line with pictures that corresponded with their parts and then had the students record and re- record their narration. After they listened to their they could improve and recorded themselves again.
  4. 4. Once the students had completed all the narration, they could listen and watch the whole story coordinated with the pictures. The students really enjoyed this activity and were able to make great improvements in their voice expression. Because the students knew they were being recorded they made much greater effort to concentrate on adding expression than any other practice session
  5. 5. Pros Cons With only one computer to Students improved record quickly. on, students became a little restless. Would be hard to Students were complete if I was a actively engaged solo teacher. and supportive of one another. Students were able to apply their learning and were able to track their progress.
  6. 6. Student Use of Technology • While I operated the computer, the students were actively involved by recording themselves and listening to their own recording. • Using Photo Story was not absolutely essential in creating a Technology Use is successful Readers Theater but definitely improved the success of Essential the activity. The student’s expression increased dramatically by listening to their own recording rather just listening to me model. • This activity was completely focused on helping the students Focus on Learning improve their ability to read with expression. While it was fun to Task use, the Photo Story program, the lesson focus was not on how to use the program but rather how they could improve. • This activity was not only fun and motivating but created meaningful experience for the children. They were able to apply Added Value what I had been trying to teach them and see real improvements in their reading. Because the students knew they were being recorded, they tried their best at using expression.