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Usable Tech Solutions


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Usable Tech Co solutions.

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Usable Tech Solutions

  1. 1. We’re  an  AWARD  WINNING  Agency  who   puts  YOUR  brand  first.  Thank  you  for   letting  us  design  a  brand  strategy  for  you! Social Media Campaign, Branding & Outreach by Usable Tech Co Washington, DC Office 611 Maryland Avenue Suite 3 NW Washington, DC 20002 (202) 527-9536 Newark, NJ Office 252 West Kinney Street 1st Fl Newark, NJ 07103 (973) 968-4792
  2. 2.  TABLE  OF  CONTENTS LETTER TO OUR CLIENTS P.O.S.T REPORT: Your ‘At-A-Glance’ Social Media Strategy ‘Because  Technology  Should  DO  Something!’ Proposal number: bso-1009-1 1 2 CONTRACT PHASES Phase One: Development - Social Profile Analysis/ Campaign Strategy Phase Two: The Campaign Phase Two: The Campaign Cont. (SEO) Phase Three: Metrics/ Reporting & Campaign Analysis Phase Four: Management/ Feed Syndication 3 BUDGET 8 WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL/ BUDGET 9 CONTACT US 10 3 4 5 6 7 LCHBusiness
  3. 3. ‘Because  Technology  Should  DO  Something!’ Dear Client, ! ! you for your interest in Social Media and Technology servicing from LCH Business Social Media & Tech, LLC. We are a full Thank service Social Media Marketing and Strategy Firm specializing in Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Strategy and Management and Mobile Application Development. We have amassed followings for our clients as well as ourselves of a Million+ through our organic, creative and fun approach to marketing. We appreciate you taking the time to review our proposal and we thank you for your consideration of our firm. ! following is a general outline of the tools and initiatives that will be employed during the four phases (8 weeks) of your Social The Media Marketing campaign and ongoing strategy engagement. On the first page you will find a custom P.O.S.T Report. P.O.S.T reports have become an industry standard, providing an at ‘at-a-glance’ view of our strategy for your brand and giving you key speaking points for presenting to your staff and/or board members. Next, we have outlined the core of your servicing, the campaign, in phases. Phase One: The Development Phase, mainly consists of strategy development and creating an editorial calendar of key messaging and content. Phase Two: The Campaign Phase, will allow for the distribution of the content and engagement of your followers around our key messaging and content. Phase Three: The Metrics & Reporting Phase, will allow for the aggregation of post campaign sentiment, buzz and the measurement of the campaign ROI. Our final phase, Phase Four: The Management Phase, equips your brand for management. Through automated feeds and content syndication, we lend a level of consistency and integrity to the campaign and those that have engaged. We hope that you will consider us for your digital marketing needs. Please feel free to request a conference call or webinar for further explanation of our proposal. ! ! Sincerely, ! ! Lindsey C. Holmes ! CEO/ Lead Strategist, Usable Tech Co @lindseycholmes T 1 UsableTechCo
  4. 4. P.O.S.T  Report:  Your  ‘At-­‐a-­‐Glance’  Social  Media  Strategy People Our aim is to brand and market your campaign to a targeted demographic of targeted enthusiasts, interests and media. We will also target a worldwide demographic of potential cause champions such as celebrities, community leaders and high profile bloggers, as well as partner entities and other enthusiasts to help spread the word about our site/ cause. ! Objective • To create a social media footprint that rivals current transformative initiatives, engages new/ current cause champions and brands Dr. Erin Moore as a thought leader in transformative naturopathic and holistic health medicine. • To drive a targeted demographic to your branding, such as website, social media profiles and contests using strong and innovative messaging, and blog and viral content. • To build a social media following/ fan base quickly. • To garner strategic partnerships and potential satellite programs. • To increase your Campaign SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/ SMO (Social Media Optimization). • To formulate key metrics around your Campaign. ! Strategy Press - Initial press release to announce campaign initiative/ social media presence. Distribution is through Usable Tech Co and Affiliates Social, Blog and Website Networks, ands your Social, Blog and Website Networks. Our Digital PR servicing, which includes Press Releases, Online Reputation Management (ORM) and SEO/ SMO, is integral to building content for your brand, as well as building/ maintaining visibility. Following - Build a targeted following of targeted demographic, cause supporters, thought Leaders in transformative health campaigns for endorsement and strategic partnerships based on keywords and sentiment. Engagement - Create and manage the dialogue between you and your following to promote a long term conversation. ! Technology Blog - Heavier content for subscribers, will also include new programs and initiatives, press and announcements. Twitter - Measurable micro-blogging tool. Facebook - To solidify tour brand footprint and direct traffic to Blog, Website, Twitter, and YouTube. YouTube - Viral site with Social Networking features. Scribd - Content distribution site. LCH has a distribution partnership with that allows for quick feature on homepage and provides access to 60 million subscribers. 2 UsableTechCo
  5. 5. Phase  One:  Development  -­‐  Social  Profile  Analysis/  Campaign  Strategy This phase works to provide consistency, usability and branding throughout your social profiles. The steps to creating a complete virtual footprint are administered through this, The Development Phase, where we will: 1. Perform a Social Media Audit/ Competitive Analysis An in-depth analysis of your current social profiles will give us a comprehensive look at your current social media practices and how they compare with your competition. This service includes an audit of your website for opportunities to incorporate user-generated content, interactivity, e-commerce and inter-website social media options such as a blog, viral components, widgets and/or a custom social networking site. !. Execute Community Monitoring/ Initial Reporting 2 We monitor your online brand for an understanding of the consumer perceptions and insights most relevant to your clients. We also mine your competition, drawing information on how related brands position/ sell themselves online. We create an initial report of our findings. Comprehensive market intelligence reports are also created monthly during management and after the campaign term. !. Work with Design team to Create and Implement Social Profile Creation (CSS Style Sheets for Contests) 3 A consistent backdrop is extremely important to your branding, especially online where social networks integrate. Our social profile design options include custom avatars/ avatar badges (i.e. Twibbons), custom background designs for brand identity consistency and/ or action driven widgets that direct users to ‘like’ a Facebook profile, enter contact information, visit your website or subscribe to your blog. Custom CSS/ Flash widgets are integral to the professional social media campaign and/or contest. ! 4. Create a Comprehensive Strategy Development Plan and Communications Strategy We work with your current marketing/ development team to create a detailed strategy for your campaign, complete with timeline, campaign messaging, and press release/ content TAR. You will receive a custom email address/ addresses to send items for immediate distribution. From this content, an editorial calendar is produced. !. Create Content 5 Good content is key to building and engaging a following, and branding your organization. We have some of the best writers on staff to create solid content for your blog, partner blogs, or for daily updating. Also, through our Blogger Outreach service, we create a diverse and fresh voice in your blog content. We utilize bloggers with high subscription profiles, and that are willing to distribute your message through their networks. Content comes in many forms. Some alternative content strategies that we use are Photo (Flickr) and Viral (YouTube, Facebook.) 3 UsableTechCo
  6. 6.  Phase  Two:  The  Campaign This phase works to rapidly distribute your campaign, cause, and brand online, and drive traffic to your initiatives through the use of Digital PR, key Social Media Marketing Tools, Aggressive SEO/ SMO and our Unique Follower Boosting Techniques. Social Media Marketing or ‘Marketing Online,’ has become the most viable source of marketing today. Why? Because we as a society have been saturated by broadcast marketing. Traditionally, consumers rarely got an opportunity to have a conversation about their concerns for a product/ band or engage with a brand about their hopes for product/ service improvement. Social Media Marketing defies this standard and has helped bottom lines considerably, providing little to no cost crowd-sourcing, and the opportunity to hear a consumers interests right from their mouths. Now that’s power! ! ! ! is a Social Media Campaign? What ! Social Media Marketing Campaigns are the new billboard, only better, allowing for national, even global branding and exposure while driving core marketing objectives, and targeting the widest to the most detailed demographic for a much lower cost. A campaign tells a story of action, triumph, and speaks to the core of your potential consumer. Through our Digital PR servicing and Social Media Marketing services, we will utilize this phase to create your story, brand your story, and then distribute your story to potential volunteers, strategic partners, champions, and media. ! ! >>> ! ! 4 UsableTechCo
  7. 7.  Phase  Two:  The  Campaign  cont. Our targeted campaigns typically occur over a minimum (3) month period, however through our advanced SEO/ SMO and Follower Boosting Techniques we can provide an abbreviated, yet highly beneficial product for the last month of your campaign. Through this, The Campaign Phase, we will:! 1. Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ Social Media Optimization (SMO) to Drive Traffic/ Boost Following Only a social media marketing firm with an understanding of SEO, will attain maximum visibility for your brand. Your online branding and marketing efforts must begin with a solid SEO strategy. in addition to creating SEO friendly content to distribute through your social media, we analyze your website and core ‘digital assets,’ to build effective links and incorporate key words to move your business to the top of major search engines. ! SEO, SMO urges consumers to view your brand as well established in your industry, and equate your business with Like your products/ services. Our SMO options will increase linkability to your site through creating portable content options on your website/ social profiles, branding you as an expert, and most importantly driving traffic to your website/ social profiles. ! SEO Options Include: Core ! - SEO Consultation, examining site architecture, internal linking, meta tagging, coding, content (articles, photo On-Site titles) optimization, page ranking, keyword/ key phrase research, Off-Site (backend) ! Per Click (PPC) Setup/ Campaigns (landing pages) Pay ! Digital PR Outreach 2. To proactively spread the word about a brand through social media, core advertising and pr options must be incorporated. Your campaign will promote the launch of your cause, as well as social profiles, blogs, and events. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets (Twitter-based ad platform) and other 3rd party advertising initiatives, will promote your campaign fluidly and quickly. Press releases are included in your package and distributed through our your networks and ours. ! Create and Maintain Consistent Messaging 3. They key to building a consistent following is through consistent messaging. Consistent messaging also helps to increase SEO/ SMO. 5 UsableTechCo
  8. 8.  Phase  Three:  Metrics/  ReporLng  &  Campaign  Analysis This phase aims to give you insight into your campaign metrics. The graphs below are a representation of our custom metric reporting services. We understand that our clients have a need to track/ assess varying stats and below we have measured and increase in daily and hourly tweeting activity for a brand looking to measure their Return On Investment (ROI) against amount of engagement, and the number of replies to specific followers to denote key followers/ potential brand champions. In Phase 1, we will discuss creating your ROI around your campaign. Through this, The Metrics/ Reporting Phase, we will: 1. Measure Stats and Influence based on ROI Return on Investment (ROI) is different to all brands therefore we create custom reporting based on our client needs. In Phase 1, we will discuss your ROI requirements. ! 2. Prepare for Management Phase We will apply metrics/ feedback to maintain and/or improve your follower base/ influencer metrics. 6 UsableTechCo
  9. 9.  Phase  Four:  Management/  Feed  SyndicaLon This phase works to continue the reputation built by a stellar campaign, provide trust to clients, and serve as an information vehicle for volunteers, supporters and staff. The Management Phase depends largely on Messaging/ Content from your campaign, Press, Announcements and Sentiment Messaging, such as Inspirational Quotes. This phase is continuous and includes syndicating content through feeds. A seamless transition to the management phase is integral in keeping a consistent following. Through this, The Management Phase, we will: 1. Aggregate Content and Recycle for Distribution A custom messaging identity and solid content promotes consistency across social profiles. We will collect and create a schedule for re-distributing this information to your profiles. Some techniques include contests and previews/ messaging drops of future campaigns. ! 2. Distribute New Content In the Management Phase, brands find it most useful to utilize social profiles for announcements and updating following of new insights and initiatives as a means to crowd-source for ideas. Consistent messaging, such as calls for volunteers or ongoing announcements are typically included in this phase. ! 2. Engage Following The Campaign Phase was used to spread the word about your brand and gain and/or boost your following quickly. Equally as important as a boost in your following is the retaining your following. The Management Phase seeks to provide a consistent and branded voice in order to maintain your follower base. We will continue to engage with current followers, source new followers, manage mentions and messages and begin to assess ORM (Online Reputation Management). 7 UsableTechCo
  10. 10. Sample  Social  Media  Campaign  Budget Phase One: Strategy and Development ● WEEKS 1-2 ! Perform a Social Media Audit/ Competitive Analysis 1. 2. Execute Community Monitoring/ Initial Reporting 3. Work with Design Team to Create and Implement Social Profile Creation (Twitter Background/ Twibbon) 4. Create a Comprehensive Strategy Development Plan and Communications Strategy 5. Create Content/ Editorial Calendar .................................................................................................................... $2,500.00 ! Two: The Campaign ● WEEKS 3, 4, 5, 6 Phase ! Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ Social Media Optimization (SMO) to Drive Website Traffic and Maximize 1. Following 2. Digital Press Release and Outreach 3. Implement Contest Technology and Branding 3. Create and Maintain Consistent Messaging ! .................................................................................................... $6,000.00 Phase Three: Metrics & Reporting ● WEEK 7 ! Measure Stats and Influence based on ROI and Provide Comprehensive Reporting 1. 2. Prepare for Management Phase ...................................................................................................................... $1,500.00 ! ! Four: Management/ Feed Syndication WEEK 8 Phase ! Aggregate Content and Recycle for Distribution 1. 2. Management of Feed Syndication ........................................................................................................................ $600.00 ! ! ● Total Payment Requirements: The payment structure shall be denoted in contractual agreement. 8 $10,600.00
  11. 11. Sample  Ongoing  Social  Media  Strategy Ongoing: Strategy and Development ! Perform a Social Media Audit/ Competitive Analysis 1. 2. Execute Community Monitoring/ Initial Reporting 3. Work with Design Team to Create and Implement Social Profile Creation (Twitter Background/ Twibbon) 4. Create a Comprehensive Strategy Development Plan and Communications Strategy 5. Create Content/ Editorial Calendar ............................................................................................................... $45,000.00/ yr ! ! ! Total Payment Requirements: The payment structure shall be denoted in contractual agreement. 9 $45,000.00
  12. 12. CONTACT  US Lindsey  C.  Holmes   CEO/  Lead  Strategist,  Usable  Tech  Co   ! ! Main  Office  (NJ):  973-­‐968-­‐4792 CONNECT WITH US! 10