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Usable Tech Co Portfolio - Social Media Campaigns

  1. 1. Our Work A Usable Tech Co
  2. 2. CAMPAIGNSOur Full Service Digital Installations
  3. 3. Status Is Everything (SIE) is a pioneering public health social marketing campaign targeting African American MSM ages of 18-­24 in the Greater Newark area. SIE is the first HIV testing campaign in NJ to combine new-­ and traditional media strategies: text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, PSAs and outdoor advertising. Candidates have 24-­hour access to Newark-­based testing centers: by texting NJ+YourZipCode (NJ07102) to 36363, 1-­866-­HIV-­CHECK, and At the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria July 18-­23, 2010, Status Is Everything was recognized as a ‘Premier Health Campaign in an Urban Area.’ Status Is Everything SM, Print (Bus, Billboard), SMS
  4. 4. iDecide2B SM, Print, Radio, Focus Groups The iDecide2B Campaign is a multimedia initiative for pregnant and parenting teens in Washington, DC. Promoting the messages to the target audience to finish high school and continue their education, the campaign is grounded in a theme of self empowerment and responsibility while encouraging pregnant and parenting teens to decide to be Safe, Smart, Educated and Protected. The campaign components include: radio public service announcements; an English and Spanish poster, postcard and brochure; social media outreach on Facebook and Twitter; podcasts; an Evernote Shared Notebook, and promotional items.
  5. 5. Against All Odds SM, Print, Radio, TV, Event The Against All Odds Campaign was created to empower NJ’s children with the mantra that they could triumph ‘Against All Odds’ with the help of organizations like the Against All Odds Foundation in Newark, NJ. Against All Odds provides after-­school enrichment to all of New Jersey's children. The campaign featured 5 second PSAs of such celebrities as Gayle King, Big Boi of Outkast, DJ Khaled, Mega-­producer Scott Storch, Singers Jeremiih and D. Woods, Superstar Stylist Ty Hunter, Choreographer George Faison of The Wiz and many more…
  6. 6. SM, PR, Influencer Coordination, Autograph Signing The #Muve Fantasia campaign's main objective was to drive traffic to the Radio Shack Union Square store to meet Fantasia in person. The event was propelled by organic, positive conversations around Muve Music and Fantasia. Muve Fantasia Ambassadors, influential bloggers were sourced for store/ press support. . Muve is the first service of its kind designed exclusively for the mobile phone. #MUVE Fantasia
  7. 7. SM, PR, Sweeps, Bi-Coastal, Religious/ Cultural Outreach Be Well Women http://theetiquetteauthority.comThe Be Well Women championed Black women between the ages of 18 -­29 in California to put their health first. Black women in California are more likely to experience poor birth outcomes and are four times more likely to die from a pregnancy-­ related cause than any other ethnicity. The effects of this alarming health disparity not only affect Black women and children – it destroys Black communities. Many pregnancy-­related complications can be avoided with greater access to information.
  8. 8. The Dental Pipeline Campaign was created to increase public awareness and concern about Oral Health among underserved populations and to distribute widespread oral health literacy among the general population, including oral health professionals. Usable Tech Co (formerly LCH) managed the Social Media Marketing, including an aggressive YouTube Campaign, and Digital PR servicing for McKinney and Associates PR Firm and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. How many people equate tooth decay with heart disease or other chronic and life-­ threatening illnesses? Overall health begins with good oral health. Dental Pipeline SM, Print, Radio, Advanced Reporting
  9. 9. NR Cards transforms Nook devices into Android Tablets. Usable Tech Co led a highly visible digital pr campaign, monitored and reported growth analytics and led a Brand Ambassador program for 360 Mobile Solutions. NRCards Campaign, Digital PR
  10. 10. MOBILE APPSSome of Our Standalone Mobile Apps
  11. 11. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center Mobile App/ Database Development & Design
  12. 12. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center Mobile App/ Database Development & Design
  13. 13. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center Mobile App/ Database Development & Design
  14. 14. Your Travel Biz (YTB) Corporation Mobile App/ Database Development & Design
  15. 15. MD Knowledge Mobile App/ Database Development & Design
  16. 16. usable tech co Thank you! 973-968-4792