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ACTFL08 Presentation: Online mapping tools build on the popularity of sites such as MapQuest, allowing users to create customizable online maps connecting real-world topography with the history, culture, economy and literature of specific locales.

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Online Mapping Tools Actfl08

  1. 1. An Interdisciplinary Approach To Language Learning Using Online Mapping Tools Geographica restituta per globi trientes CC Licensed: Norman B Leventhal Map Center Kevin Gaugler, Marist College Barbara Lindsey, University of Connecticut ACTFL 2008
  2. 2. Story Telling and Cartography
  3. 3. FANTASTIC FOOD & FAST SNACK SITES Healthier Choice — The “apple” symbol signifies the availability of low- C Liberty Tree Tavern — A la carte lunches include entrees, sal- G El Pirata Y el Perico Restaurante — Tacos, nachos, taco salads, L Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe — Cheese- R Sunshine Tree Terrace — Citrus specialties, non-fat frozen W Enchanted Grove — Lemonade slushes, strawberry swirl, juice. fat, low-cholesterol food choices. For special dietary needs, please ask for ads and sandwiches. Serving lunch and dinner. ● Hosted by Stouffer’s hot dogs. burgers (including vegetarian), rotisserie chicken, soups, sandwiches, yogurt, cappuccino, espresso and Hosted by Minute Maid assistance at Guest Relations. D Cinderella’s Royal Table — Hearty and lighter fare fit for H Pecos Bill Cafe — Cheeseburger and hot dog baskets, and salads. Hosted by Coca-Cola X Mrs. Potts’ Cupboard — Soft-serve ice cream, floats, sundaes, beverages. royalty. Serving lunch and dinner. ● wrapped sandwiches, salads, root beer floats, and beverages. The best M The Plaza Pavilion — Pizza, deli sandwich, salad, fried S Frontierland Kiosk — French fries and beverages. Hosted by shakes. E The Crystal Palace, A Buffet with Character — All-you-can- food in the West! chicken basket. McDonald’s. Y Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies — Soft-serve ice cream, TABLE SERVICE eat buffet with character visits. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. I Aunt Polly’s Dockside Inn — Ham & cheese sandwich “pic- N Casey’s Corner — Hot dogs, fries and beverages. Hosted by Coca-Cola T Sleepy Hollow — Caramel corn prepared before your eyes, sea- smoothies, fruit juices. Priority seating suggested. ● Hosted by Colombian Coffee Growers nic” lunches, freshly baked apple pie, soft-serve ice cream. sonal fresh fruit cobblers, freshly prepared baked goods, cappuccino, Z The Lunching Pad at Rockettower Plaza — Snacks, smoked A Tony’s Town Square Restaurant — Salads, pastas, paninos, J Columbia Harbour House — Hearty sandwiches, salad, clam and specialty entrees served with an Italian flair. Serving breakfast, chowder, fish and chicken baskets. FAST SNACKS espresso, iced cappuccino, and beverages. turkey legs, beverages. U Scuttle’s Landing — Shaved ice, beverages. AA Cool Ship — Beverages. Hosted by Coca-Cola lunch and dinner. ● Presented by Buitoni COUNTER SERVICE K The Pinocchio Village Haus — Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, spe- O Main Street Bake Shop — Cookies, pastries, cakes and con- V Toontown Market — Fresh fruit, snacks and BB Hook’s Tavern — Snacks, beverages. B The Plaza Restaurant — Deli sandwiches, burgers and sun- F “The Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue” — Continental breakfast cialty wrap sandwiches and salads. fections. Hosted by Nestlé Toll House P Plaza Ice Cream Parlor — Hosted by Nestlé Ice Cream beverages. CC Caffè Italiano— Coffee, breakfast pastries. daes. Lunch/dinner. ● Hosted by Hills Bros. items, sandwiches, salads, hand-scooped ice cream, snacks, beverages. Q Aloha Isle — Famous Dole Whips. Hosted by Dole Hosted by Hills Bros. LIBERTY SQUARE 19 Liberty Belle Riverboat FANTASYLAND 24Mad Tea Party 27 Legend of the Lion King 30 Castle Forecourt Stage MICKEY’S TOONTOWN FAIR (presented by Kodak) ATTRACTIONS 20 Mike Fink Keelboats ATTRACTIONS 25The Many Adventures of 28 31 Fantasyland Character Festival ATTRACTIONS 21 Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel 21 Skyway to Tomorrowland 16 “The Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue” SHOPPING Winnie the Pooh (open 10:30am to 7pm) SHOPPING 32 Donald’s Boat 17 The Hall of Presidents • Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe 22 Dumbo The Flying Elephant 22 26 Peter Pan’s Flight 29 Snow White’s Scary Adventures • Tinker Bell’s Treasures 33 Mickey’s Country House (opens at 10am; continuous shows on the hour and half-hour) • The Yankee Trader 23 “it’s a small world” • Sir Mickey’s 34 Minnie’s Country House 18 The Haunted Mansion (presented by The J.M. Smucker Company) Meet Mickey Mouse 35 Toontown Hall Of Fame (Character Greeting location) FRONTIERLAND inside the Judge’s 36 The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm ATTRACTIONS Tent daily! Roller coaster (minimum age 3 years -presented by Friskies) 35 10 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (minimum height 40”) 33 37 Walt Disney World® Railroad 11 Country Bear Jamboree 37 (opens 9am; closing time varies with park hours and fireworks) U 12 Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade Fantasyland 31 32 SHOPPING 13 Splash Mountain (minimum height 40”) • County Bounty 14 Raft to Tom Sawyer Island (closes at 5pm) 28 34 V Mickey’s 23 K TOMORROWLAND 15 Walt Disney World® Railroad 22 Toontown Fair (opens 9am; closing time varies with Park hours and fireworks) 18 21 36 ATTRACTIONS SHOPPING 26 24 38 Astro Orbiter 20 J BB X 25 39 The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter 29 ADVENTURELAND 19 Liberty Square 27 (minimum height 44”) 10 I W ATTRACTIONS 15 14 40 Tomorrowland Speedway 13 D (minimum height 52” - presented by Goodyear) 5 Jungle Cruise 6 Pirates Of The Caribbean Frontierland 17 T L 40 41 Space Mountain 7 Swiss Family Treehouse (minimum height 44” - presented by FedEx) 8 ”The Enchanted Tiki Room Under 41 42 The Timekeeper S ATM New Management” C 30 43 Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin 9 Shrunken Ned’s Junior Jungle 11 16 F Y 44 Walt Disney’s Carousel Of Progress Boats (remote-controlled boats) H 12 46 (open 11am to 5pm) e ? ATM AA SHOPPING 39 45 Skyway to Fantasyland • House of Treasure R Q 45 (open 10:30am to 7pm) MAIN STREET, U.S.A. G 46 Tomorrowland Arcade 8 42 38 1 Z 47 Tomorrowland Transit Authority City Hall 7 49 2 Guest Information Board 9 2 Tomorrowland 48 Galaxy Palace Theater 6 47 ATTRACTIONS E 49 Tomorrowland Stage 5 M 43 3 Main Street Vehicles SHOPPING (presented by National Car Rental®) Adventureland N P • Mickey’s Star Traders (presented by Coppertone) 4 Walt Disney World® Railroad 44 (opens 9am; closing time varies with park hours and fireworks) B 48 SHOPPING O • Emporium • Disney Clothiers Main Street, U.S.A. • Main Street Gallery • Main Street Cinema • Town Square Exposition Hall/Camera Center (presented by Kodak) e ? CHARACTER DINING L E G E N D MAIN STREET, U.S.A. The Crystal Palace, A Buffet with LIBERTY SQUARE Liberty Tree Tavern • • • Parade Route Must transfer from ECV to wheelchair Hospitality Desk A 1 CC Character A “revolutionary” way to dine with your Rest Rooms (All accessible) Reflective Captioning system available. Disney Character Greeting Locations 3 Enjoy a bountiful buffet with Winnie the Pooh favorite Disney patriots for dinner beginning at Contact a host or hostess at the attraction. International Welcome ▲ First Aid/Baby Services and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. 4pm! Priority seating not always necessary. e Disney Vacation Club Information ? Center located Breakfast, lunch and dinner served. Priority Stop by and check for availability! Telephones - Touch *88 for toll-free Disney hotel Assistive-listening devices which amplify Disney’s FASTPASSsm reservations and WDW-DINE the audio may be used at this location in City Hall. seating not always necessary. Stop by and For more information on priority seat- and are available at Guest Relations Boarding Information check for availability! ing, stop by any table-service restau- Pay phone equipped with TTY Please observe the following warnings Guest-activated captioning available on rant or City Hall, or touch *88 from a Phone cards for international calls available for selected video monitors in this attraction. at designated attractions: 4 ATM FANTASYLAND public telephone for toll-free access purchase to WDW-DINE. Please visit Guest Relations to obtain an For safety and comfort, you should be Cinderella’s Royal Table activator. in good health and free from heart, Kodak “Photo Spot” for prime picture-taking Step into a storybook for a breakfast fit for roy- location back or neck problems, motion sickness, ATM Automatic Teller Machine or other conditions that could be alty with friends from Disney’s animated clas- ▲ Guest Relations presented by SunTrust, N. A. aggravated by this adventure.Expectant MONORAIL sics. Priority seating strongly suggested. STATION ▲ DISNEY RESORT Disney Photo Express Service - film drop-off mothers should not ride. Young children Parade Viewing Area should be accompanied by an adult. BUS FACILITY May remain in wheelchair or ECV Disney Photo Express Service - all photo pickup Persons who do not meet the minimum Must transfer from wheelchair height requirement may not ride Mail Drop Parents with young children may take Attraction may be too intense for very young turns experiening the ride. SMOKING For the comfort of all our Guests, smoking is prohibited children Must be ambulatory to experience this attraction Stroller/Wheelchair Rentals Locker Rentals ● Check Guidemap when you arrive in the Park for times. ▼ BOAT LAUNCH ▼ FERRYBOAT LANDING s in all waiting areas, attractions, stores, dining areas, rest rooms and locations designated for parade and show viewing. Thank you. ©Disney NAC30556
  4. 4. Digital Story Telling and Cartography
  5. 5. Digital Story Telling and Cartography
  6. 6. Digital Story Telling and Cartography
  7. 7. Digital Story Telling and Cartography alisa_miller_shares_the_news_about_the_news.html
  8. 8. Digital Story Telling, Maps and the Classroom
  9. 9. Google Lit Trips
  10. 10. Our Stories Project
  11. 11. Research on Learning
  12. 12. Mapping Equipment: Google • Google Earth • Google Maps • MyMaps • Google Street View
  13. 13. Mapping Equipment: My Maps
  14. 14. Google Maps Layers • Photos, Videos, WebCams • Wikipedia, NYTimes, National Geographic, Google News • Google BookSearch • 3D Cities
  15. 15. 3D Cities
  16. 16. Ancient Rome in 3D
  17. 17. Student-Created My Maps
  18. 18. Google Maps: Street View
  19. 19. Google Maps: Street View
  20. 20. Classroom applications
  21. 21. Classroom applications
  22. 22. Google Earth Lessons
  23. 23. Google Earth Lessons
  24. 24. Interdisciplinary Lessons
  25. 25. Pedagogy and Assessment
  26. 26. Twittervision
  27. 27. Italian Elections
  28. 28. Seero: Putting Video on the Map
  29. 29. Woices and Geograffiti
  30. 30. Tonchidot—Tagging the World
  31. 31. Contact information Kevin Gaugler: Barbara Lindsey: Resources: • mapping-tools-actfl08-presentation • • •