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Fidus Corporate Presentation


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Fidus Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Fidus SystemsCorporate Overview© 2011 Fidus Systems Incorporated
  2. 2. How Can We Help You?1. Increase Your Revenue – Help get your product to market faster to generate revenue sooner – Complete projects in parallel, not serially2. Reduce Your Costs – Add staff and expertise only when a long term need justifies it – Minimize your capital purchases by relying on our design tools and equipment3. Increase Your Speed and Flexibility – Augment your team when you are behind schedule – Augment your team when an unexpected opportunity arises – Augment your expertise when an unfamiliar technology or in-lab crisis arises4. Increase Your Focus on Your Core Competency – You can focus on your technical differentiator, while we fill in the rest – Rely on our design experience, so you can concentrate on your business Slide 2 September 19, 2011
  3. 3. Corporate Profile• Established in 2001, we have delivered over 800 unique solutions to over 215 customers• 3 Design Center locations – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Headquarters) – Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Milpitas, California, USA• 55 Designers specializing in: – Hardware, RF/Wireless, FPGA, Signal/Power Integrity, Embedded Software/Firmware, PCB Layout and Mechanical Design• > $2M invested in advanced development tools and lab equipment• 97% of our customers would recommend us to othersSlide 3 September 19, 2011
  4. 4. Industries We ServeWe serve a diverse clientele:• Telecommunications – Systems Linecards, Backplanes, Power, LTE/ WiMAX™• Aerospace and Defense – In aircraft systems, RF equipment, Soldier power systems• Consumer – Desktop, Handheld, Battery powered, Wireless• Semiconductors – Eval/Ref/Demo boards, FPGA-based ASIC emulation, IC level simulation• Industrial/Automotive Controls – Air quality sensors, OBD-II systems, Rail transport automation• Medical – Functional testers, Analyzers Slide 4 September 19, 2011
  5. 5. Our Offerings• Electronic Product Development (EPD) – Turnkey product development from concept to production – Includes Product Definition, High-Level Design, Low-Level Design, Prototyping, Verification, Regulatory Approvals, and Project Management• Staff Augmentation – Augmenting or complementing your existing skill-sets with specific skill-sets, or more designers to accelerate your schedule• Consulting Services – Providing expert review and commentary to supplement your internal knowledge on various technologies or processes• Products – Automatic Identification Systems (AIS): Class B Module, AIS-SART, AIS VME Receiver – IC Emulators: Developing drop-in replacements for obsolete IC’s Slide 5 September 19, 2011
  6. 6. Your Business Model?• Time and Materials (Hourly based billing) – You need to get started quickly – Your program is research-based, or requires additional definition, and thus cannot be accurately estimated at project start – You need flexibility in the number of people, the schedule, product features – You believe that the program is straightforward, and do not wish to pay the risk premiums associated with a fixed price project• Fixed Price (Project/Deliverable based billing) – Your program is well defined with a clear scope of work – Your program is well planned – Your internal budget system favors’ a single upfront known cost – Your program is large, and warrants a firm price structure• Royalties and Licensing – We can assist with financing Your project or providing Product Development IP – In return, we would share in some of the future financial rewardsSlide 6 September 19, 2011
  7. 7. Technical Areas of ExpertiseFidus enables Your product, with excellence in:• System Design and Architecture• Hardware Design, Bring-Up and Debug• Wireless/RF Design• PCB Layout• FPGA/DSP Design• Embedded Software/Firmware• Signal Integrity/Power Integrity/EMC• Industrial/Mechanical Design• Regulatory Approvals• Proof of concept and prototype development Slide 7 September 19, 2011
  8. 8. TechnologiesFidus has technology knowledge and experience with:• Telecommunications: ATM, TDM, xDSL, SONET/SDH, TCP/IP• Wireless: 0.1 to 24 GHz, AIS, Bluetooth®, Custom Antennas, EMI/EMC, GPS, HDTV, mmWave, RFID, Software Defined Radio (SDR), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), UHF/VHF, Wi-Fi/WLAN (802.11), WiMAX™ (OFDM), OFDMA, ZigBee®, W-CDMA, GSM• High Speed Memory: DDR/2/3, SDR, QDR• Storage: Solid State Drives (SSDs)• High Speed Design/Signal and Power Integrity: 10G/40G/100G• Interfaces: XAUI, Ethernet up to 10GigE, MII/RMII/GMII, USB, OC3 to OC192, XFI, SFI, SATA/SAS, 10GBase-KR• Backplane: PCI/PCI-X/PCIe, cPCI, ATCA, VME• FPGA/CPLD: Altera, Xilinx, Lattice, most families, IP Cores, and technologies• Embedded Software: C/C++, Bootloaders (U-Boot), Visual Basic, GUIs, Embedded Graphics Libraries (TFTs), Board Support Packages, Device Drivers, Porting, Scripting (Tcl/tk)• µProcessors/µControllers: Marvell, NXP, ST, DesignArt ARM™, ST ARM Cortex-M3, PowerPC, Freescale CPU32, x86, IA-32/64, MIPS, 8051, PIC, TI MSP430, Freescale CPU12, Atmel AVR devices• Operating Systems: Linux, eCOS, VxWorks, OSE, FreeRTOS, RTX, ThreadX• Power: Modules and Discrete Converters (isolated, non-isolated, buck, boost, inverters etc.), Batteries/Chargers, Input source switching, Low noise designs & layout techniques, Mobile Power Systems• Layout: High Density Interconnect (HDI), µvias, via-in-pad, buried cap/res, mixed technologies (dielectrics) Slide 8 September 19, 2011
  9. 9. Our Tools Are Your ToolsSlide 9 September 19, 2011
  10. 10. Our Program Team• Your Success, by our Business Managers: – Reviewing your program needs with you, and providing feedback on how Fidus can help – Reviewing your requirements and discussing your expectations to ensure that the Quotations and SOW’s we generate meet your needs• Your Confidence, by our Project Managers: – Organizing, planning, and managing the resources and scope of your project – Facilitating program updates, and providing weekly project status charts – Reporting, including burn-rate, money spent, and money remaining – Risk mitigation. Identify and address potential issues before they occur.• Your Product, by our Engineers – Reliability. Our Engineers have experience, technology, tools and business skills. – Providing feedback to You. Our design Team is encouraged to provide feedback to our Customers to lead to a better end product. – Sharing a focus on quality, reliability, and on-time delivery Slide 10 September 19, 2011
  11. 11. Customer Working With You Customer Customer Customer Customer (optional) (optional) Input Input Input Input Input Client Program Architecture Detail Design NPI & Product Integration Definition Phase Phase (SOW) Support Phase • Team Assigned • Schematics • System Integration • Volume Mfg• Mutual NDA • Detailed Spec • PCB Layout• Project Details • Select Major Parts Test Support Support • Signal Integrity• Business Model • Identify Approvals • SW/FPGA/Mech • Field Support • FPGA Determined • Part Lead Time & • Software Integration Test• Architecture Costing • Mechanical Support Proposal • Cost Quote • DFx Reqs & Review• Detail Design • Schedule • Prototype Build Preliminary • Project Risks Support Estimate • SOW • Prototype Testing Milestone Milestone Milestone New Products, Variants, New Features, Upgrades Slide 11 September 19, 2011
  12. 12. You Ready?Whether You need our help with: – Increasing your Revenue by decreasing your time-to-market – Reducing your costs by augmenting your staff only as needed – Reducing your costs by limiting your tools/equipment expenditures – Increasing your speed and flexibility through staff augmentation or niche expertise – Removing non-core product development distractions Contact Us. . We look forward to being Your qualified partner. THANK YOU Slide 12 September 19, 2011
  13. 13. Testimonials“Fidus has been our sole PCB design supplier for almost two years. They haveprovided excellent skills, service and support through all the challenges anddifficulties that arise in a complex engineering project. We intend to continue thisrelationship for a long time and look forward to many more collaborative projects.”Mike Chenery, President & Founder, Pliant Technology“I have enjoyed our collaboration with you folks on this program. Your expertise andprofessionalism was very impressive. Despite the churn from the technology supplierswe’re using, to keep the delivery date to within 2 days of plan is fantastic.”Tim Winchester, Design Center Manager, Opnext Inc.Concerning Fidus development of the FPGA, PCB layout and mechanical design fora VME card, a high-speed signal processing board for the CP-140 Aurora aircraft.This was a complex and dynamic project. We needed a high-performance product ina compact, lightweight and resilient package that withstands a harsh environment andhigh vibrations. Fidus accommodated all our design changes, completing the projecton-budget and on-schedule.Dr. Jean-Francois Rivest, Head, Radar Electronic Warfare, Defence Research and DevelopmentCanadaSlide 13 September 19, 2011
  14. 14. Contact Us Fidus Systems Headquarters 900 Morrison Drive, Suite 203 Ottawa, ON K2H 8K7 Canada 1.866.883.4387 (Toll Free - North America) Tel: +1.613.828.0063 Fax:+1.613.828.3113 www.fidus.comKitchener-Waterloo Design Center California Design Center121 Charles Street West 1900 McCarthy Blvd., Suite 415Suite C212 Milpitas, CA 95035 USAKitchener, ON N2G 1H6 Canada Tel: +1.408.217.1928Tel: +1.519.576.0060 Fax: +1.408.899.5822Fax: +1.519.576.5399 Slide 14 September 19, 2011